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  1. Im being harass because I have spoken the truth. They want me to leave a situation so that a men can take my place. Please read between the lines. I thought God is not about no mess. But anyways marriages are for men and women Period. they wrong how can a women compete with a men in a relationship with her husband, when and his mind my place is his.
    Someone help by helping me respond in this situation. My life is being threatened everyday and night.? pray for me this world is sick.

  2. Since a young age, I've been drawn to girls in a way I didn't understand. Now, almost 14 years old, I know what my attraction was. I'm lesbian. God made me this way. I believe in God. I was born this way, and I accept it. I'm happy God made me this way, even though I thoroughly hate myself. I'd choose to love myself if I could, but I'm blinded by depression. I believe God made me this way, and he wants me this way. If God is against gay marriage, then I wouldn't have been born this way. You can disagree with me, hate me, yell at me for this, but I'm not going to marry a gender that makes me uncomfortable. I didn't have a problem with men. I didn't mind them, but five years ago, when my moms ex boyfriend started sexually abusing me, I started feeling uncomfortable around men. I want love, and I want to love someone for who they are, not what sex they are. People tell me I'm going to hell for who I love. But I'd rather go to hell for love than give up on the woman I will one day love. I love God because He's always there when I feel alone. I know I will be judged, but it's love. I love God and I may sometimes loose sight of Him, but I'll always follow Him. This is all I can be, and I want to be who I am. Who I was born to be. I didn't choose to be this way.

  3. God didn't set up the institution of marriage, you dolt. Marriage existed thousands of years before your religion, and God isn't even real. Christianity doesn't own marriage.

    Also, you're so far in the closet, it's hilarious. It's always these anti-homosexual preacher types that end up being found off their faces on smack with 8 rent boys wrapped around them in hotel rooms.

  4. Once again in history, a government legislates morality and went against morality laws that God put put forth in order to maintain a working society. Everytime a nation goes against these rules God made, they fall into depravity and eventually disentigrate into oblivian. The USA will eventually fall and be taken over by another country if the Lord doesn't return before it happens. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for this, and he will do the same for us in one way or the other or he is not a just God. I believe God is just, and I believe he will judge America for our fall into Satan and Baal worship, which involves the murder of infant babies, worshipping Satan now out in the open along with Sodomite mariages which is taken over with even teaching this abomination to our preschoolers. We now have a generation that believes this garbage, and we are sinking fast. No prayer or Bibles in school, but, teach homosexuality, abortion(murder), and LGBTQ. Heaven help us! Great teaching here as far as I'm concerned.

  5. The term “homophobe” or “transphobic” doesn’t make any sense. A phobia is an irrational fear. I don’t know of anyone who is irrationally terrified of gays. Marriage is a beautiful thing created by God and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman. I am not a homophobe cause I’m not afraid of gays. I just don’t agree with it.

  6. it is really quite basic…..it is not consistant with the teaching, of the Bible….Matthew 10.6 But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’

  7. fornication…sex before marriage….one would have to ask….is the exception clause, found in Matthew about a situation, of Joseph and Mary….is the exeption clause….only for the engagement period….

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