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  1. The Accomplishments of Audre Lorde, a Black Female Social Revolutionary
    were Great. Being Black, and a woman, and a Lesbian, she had three strikes
    against her. But she would not get out of the Ball Game. She kept on
    Swinging, and making home runs with her writing. Thanks to You Tube, there
    are many Audre Lorde Videos for the world to see, so she is not dead and
    buried. The Intellectual, Audre Lorde, could only exist, where there is
    freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Press, and Freedom of Ideas.

  2. “…So it is better to speak
    we were never meant to survive.”

    — Audre Lorde, The Black Unicorn

  3. #21 30/30
    Audre Lord [1934 – 1992] poet, novelist, librarian and teacher. Lord was
    name Poet Laureate in 1991, founder of ” Kitchen Table: Women of Color

    Did you know that her first poem was published in Seventeen Magazine while
    she was still in high school? My favorite poem by her is called “A Woman

  4. “An inspirational testimony and powerful portrait of a remarkable woman who
    continues to inspire a whole new generation of women today.”
    – Noelle Reilly, QFest, 2009

  5. whose version of cry me a river is that! it’;s amazing and i’ve been
    looking for it ever since i first saw this all those years ago…

  6. she changed my life and shaped it if you can get it let me know. or let me
    help you get it send me your email.

  7. @GentlePoet1984 GOOD FR YOU,!!! I am writing something now one of the pages
    has Audre Lorde in it. I loved Audre,s poem A Litany For Survival and Zami
    a new spelling of my name was a life changing book. It totally freeed
    me.!!! I LOVE Audre,s Work.!!!

  8. I’ve been trying to get a copy of this DVD for about 8 years. It’s not
    available for “personal use,” which is deeply unfortunate. I saw it once at
    college. I don’t know why TWN posted this. It’s like a tease to anyone who
    is not affiliated with a “worthy” organization. I think we should start a
    movement to make this film available to all!

  9. thank you! what an amazing film on this sister’s work and legacy. saw it in
    college. only once, and it was LIFE CHANGING. happy birthday, audre!

  10. why can it be on dvd or vhs for people of fan of the writer, poet, and
    social activist Audre Lorde those who want to see more why? not put it to
    dvd for fans of the aouther.

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