White Men Are Taking The ‘George Floyd Challenge’ On Social Media, Sparking Outrage And Arrests

Disturbing photos circulating on social media showing white men and teens kneeling on the necks of their friends with the caption “George Floyd Challenge” has sparked outrage online and has even led to some arrests.

Unnamed white males are seen smiling in photos as they kneel on their friend’s necks to imitate the police killing of George Floyd on social media.

Floyd’s death has sparked protests across the world after horrifying footage showed the unarmed father lying face-down on the road, begging for air with a white officer’s knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes. Another two officers were seen kneeling on his legs and torso, while a fourth watched Floyd struggle to take a breathe.

“As if what’s going isn’t sad enough, people are really making this a form of humor and entertainment,” wrote Twitter user @GraysonRowles, who shared four screenshots of the men who had participated in the disturbing online trend. “If anyone knows these people I highly recommend blurting out because “George Floyd challenge is absolutely disgusting!”

MetroUk reports that three British teenagers have been arrested after allegedly participating in the challenge.

In a disturbing picture shared to Snapchat, one young white man can be seen kneeling on the neck of another on the ground, along with the caption: ‘police brutality’.

“Northumbria Police launched an investigation into the image, which is believed to have been taken in Gateshead,” reports the news outlet. “Officers confirmed the incident is being treated as a hate crime, and the teenagers were arrested on suspicion of sending communications causing anxiety and distress. One commenter said the picture ‘makes a mockery’ of Floyd’s shocking killing.”

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: “We can confirm we are investigating after an image was shared on social media which showed two men imitating the recent death of US citizen George Floyd. An investigation was launched and yesterday (Sunday) officers arrested two males aged 19 and another male aged 18 on suspicion of sending communications causing anxiety and distress. They have since been released on bail. We understand that this is social media post has caused significant upset and we want to reassure the public it is being investigated robustly and is being treated as a hate crime.”

Twitter users also shared a Snapchat from two Florida teenagers with the caption: “If we kept them as slaves this would of never happened.”

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