What It’s Really Like to Juggle Hot Guys in an Open Gay Relationship


Looking? Meet Curtis. He’s 30 and in a “healthy relationship.”

When we last saw Curtis, an alter ego of comedian Jimmy Fowlie, he was lashing out at his straight friends for coupling up and making him feel like a gay ninth wheel.

As we learn in Fowlie’s long-awaited YouTube sequel, Curtis and his boyfriend, Michael, have been together for seven weeks. But about two-and-a-half weeks into dating, they decided to open up the relationship.

“So sometimes we bring in a person, sometimes we bring in a couple, but what I can say is it really has worked for us,” poor Curtis explains. “Not every gay relationship is open, but I have no shame in talking about my situation.”

Curtis has taken on the responsibility of arranging all the guys, which requires a receptionist’s phone headset and mad scheduling skills. But three quickly becomes a crowd after Curtis entrusts Michael to coordinate their latest hookup.

“It didn’t even cross your mind that, like, oh, maybe I shouldn’t get a guy with a perfect body?” rants Curtis, once again feeling left out. “Who has a better body? Tell me now, honestly!”

“Hey, newsflash: It’s 2019,” he continues. “You have a threesome and it’s three white guys? How do you think that looks?” Oop. Well, maybe Curtis is better off monogamous—and single—after all.

Directed by Paul McGovern, the video sketch also stars Jon Ebeling, John Suazo, Jake Iorio, and A.J. Cast. Watch below.

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