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  1. I still to this day have never had a conversation with my extended family about my sexuality. I told my main family. I'm still nervous about seeing them and there reaction but at the end of the day it's your life and you live it how you want to. I like your videos because of how honest you are about things. Keep making them and congratulations to the both of you. 🙂

  2. You inspire me to help me be more comfortable with my self being 50 and growing up in times being gay was not cool. I love you two guys. I wish you the best. I'm pretty banged up from accident and after my 13 heart attacks and 17 srents and a double by pass in which one is dead now. I have a gym membership at 180 fitness here in my.town but have never been but your inspiring me to start and get a easy regiment because of my health Thankyou. And hey Joanna Gains (JOJO) as Chip calls her has a Facebook page. Why don't you go to her.page and send her a.message about you loving her as I do my favorite show but message her about your desire to have her plan y'all's wedding at their Magnolia farm they have in Waco. If not there she probably knows and will help yall you have that wedding of your dreams. And about your extended family knowing your gay and your getting married will find out. They know but like in my family they know but I'm in South Georgia the Baptist Bible Belt. It hurts but like you say " YOU DO YOU" And role on brother. I hope you can get in touch with Joanna or Chip and see about getting it set up. You inspire me being 50 and really never come out but alot of my close family knows and probably extended family knows also. But you have inspired me at 50 to be ME BE ME. Thankyou so much I have missed out on love so much especially the one guy I'll call Chuck who loved me and I him but Me being in my early twenty dealing with my emotions and his and my parents knowing I loved him she ran him off embarrassing him and I. It was to much. And sense then I'm 50 now I haven't lived my life until now because of your encouragement. I'm being me finally. I sit here and cry when I watch you and him so in love with each other being so happy and open as I was not able to do. I wish you the best and keep yall in my prayers daily. But look up Jojo and Chip on facebook and message her and him .They have helped gay guys and couples find and rebuild their homes so I know they wouldn't have a problem with the gay ting. Or contact the network that produces the show and speak with them they probably can help you guys out quicker and heck who knows they may tape it for one of there new shows they are going to start doing. Because this is there last season with the show because od ex partners who thought the show was going to be a flop so Chip and Joanna bought them out and purchased all rights and the name Magnolia But now all these seasons it has been the number one renovation show they took legal action to get on there coat tails after being bought out. So instead of costing millions and court battles they decided to end this season which broke my heart I even cried and my anxiety kicked in. But just wanted to let you know to try to get in touch with them and give it a shot. Again you two have inspired me to live my true self even being a Christian to live my life like ai have always wanted to. Thanks to both again and I will keep yall in my prayers and your fur baby also .

  3. I have just gotten engaged to my boyfriend now fiancé and I have to deal with the fact that my mom is a pastor and highly against my being gay period. Other than that my mom an I are very close. But this is a big thing now that I have become engaged to a man.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I too am from Texas and grew up in a very conservative, religious family. I haven't lived freely because I'm always so concerned about my families thoughts. I'm now at a place where I want to be married and have children, but my biggest fear has been my family. Thank you for posting this once again.

  5. You are a remarkable man. I lived in Texas for nearly 20 years, teaching high school students. I saw many, many teens struggle with coming to terms with their sexuality. You are a strong role model for boys and girls, men and women looking for an example of a healthy, wholesome way to live their lives. Your granny is right. I am happy that you are happy.

  6. How others feel about you isn't your problem. You stand in your truth. Who a person is, is not up for debate. He really ought to purge himself of the language people that hate us like to use because it doesn't speak to reality. Like saying "homosexual lifestyle". Being gay is not a lifestyle or just something you do.

