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  1. @Ads Co, why are you here, then?

    Feel sorry for people who only have a choice between the devil and the deep
    blue sea. Idiot politician.

  2. Lol, well you have to compete politically. The one who says the most
    outrages things wins – so long as you do the bidding of your donors.

  3. Can I just add that what this guy says about domestic violence in general
    is the STANDARD and MAINSTREAM response to male victims of domestic
    Just wanted to drop a comment to remind everyone of the *massive* fucking
    double standards (and I am thoroughly convinced that Ana shares such a
    double standard, not out of malice, but out of genuine ignorance. Male
    victims are simply ignored.)

    Even if we grant the most severely gender skewed estimates, (10%~ seems
    popular) we can look at the split in resources available and what do we
    find? Do men have access to 10% of the resources?
    A fairly conservative estimate reflects a 60/40 split, though many will
    argue that domestic abuse is simply NOT a gendered crime.
    When male victims have access to the system EQUALLY to female victims, then
    I will be satisfied with video’s like this not being hypocrisy.

    One democratic politician reduces funding to DV (almost all of which will
    cater to women) and “progressives” go barmy.
    The entire western world ignoring or maligning male victims (“he must have
    done something wrong?” is commonly said when a man is harmed by his
    partner, amusingly) and “progressives” ignore it; happy to follow the
    rhetoric that says men already have all the rights they need.
    As a socialist and a humanist, it hurts me to see moderates and left
    leaning individuals fail to pursue genuine equity.

  4. The local Democratic Party organization in Texas needs to disown this
    brute. Now. And a real Democrat needs to step up and present themselves as
    an alternative Democratic candidate, to give the Democratic voters of
    Harris County an alternative to Lloyd Oliver. Clearly, no thinking
    woman–no thinking man for that matter–would want to vote for a misogynist
    like Oliver, whose issues with “domestic violence” is politically correct
    code for his issues with women. He thinks it’s okay to beat up women.

  5. He’s not what we consider a democrat these days. He’s a pre-Anne Richards
    Texas democrat, which really is no different than the modern day

  6. Well the bitch should have put mustard on his fucking sandwich. Aint that
    the truth

  7. The candidate is handling it wrong.
    Domestic violence is almost 50/50 so if 30 women died so did 30 men.
    Nothing said about that. Shelters for Domestic Violence are for women only
    and their kids. So they only handle half the problem and the other half is
    ignored. So the problem will never be solved. That means domestic violence
    shelters and funding for things like that should be redirected to other

  8. How come there’s never talk about domestic violence against men in videos
    like these?

  9. I wanted to watch this video, but the comments scared me off before it
    finished buffering…

  10. Financial Services Authority…..Oliver stalking me all over the Internet
    or maybe this is part of their investigation of Lloyds Bank fraud I’m not
    sure about this joke and farce…..I had put in a complaint about my
    mortgage, next thing I know I had no job…..& years later these people and
    Lloyds Bank staff are all stalking me all over the Internet and hacking my

    What am I missing on this sordid tale that is never ending?

    I have always been available to speak to the press…..Just so we are clear
    on things.

    Back to this video….
    Domestic violence is not something to be joked around with…..We all have
    our thresholds for keeping our tempers in check, don’t go around provoking
    people and if you get caught in a situation with a bully then walk
    away….This is simple logic.

    No, I do not want to deal with people whose sole purpose is to provoke
    others…..Leave people alone and don’t do things to people that you won’t
    accept for yourself…..this is simple.

    If I am attacked, then I have to defend myself accordingly, that’s one of
    my mottos…..I never attack people first and I am generally a sweet quiet
    girl when I am not provoked, as anyone would be.

  11. domestic violence is so 20th century c’mon women can vote now an shit they
    don’t get beat anymore

  12. I think there’s a more important issue here: Why the FUCK do you elect DAs?
    If there is any position that should be apolitical, it is the one that
    represents an area in legal issues.

  13. Only in America… and any other country still intellectually in the 15th

  14. It should be noted that Harris county has the most domestic violence in the
    state, because it is the most populous county in the state. Not excusing
    it, just don’t want Harris county to look like some hotbed of domestic
    violence compared to everywhere else. 

  15. why no mention of how many men were killed in domestic violence? eh.
    post-feminism world, i guess.

