11 Comments on “Will Australia vote on gay marriage? BBC News”

  1. Tony Abbott is probably a closeted homosexual, as are most homophobes.
    He is living in the dark ages and does not deserve to take the credit for introducing same sex marriage laws. This will be done by a decent Prime Minister at the next election. One Term Tony will then go down in history as the worst Prime Minister in Australia's history.

  2. Equality of tax paying citizens under the law must be, otherwise they are being unduly represented and should be given tax relief, like their opponents in religion get to help them with their campaign of inequality.
    Those preventing same sex equality are only pretend Christians for they should know the Bible being the word of God tells us in Samuel 1:26 "brother thy love for me is wonderful, passing the love of a women". Want to read about same sex marriage in the Bible read Samuel 18:1 and know that the word Covenant is one of the many names religion has for Matrimony!
    Want to argue then notice the quotation marks they are God's words so argue with him, hate mongers of Satan!
    Good thing I'm not religious or I would go on about Glordano Bruno and the will of God, or Jesus sexuality!

  3. We'll vote for marriage equality at the next election…. We don't need a referendum on the subject…most of Australia have made their decision already.

  4. Come on Australia. Vote NO to homosexuals marrying. Voting NO means rejecting political correctness. It means rejecting a small minority dictating to the majority how society is to be shaped and whether aspects of our culture our worth preserving. The gay lobby and their supporters mock and harass anyone who is against them. They use hate speech, shouting down anyone with an opposing view. Their arguments are false and misleading… for instance this is not about equality or human rights. Marriage is not a human right. It' about allowing children to have a mother and a father, its about preserving our culture, its about free speech against people who seek to shut down opposing views. Vote NO and show the Socialists, the Greens and the wealthy gay lobby groups that they are wrong to yell, shout, mock and harass ordinary Aussies who want to preserve their culture.

  5. There is NO law in Australia stopping sodomites from getting married, so the issue has NOTHING to do with "inequality" as they deceitfully claim. The sodomites CHOOSE not to get married and that is why they want to change the DEFINITION of marriage to suit themselves. The sodomites have tricked so many people into supporting COUNTERFEIT marriage. When God says that sodomy is WRONG – you better believe it. GOD DID NOT SAY TO PUT IT TO A VOTE.

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