49 Comments on “10,000 Sick in Salmonella Chicken Outbreak”

  1. Then I have changed my mind. I really like the idea of everybody growing
    their own food. We can all just be individuals and live off the land
    without any laws. I’m sure that’s still feasible on a planet of 7 billion.
    I think I have just become a Libertarian.

  2. It took all month and two trips to the doctor, but I am feeling much better
    now. As of October 30th anyway. Good luck to those of you who got sick and
    still are trying to recover, I wish you a speedy recovery and to have a
    quick run to a nearby toilet when in need of one, and you will need one
    believe me!

  3. We all have the same food supply right? shouldn’t food standards and safety
    be one the highest priorities?

  4. The agencies would be more effective if retardlickings didn’t create
    sweetheart exemptions and underfund agencies.

  5. It’s actually spelled “inHAIRent,” and it means a disease where you get a
    lot of ingrown hairs on your legs, arms, stomach and back. Very Painful…

  6. Nonsense? Are you saying meat contains no natural hormones or bacteria?
    What planet is your meat coming from?

  7. What are you going to do when you get sold defective seeds and your little
    organic farm fails?

  8. Salmonella isn’t a problem for chicken. ALL chicken has salmonella in it.
    Cook your fucking chicken, and clean your fucking preparation area.

  9. This is a natural antibiotic that is harmless (in my belief, understanding,
    and experience) if taken only for symptoms when they arise, although I
    don’t hesitate to use it whenever needed. I only use Sovereign Silver
    brand, myself – it is regulated to keep it at a low ppm concentration, so
    you don’t have to worry about getting too much if used as directed. I
    cannot take most medications and many supplements, but the silver has saved
    me from many infections and viruses over the years. I luv it

  10. That is my solution for them actually. Move. Antarctica or the moon their

  11. You all see? Fox News was 100% right!!!!!!! It’s not a shut down …. it’s
    just a Slim 🙂 down 🙂 We don’t need no unnecessary expenses like food
    inspection …… Now ….. smoke em if ya got em …. it’s every man for
    himself and remember …. best a luck to ya all 🙂

  12. yeah what with it’s fda’s and food inspections. in a libertarian
    deregulated society, companies would care for the betterment of the
    consumer. Companies would hold themselves to such high moral and ethical
    standards that they wouldn’t cut costs with cheap labor and and growth
    hormones. No, in a libertarian society, things would be perfect.

  13. and no – I don’t sell it – you have to buy it from a store or online health
    foods/supplements supplier – so this is not a plug – it is a true story – I
    recommend everyone keep some on hand. I also use it whenever I get any type
    of food poisoning, and find it quite effective. I get sick more easily due
    to transplant medications so having something simple on hand is priceless.

  14. Apparently you’re either majorly sarcastic or have never read Upton
    Sinclair’s The Jungle.

  15. Every time I’ve seen a vegan they looked malnourished holocaust survivor.

  16. What is the logic of your doubt? You know the conditions that must be for E
    Coli to exist?

  17. First of all, I never once mentioned anything about farms or “organic”.
    Secondly, what do you mean by “defective” seeds? I am talking about having
    control over your own crops; knowing what goes into fertilizing the produce
    and harvesting your own seeds.

  18. if you cook the food good you won’t get anything just because the
    salmonella can’t survive on a good cooked food.any chicken can give you
    salmonella and any egg that is not good cooked can give you too.know your
    facts and cook your food good

  19. That’s right. In a Libertarian utopia, the free market would kill all the
    salmonella bacteria. Markets can’t function when the government exists
    though, because when the Holy Invisible Hand comes down from the sky and
    tries to fix things, it sees government regulations everywhere and gets
    scared and runs away.

  20. This would never happen in a libertarian deregulated paradise, government
    is forcing these companies to produce sub standard products.

  21. I say push for attention given to the people first. They worked hard and
    deserve to get something in return.

  22. This is a great video, but the corporations that make the claim people need
    to cook their chicken fully and that will prevent salmonella outbreaks is
    just false. I ate 8 hot n spicy chicken wings from foster farms on October
    1st and became violently ill. I followed the directions completely and
    still that did not prevent my getting sick. So this claim may pertain to
    raw chicken, it certainly doesn’t cover pre fully cooked bags from foster
    farms. I am on day 24 and still very sick.

  23. If companies were known to not regulate themselves in this “libertarian
    paradise” no one would use said company..

  24. these companies have an incentive not to kill most of their customers
    because it is bad for business, don’t you see???

  25. Yeah because you know this government regulation just works out so well!

  26. What don’t you understand? Plant-based foods don’t inherently contain
    disease-causing elements like meat (I.e. salmonella, e. Coli, prions,
    ,viruses, parasites, etc.). You can test meat and pretty much always find
    these things in them because they are naturally contaminated.

  27. republicans have defunded the FDA to limit their ability to inspect the
    food supply ..only 6% of US food is inspected the rest is inspected by 3rd
    party for profit inspection and only .04% of imported food…I bet the
    company had a top safety rating

  28. That is because all fat people eat is fast food without any vegetables,
    vegan food is worst than fast food.

  29. I mean people reporting sickness. I’m sure its all over. Lack of sleep.
    Thank you for seeing that.

  30. Until 1850 up to 80% of the world’s food consumption was cannabis. It is
    the greatest source of Protein and Fiber.

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