36 Comments on “What Would Reagan Say About Gay Rights?”

  1. Haha, with each tidbit facts revealed about Reagan more and more, the Conservatards who whorship him as a messiah appear more like the Pharisees of the modern era.

  2. Oh, ok smart ass. Yea they were christians. Although it wasn't called that then, it's christianity, and that's what we refer to it now. It's the first testament of the christian bible. If you decide to pretend that the old testament is now somehow irrelevant to christianity, then you are mistaken.

  3. I know the answer to your headline question; I know it is improper to answer a question with a question but I am going to anyway; The answer to the question of "What would Reagan say about Gay Rights?" Here is your answer: WHO GIVES A FUCK?

  4. cenk, why are you deliberately misunderstanding what michael said? he says he doesn't believe in gay marriage. if those two aunts were lesbian and in a relationship he obviously doesn't have a problem with that.

  5. "Ronald Reagan put Rock Hudson's d**k up some gay man's bum, then he died" – The Juvenile Ottoman
    Thanks for the education, falafel-face.

  6. The video uses three arguments, from three people, all of which are different. Because the people are related does not, in due course, come to mean anything to the commentator aside from a way to plug Ronald Reagan and his liberal point at in the same video. 

  7. it's all bullshit as Reagan fired gay people for being homosexual when he was gov. of Calfornia. A hypocrite who socialized with loads of gay people in the acting world. Now in death they are trying to make this failed actor a saint. As for the queenie son, the word LOSER is too kind. Nancy looks like a cadaver now

  8. I conservative I only disagree with the GOP in this and in abortion, but whats the alternative DEMOCRATS OMG never, every democrat president was been awful, they have only give US deficits and their programs (haste of money), and the GOP many great presidents Reagan, Eisenhower, Lincoln, well Nixon did got US out of the gold standard, and I believe that big government is = to a shotgun, shooting at US every year

  9. Dumb liberal says that Raegans words "conveyed" acceptance. Haha dumb liberals inferring "facts" cenk uses 0 facts LGBTQAI is being pro pedophillia

  10. People should not think it so controversial that a man who was in Hollywood for 40 years would have some 'liberal' views.

  11. Young Turks you guys have been so consistent over the years! Love your balanced view points, seriously you should have your own cable news network Xx

  12. Reagan’s administration greatly increased aids funding from 1982 to 1988 and while governor of Cali he spoke out against laws that would’ve banned gay teachers in public schools even though that was very risky in 1976 and could have costed him his career

  13. Ronald Reagan died from AIDS, not Alzheimer's as many believed. Rock Hudson and Ronald Reagan were lovers. Ronald Reagan started taking AIDS seriously when rock said he would out him.

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