16 Comments on “1987 Gay Rights March on Washington (Part 1)”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I was one of the guys behind the camera
    covering Andy Humm for the Gay Cable Network!! Great memories!!

  2. Thank you. The only tragic thing is that ninteen years later this country
    still has a long way to go in the area of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
    trangender rights.

  3. why can’t you just accept that for some people to love a member of the same
    sex is as normal and wonderful as for people who love members of the other

  4. i did not know what a homosexual was in 1987. i was 12. of course, within a
    couple of years i figured it out.

  5. Marriage for everyone… I cant wait till Indiana has full marriage
    equality, I LOVE YOU ALL

  6. Actually, if you’re a biologist or a zoologist, you do (see male animals
    with other male animals). Same sex sexual behavior is well documented in
    animals, they just don’t show it on things like the discovery channel
    because it isn’t PC.

  7. yOuguysrdumb uh i hat to break it to but we are people and not animals and
    if u want to play that card there are animals who have sex with the same
    sex animal

  8. Gay rights marches in San Francisco used to be really scary to kids. Angry,
    yelling, partially clad men with clown facepaint. Loud and in-your-face.
    Enough to make an entire generation of children into homophobic adults. Had
    they taken the Martin Luther King Jr approach, or that of Susan B. Anthony,
    or Mahatma Ghandi, or Nelson Mandela, there might be fewer people with a
    knee-jerk reaction of distrust.

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