19 Comments on “2012’s Biggest Marriage Milestones So Far”

  1. I empathize with Romney fears. Yeah, he’s evil. I know. Obama is evil too
    and he’s just more discrete and savvy about it with his attack on civil
    liberties, the war, the drug war, the immigrant war, his attack on the
    environment, his expansion of government secrecy, his attack on protestor
    rights, his signing the NDAA, the killing of US citizens without trail, and
    on and on.

  2. As a gay man, I wonder why do so many of my LGBT brothers and sisters
    demand that politicians and religious leaders be brave enough to take the
    risks of supporting us yet we aren’t wiling to do the same by being brave
    enough to support our alternative party options that are 100% pro-quality.
    It’s hypocritical.

  3. i know what you mean i live in weston Wv one of the worst towns in WV it
    sucks how backwards WV still is

  4. Youtube search Obama’s Marriage Equality Support Does Not OK His Evils 2012
    Presidential Debate Of Alternative Parties Alternative Party Presidential
    Candidates Conversations 4 Connecting Full Interview

  5. If you’re gay and don’t vote for an alternative party because you think
    they will not win does this mean heterosexual allies in red states should
    not vote for your equality because they think it won’t win?

  6. To add to what xephyr1000 said, Wikipedia states “Title 38 of the United
    States Code outlines the role of Veterans’ Benefits in the United States
    Code”. They have links to more information. I’m not sure why xephyr1000’s
    comment was marked as spam.

  7. I’m so embarrassed that I live in WV. Completely ashamed. T_T I swear we’re
    not all bigoted idiots….. although it does seem like 93% of the state
    is… 🙁

  8. The margin in North Carolina suggests that some heterosexual voters support
    gay marriage but felt self-conscious search for and voting against
    amendment 1 on the ballot. That self-consciousness may go away as the
    nation continues to debate the issue.

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