Winners and losers in LGBTQ sports: Alex Reimer birthday edition

Happy birthday to our deputy managing editor and host of the weekend Outsports podcast The Sports Kiki, Alex Reimer! He turned 28 today! In his honor, our homepage is filled with his latest work. He also has a Substack, and this is a column I heartily recommend reading:

In the spirit of his latest personal work, which I encourage you to subscribe to, as I have, this week’s winners are ranked as Calm and losers as Uptight.

Derrick Gordon

Derrick Gordon
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon says the incident happened during a game Thursday. He’s currently playing professional basketball in Cyprus.

After the match, Mara Gomez’s opponents made an incredible gesture that brought her to tears.

A rising number of LGBTQ athletes is coming out as bisexual. These are their stories.

At least 11 players are supporting anti-bullying efforts that tackle homophobia, four selected the ACLU.

Luke Tuffs

Luke Tuffs has been out and accepted his entire career. He’s also been incredibly successful in a short period of time.

The Monty Python legend also defended J.K. Rowling’s transphobia and in doing so, revealed that even comic geniuses can be blinded by ignorance.

On Instagram, New York Liberty guard Layshia Clarendon wrote that a friend helped them see that ‘You can be trans and non binary, genderqueer and so much more.’

Thom Brennaman has been hired to announce baseball in the Roberto Clemente League in Puerto Rico.

Sportswriters unhappy with the choice not to name a Black WNBA player are speaking out. Sports Illustrated’s top editor explains to Outsports why he stands by the selection of Breanna Stewart.

SI selecting Breanna Stewart as the face of the WNBA’s activism in 2020 is not a good look.

Therese Pitman goes high during lacrosse practice at Pitt.

Therese Pitman goes high during lacrosse practice at Pitt.
University of Pittsburgh Athletics

Therese Pitman used to hide her feelings for other women while also dating men until she decided to just be herself.

Instagram: @milb

Baseball’s best Pride Night uniforms weren’t enough to save the Staten Island Yankees. Now they’re taking the majors to court.

The wrestling work of art found self-confidence through pro wrestling’s embrace of their trans non-binary identity and wants that push to continue.

Rebel Kinney


‘The Psycho Dyke’ turned inspiration from pro wrestler Jazz into a burgeoning in-ring career in the U.K. wrestling scene.

Jamie Vardy of Leicester City wrote the goodwill message on a flag he snapped after scoring a game-winning goal.

Derek Wiebke left running after leaving the Univ. of Minnesota. Now he’s returning to the sport for charity.

Quadry Allen handles the ball on a basketball court.

Quadry Allen

When Quadry Allen was outed to his family, his brothers in the Boston Gay Basketball League took him in.

The human rights group is calling for an end to the ‘discriminatory but necessary’ practice by World Athletics.

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