17 Comments on “Why is the UK "TERF Island"? (Part 1: Thatcher & Marxism)”

  1. After the first wave, feminism became more Marxist & subsumed sex to class as the fundamental axis of women’s oppression. Americans don't understand class. They prefer to focus on "race", which means they can never have a true understanding of without understanding class.

  2. I wish race discussions were also understood in terms of class and not in terms of "identity". Racism, sexism and classism all work in similar ways.

  3. Nowadays we have an overabundance of "marxists" who say you can't be a leftist without believing in the prophecies of the gender mystics. Because the "left" in the west has been confused into believing that academic weirdness and progressiveness are the same thing. I can always tell the radlibs based on their position on queer theory and its tropes.

  4. Prior to Thatcher & May becoming PMs, the UK also has had a history of strong, powerful & extremely long-reigning female monarchs: Elizabeth I, Victoria & Elizabeth II (plus Mary Queen of Scots). I think the examples of these 3 queens & the 2 female PMs plays as a much role as British class politics & Marxism. These women – whose cultural influence looms large in the popular imagination – show the fallacy of thinking that just by dint of being women, women inevitably will exercise power in a certain way that is markedly different to men

  5. Fantastic video, really hope to see more of this content! Question though: you state that marxism is contrary to identity politics because it's materialist.

    Can you comment on why you think so many marxists (probably all the trot groups and certainly any trot groups with significant membership of young people, big sections of social democrats (especially in positions of leadership), as well as significant chunks of union bureaucracies) are overwhelmingly pro-trans? The vast majority of Marxists I've met have been extremely vocal about how pro-LGBT they are. Or else they've just stayed quiet, which implies that within the broader Marxist milieu having gender critical positions is seen as quite the faux pas these days.

  6. There’s lots of people calling themselves Marxists running around on Twitter, loudly proclaiming that women’s oppression has nothing to do with the bodily reality of being female. Marx must be cartwheeling in his grave.

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