  7. Your welcome, Zach… thanks for recognizing what many of us went through so that we can all enjoy some level of equality in what is otherwise a pretty crazy world.
    So many people your age are dismissive, if not downright disdainful, of any reference to what your elder gay brothers and sisters had to go through just to get to where we are now. God bless you and Alistair and the pups

  8. It's amazing to see the inner struggles that your share. I'm certain quite a few people will be shocked and still not believe that you're gay because you don't fit the stereotypical characteristics that some people believe a gay men would have,lol. also that would help people be more accepting, if that makes sense, so keep it up.
    I would say continue to be happy but always be a well aware of your surroundings. I'm certain you're going to be a great inspiration to others and I wish you and your partner all the happiness in the world :). I always remember the day my partner's father walked into the house and said I can't believe that man's gay he's so much a man he works on cars and he's not wearing a dress I still laugh about that today lol. I always let people get to know me for who I am and let him find out about my sexuality on their own or when the time is right because it breaks all the stereotypical assumptions, and I believe it helps people better relate. 🙂

  9. Take it from someone who grew up in a small town in Mississippi. On, April 8, 2017; I married my love and soul mate. He came from a small town down in the bayou in Louisiana. I can say coming from both of us, tell your family if it means that much to you. You're going to have some due to beliefs that will not support yall, but it is their loss. I still can remember as it was just yesterday looking at Kerry's and I guest after being announced husband and husband and seeing almost 300 family and friends that had just witnessed our marriage. Sounds like you come from a good home and being respectful is the right thing. BUT! Now it is your life and RESPECT must be given to you both. Wishing the best and many years of happiness!

  10. Thanks for sharing, I think that this type of resource would have helped my journey in the late 70's through the 80's todays kids have gained many more positive examples of other peoples journey to understand that they are not alone. Best of luck with your wedding and your life journey. Keep Smiling.

  11. My conservative Christian relatives did not attend my wedding. I got several lame excuses and one honest reason. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful ceremony and day! Enjoy!

  12. I posted this quote on another one of your videos but I think it's particularly appropriate to this one: "Do what you feel. Be who you are. Those that matter won't care. Those that care don't matter."—-Dr. Seuss

  13. Personally, Ive always only worried about coming out to my immediate family. I think extended family (in my situation at least) is far enough for it to not feel like an obligation. If they turn up to my wedding? Fine. If they don't? No skin off my back tbh .

  14. Yes Zach, we agree with you! We should thaks all the gay men and woman who lived before us and fought for our freedom. Today gays can get married in Brazil. This is a victory. Jayme and I have been together for almost 9 years and we are choosing the perfect date for our wedding. We only know it will be this year. Stay strong with this channel because it is very importante to all gays. Congratulations ou your courage. A hug for you and Aleister. Bye!

  15. I told my mom because I felt she needed to know but a lot of my extended family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc) are homophobic so I just decided to keep quiet. I have about a year until I go to college and I'm going to a small school about an hour and a half away from home so hopefully I can be a little more open. I probably won't come out to my extended family until I'm either in a deep relationship with someone, engaged, or married

  16. Great video I just subscribed. I really liked what you said about the people who came before us and the bridge they built. Hope everything has continued to go well with the family, and congratulations.

  17. Your posts make me so happy and proud …in a gay relationship for 22 years and it has not always been easy, but hopefully  society is becoming more accepting……another Alabama man here….but AU fan as my husband an I paid for our son's college tuition to Auburn and have recently had our first grandchild.  you guys are such a cute couple and I wish you the happiness we have.  Come visit us in Alabama.  We would to hear from you.  s

  18. If you want you’re extended family at your wedding… you need to tell them. You also need to rely on your cousins to relay the message. Maybe at one point you have to deal with it as a sort of “ matter of fact” issue.

  19. I never came out… I had a group of friends ( straight guy friends) who didn’t let me be in the closet… they nicknamed me BGM… and one day I was like “ what does BGM stand for???” They we’re like “ Big Gay Mike” so I was already excepted by a close group of friends and after that, if I was ever asked it was so “ matter of fact” I would just respond “ oh, yeah, I’m gay” then be like, next topic.

  20. Don't forget that it wasn't a decision to be Gay – – with that said – it is a decision whether or not to tell people and that may be what your saying! Unfortunately there will be people, family and friends that won't like your life style, but that's their problem. Thank you for saying thank you to older Gays. It's true that Gays have it harder than most and for long time. That's why it's important to continue being true to one's self. Good luck with your wedding plans!!!!

  21. Married my hubby 18 months ago and it was the most wonderful day. All our friends and family were in attendance and was truly special.
    It's true what you say about the people that have gone before us and I'm so grateful also. The bridge is still not finished but we will continue it to our destination and leave it for those that will follow.
    With love ❤

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