  16. not a democrat everyone, just another libertarian running as their opponent
    to control texas elections, he’s just a tea party running as democrat, look
    at his voting record and beliefs very carefully

  17. Most domestic violence is 50-:50, and symmetrical i.e. violent people date
    and marry other violent people.

  18. Just goes to show you, a grasp on reality is not required to hold office
    here in Texas!

  19. “Domestic violence is so over rated!”
    GOP opponent: “…so are blacks, hispanics, poor people, religions other
    than Christianity, unions, facts, women, education, the subjects of math
    and science, and gays!” 

  20. As a person who tends to vote democrat, I denounce and reject Lloyd Oliver
    and I hope other democrats do the same.

  21. How is this the “war on women”? I’m sorry but men can become and ARE the
    victims of DV. This isn’t a war on women, this is a war on everyone.

  22. A PC243(a) call that dispatches any deputy in Santa Clara County California
    requires the deputy to arrest someone, even if the complaining witnesses

    When I interned for the Public Defenders Office – Investigators Unit in
    Santa Clara County California, I saw the actual numbers of DV calls for

    Here is the evidence from 2008: approx. 2,400 PC243 calls, 1,100 resulted
    in immediate arrests, of which 240 convictions. And less than 60 were
    felonies, which results in bodily damage that sends the victim to the

    I personally interviewed women that were coerced into giving a statement to
    the police under threat of losing their children or even themselves being

    I heard evidence on many occasions of witnesses we recanting prior
    testimony because, as one stated, “I was mad and simply just wanted to hurt

    Most PC243 calls in Santa Clara County had CW’s with absolutely no bodily
    injury, just hurt egos.

    Yes, there is atrocious violence that happens in from DV, which represents
    a tiny fraction of the amount of calls and arrests and convictions and
    police or social worker harassments that happen because of mandatory arrest
    policies across United States.

    And when I asked the detectives at the Woman’s Violence Center here in
    Santa Clara County, California about what sort of therapy is given to DV
    batterers, besides incarceration, that extends beyond recycling a violent
    person into a cage then out of the cage & back on the streets and back

    I asked, “with all the attention to the victims, what are we doing to make
    these men and women stop hitting each other? Where are the resources beyond
    incarceration for those offenders whom continue to make these crimes

    Why aren’t they being rehabilitated?”

    Not a single one of them, no detective nor social worker, had an answer. It
    was blank faces and shameful glances to the floor, and that’s because there
    are no resources for batterer rehabilitation!

    We put them in cages, sometimes due to false testimony or mandatory arrest
    policies, and when they get out they may do worse.

    DV and IPV is a problem that is overrated in terms of victim resources and
    underrated in terms of offender rehabilitation.

    I’m not going to defend him, for what he said was crass and not worded

    Yet what I do know is Harris County, which has over 4 million people in it
    in comparison to Santa Clara County (about 75% less in population),
    probably has a significantly higher number of DV calls, that most likely
    result in the same conviction rate, and the same amount of recanting, and
    the same amount of CW lying and the same amount of harassment from police
    and social workers.

    And I’m going to presume, unless someone can cite study with a valid
    cohort, that mandatory arrest policies from domestic violence calls does
    little to save lives.

    And I’ll put a big money down on the presumed fact there are little to no
    resources nationwide to rehabilitate the offenders in these PC 243 calls.


  23. He is not a Democrat at all…because he want to cut off funds against
    domestic violence. Texas tends to vote for dumb governors so maybe he might
    have a chance.

  24. Typical TYT. Always going after Dems and leaving the Republicans alone.
    Shame on you! 

  25. Someone tell Mr. Oliver that there IS a difference between domestic
    violence and BDSM.

  26. +487shawn A family member of mine had a similar experience with his
    ex wife. Except she also made false charges his stepdaughter which was his
    wifes blood daughter said my mom is lying in court he never hit mom but mom
    did hit him. He was facing potential prison that sweet little girl had the
    courage to tell the truth!

  27. Lloyd Oliver looks like a villain from Batman or something. What a

  28. HOLY FUCK! This guy is out of his mind. I actually lived in that county.
    I’m 75% sure that guy is a wife beater. You can hear him rationalizing
    himself all over this.

  29. Lloyd Oliver can’t seem to tell the difference between domestic violence
    and bdsm. Fail.

  30. “On one hand, he’s a Democrat” Yous are a bunch of assholes. I fuckin
    hate people who vote by if the candidate has a D or an R behind their name.
    Or even give someone a pass for that matter.

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