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  1. It’s very sad that kids find this common, this is a twisted way to live and a horrible sin. If you want to live correctly, live the way god wanted you to. Why would you do this kind of stuff when you know you will spend eternity in flame and hell? This is a disgusting way to act and a horrible way to spend your life. Go waste it some other way because we don’t need your B.S.

  2. THANK YOU MUCH. This is exactly how i see the world and it sucks that most people are unable to come to the conclusion. Everyone has biased thoughts. People need to start looking at our world with social norms set aside. Take yourself and everything that society has built out of the equation and look at the world as it is. All of the variety that comes from it. Its not a matter of right or wrong its a matter of things JUST BEING WHAT THEY ARE AS A RESULT OF COMPLEX CHANGES THAT TAKE PLACE DUE TO ALL THE FACTORS THAT OCCUR IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

  3. The purpose of marriage it to bind a male to a female to provide her protection when she is vulnerable in her pregnancy and in return provide the male with offspring.

    Since the purpose of marriage at least in principle is to create children, a union where children are not possible either in practice or in theory cannot be considered a marriage.

  4. Gay marriage is being fought because marriage is still seen as a religious institution in the USA. Legal marriage rights for gay people is absolutely acceptable, and they should be allowed to go to a courthouse and be legally bound. Where I draw the line, is if gay people who wish to be married can force a Christian pastor to marry them. Now this is not the majority of gay marriages, for obvious reasons. But it still happens. And simply because of the fact that it is legal, some couples want to have a Christian marriage, even though they flaunt its rules. That is the line in the sand for both sides. Christians shouldn’t be able to stop gay couples from being legally bound. But gay couples shouldn’t be able to force someone to violate their religious beliefs.

    Sidenote: this is exactly why the Christian baker won his case.

  5. i disagree so much u ruin the basis of man and women together it ruins our country i hope you dig into the bible more and understand that your comment with the bible was incorrect and that you need to do some research on it and our country was founded by Christians so fix your bull crap

  6. Why not allow people to marry animals? Why not allow a mom to marry her adult child? Why not embrace that diversity? If they both consent, why not?

  7. He doesn’t know what he talking about. He picked weak arguments to go against, and even so he made errors in his refutation. For instance “The Bible is not a legal document.” The Bible is actually the most credible and well passed historical document ever created. Through the historical document process it passes 2/3 steps better than any other book, this guy stinks 🤦‍♂️

  8. "On the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), children in same-sex families were over twice (2.1 times) as likely, at 9.3%, to be rated above the cutoff for emotional or behavioral difficulties than were children in opposite-sex families, at 4.4%. Likewise, same-sex parents or informants reported that their children experienced “definite” or “severe” emotional problems over twice (2.3 times) as often as did opposite-sex parents or informants. For the most restrictive test, which is both high SDQ and directly reported serious emotional problems, the proportion of children with emotional difficulties in same-sex families drops to only 6.3%, but the comparative proportion in opposite-sex families drops even more, to 2.1%, with the result that the risk ratio for same-sex families is even higher (2.9)."


    Gay marriage harms kids. That's why we shouldn't let them get married.

  9. Why dont u talk about being Christian and writing a comment in any possibe video and compare to someone coming out of the closet as they say
    There's no respect for Christians either

  10. I respect this man, but he bases the opposing views of gay marriage with religion too much. I am a devoted Christian, and I think that gay marriage is wrong. The Bible states it several times in the Bible, and I know why we began this. God made sex to be a special event in your life with your partner, which would be the opposing gender. We have turned sex into something worthless, and that is why we want this. We want something different and new. However when we do that, it is sometimes wrong.

  11. Here is my view on it
    Keep in mind I have 2 friends who are bi 2 that are gay and one that is asexual
    But my view

    People shouldn’t be punished or judged for who they love

  12. I'm gay but the only valid argument against this is that some women just can't be a father. and that's what a child needs. but still, it's better to have one parent than no parent. I can't have children.

  13. What confuses me the most is that fact that people in the GOVERNMENT are claiming that abortion, same-sex marriage and other "unnatural and disgusting" things are wrong because of RELIGION! IS THERE NOT A SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND GOV?

    Everyone with common sense: That’s like telling someone you don’t like the color of the t shirt so they aren’t allowed to wear it tf

  15. Fundamental conservative Christian's are very busy trying to make their religious views validated by the law. They are taking action to legalize their discrimination. Those breeders who say they are supportive of the LGBT community are just sitting on their hands. They aren't putting up bills to vote into law. They aren't pressuring the government to pass laws to protect us. I will refuse to believe the country has truly accepted us until the country gets behind us and demands change. I'm not holding my breath. All I see is lip service.

  16. This character is living in a world of ignorance or, if it has been explained to him and still refuses to acknowledge any truth, then he is just plain stupid.

  17. You are what you do. e g put out fires as an occupation makes you a fireman etc. Live together permanently and you are married.
    You don't need a certificate to be married for goodness sake, just do it and be happy and the rest of the world will be happy with you.

  18. Why dont we see killers and rapeist as equal then ? Because they are sick people, just like gay people are. The have mental disorder. In the past there were clinics for curing gender disorder and it worked. So if can be changed with the right care it can be called disorder.

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