XBox Game Pass: Best LGBT games


So you’ve just got an Xbox (or PC) with Game Pass and you’re looking for some LGBT+ games? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Game Pass is an absolute steal, offering a wealth of games – both old and new releases – as part of a single subscription.

And there are plenty of LGBT+ games included, especially as Xbox is heavily focused on diversity – and not just for Pride.

Here are some of the best LGBT+ games available right now on Xbox Game Pass.

1. Tell Me Why (PC, console)

Tell Me Why Xbox
Tell Me Why. (DontNod)

The first AAA game to feature a trans lead, Tell Me Why is a flagship LGBT+ title from Dontnod – the team behind Life is Strange.

It sees twins uncovering a mystery using their telekinetic powers and dealing with a traumatic past. Check out our interview with August Aiden Black, the voice actor behind trans lead Tyler.

2. Ikenfell (PC, console, cloud)

Ikenfell (Happy Ray Games)

If you’re after a game about a magical school of witches and wizards that’s diverse and inclusive, look no further than Ikenfell.

It’s a retro-style RPG with strategic turn-based battles and a diverse cast of queer witches with iconic powers, but without their queerness tokenised. In this school, diversity is a given.

3. The Outer Worlds (PC, console)

The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds. (Obsidian)

Often diminished to Fallout in space, The Outer Worlds is indeed from Fallout developer Obsidian but has far more humour than its post-apocalyptic cousin.

And in crewmate Parvati, we have one of very few examples of asexuality in games – a sensitive portrayal of an underrepresented community.

4. Undertale (PC, console, cloud)

Undertale Xbox
Undertale. (Toby Fox)

Indie darling Undertale is already a favourite with many LGBT+ gamers for its cute style, humour, innovative battles and awesome soundtrack. Throw in diverse queer representation (no spoilers here) and we’re sold.

5. Celeste (PC, console, cloud)

Celeste. (Extremely OK Games)

Celeste is a very, very hard game. But that’s the point. It’s a platformer about reaching the top of a mountain, but it’s also a game about defying your own self doubts to overcome the odds.

Developer Maddy Thorson has confirmed the lead character is trans, only adding to the game’s symbolic significance.

6. Dead by Daylight (PC, console)

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil
Dead by Daylight. (Behaviour Interactive)

DbD is the game that LGBT+ Twitch streamers play. It’s a multiplayer horror title that sees four survivors escaping while they’re hunted by a lone killer.

Developer Behaviour Interactive is known for its support of the LGBT+ community and is committed to diversity in the game, both for Pride and all year round. Plus they’ve just added Resident Evil characters as DLC.

7. Dragon Age Inquisition (PC, console – EA Play)

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition. (Bioware)

The Dragon Age games are known for their romance options and Inquisition, the latest in the series, is no exception.

Its cast of queer romance-able characters are as hot as their dialogue is iconic (“you want to ride the bull”) and there’s also one of the first trans characters in gaming with NPC Krem.

8. Night in the Woods (PC, console, cloud)

Night In The Woods
Night In The Woods. (Infinite Fall)

Don’t let the cute style fool you: Night in the Woods is an emotional indie title that deals with mental health and sexuality in touching ways.

You play as a young cat who’s dropped out of college and returns to her hometown, exploring her relationships with her friends and family. If anything the adorable visuals make it all the more gut-wrenching.

9. The Sims 4 (PC, console – EA Play)

The Sims lesbian pose mod
The Sims 4. (EA)

The Sims is a series that lets you be anyone – almost – which is why it’s become such a favourite with the LGBT+ community.

The series has had queer representation from the start, and while there’s still a ways to go with its gender binary options, if you want to make your very own queer utopia you absolutely can.

For more information on Xbox Game Pass, visit the Xbox website.

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