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  1. I have an observation…basicly japanese pepole are exploring the subjects (ponder if you like) rather having a real strong opinion especially if it is something hot. And I like that, but sometimes I feel that their answer is not 100% honest because of that. (Basically they never ever think about the subject before the question was asked I suppose).

  2. Her saying that the LGBTQ community is unproductive because they cant reproduce is funny considering how the younger generation of Japan aren't having kids on purpose. Hetero couples are choosing to opt out of having kids and less and less people are getting married or dating in general. By her logic, a majority of Japanese gay and straight are unproductive. So really she sorta contradicted herself there.

  3. The comment section is awful. I think what makes him sad is how many bigots follow his channel. I guess it's unavoidable to make a video like this without the homophobes coming out. You say it's just expressing opinions? It's hatred dude, and you're on the wrong side of history. Can't wait till people with your mindsets die out like the dinosaurs.

  4. Mio Sugita is hated by the Japanese general public. I live in Japan and everyone around me expressed disgust with her statements, grown men and women. Ya'll basement dwelling Western bigots keep running your comments though.

  5. I will respect anyone(apart from furry scum) but i believe there are only 2 genders and i believe LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ is unatural. But ill respect them neverthelesz

  6. By the politicians logic, condoms, birth control and pornography are also unproductive. Although I see gay marriage as unnecessary, the big impediment to people procreating is they feel they can't responsibly start or maintain a family.

  7. America is too influence in Japanese.. i cant understand why japanese should be like american likes. Why we need to be like them? Sound funny with this rich culture country like japan.

  8. Transgender lesbian already apply vastly in japanese. LGBT is not an isue. But for government to approve or encourage citizen in LGBT is a wrong move especially in low birthrate country like japan. Your prime minister already make good decision.

    3:53 wrong, this is akin to "men can't talk about rape(me too movement) or abortion" open civil discussion should always be encouraged.
    4:21 Okay this is terrible, you should never give the religious argument because you're not going to convince people who don't believe in your faith(especially in a country with about 1million of the population sharing that belief), you look ridiculous. Make the secular argument.

  10. The comments on this video are really rude and don't make much sense. There are other reasons for a low birth rate . blaming lgbt is dangerous imo because isn't that how all conflicts start. U blame one group n it goes from there

  11. I come from a Western world and Japan is the country in the world, not even Korean or Chinese are so respectful.I really love this country.But So not try to follow the steps of foreign countries, they are so rude, they think they are advance consuming drugs and falsifying sex or gender. Japanese culture is the best I respect lgtb but I don't agree what they are doing to Western a lot of victimization and provocation Heterosexual are the motor and engine of this world and they should have their day

  12. That guy who said that the difference in upbringing was the cause of bullying has definitely a point. It made me think.

    But two things that no one said in the video and that I think are important, is that:

    1 – Heterosexual couples can be infertile. Will you deprive them of their rights? If not then the productivity argument is invalid. I'm sure that many couples who wanted children but couldn't felt very hurt by her words.

    2 – Bullying also happens because the child lacks certain social skills. Those things can be taught, it is not something that cannot be helped. It would be nice if there were resources for that in school. Because a child can be very different but still secure and able to make friends. Not everyone will like someone who is different, and there will surely be some hate, but that child can also enjoy friendships all the same and not let it get to them, if they are properly supported by adults. They can even later turn that difference into a very important asset for themselves and for society. It would be good that society recognized that difference is important because the varied perspectives help gain more balance. In the West, people are too proud of being different and they are selfish about it, which causes other problems, but in a society like Japan, people could put their difference at the service of the community and I think that would be great if they were supported towards that goal.

  13. I agree with Mio Sugita. If you allow it, the LGBTqrst XYZ confused will weaponize your government like they have in Western Countries. Which by the way are all going to hell in a handbasket. Edit: they are the Social justice warriors, the forces behind open boarders, Socialism/Communisim, and Feminazism. We tend to find them neck deep in everything destructive in Western Civilization.

  14. I'm early twenties and japanese.
    I hope we can marry a person of the same sex in JAPAN.
    I trust the government.However,
    What I mean…
    It’s strange that I can not marry My Love.

    Don't think! FEEL! It is like a finger pointing away to the moon.Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

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