28 Comments on “Absolute Pwnage (Epic Win)”

  1. Marriage is a scam. I say we stop arguing about sexual orientation and just
    rid our society of this stupid practice. 55% marriages fail which proves
    that marriage, as an institution, is extremely flawed and out dated. What’s
    worse is that you generally have lose an arm and a leg just to get out of a
    bad marriage(divorce). So i say we just BAN ALL MARRIAGES….cause nobody
    nowadays truly knows how to make a marriage work. 

  2. Evolution and creationism are both just theories although there does seem
    to be more evidence in favor of evolution 

  3. “I don’t have the right to same sex marriage… do you? What right are we
    denying gays that we don’t have?” the right to marry someone that makes
    them happy. imagine that you’re heterosexual and somehow only gay marriage
    is recognized…would you feel comfortable marrying another guy because
    that’s the way society forced you to go? would you accept ‘you have the
    same rights to do something that doesn’t make you happy’ be a convincing
    argument to you?

  4. It had to be sooo awkward for the guy who was against gay marriage and
    prepared notes going along the exact same lines of “you’d be taking away my
    religious freedom if you allowed gay marriage!”.

  5. The sad thing is how calmly the audience was taking it all before he
    revealed the ruse, and there wasn’t exactly thundering applause at the end.
    I think most of them were on the side of his gay-bashing persona.

  6. That. Was. Fucking. Epic! o_O It’s about time this country gets off it’s
    ass and stops the religious right from forcing their religious views on
    everyone… There isn’t a single argument against gay marriage that isn’t
    religious based and that sickens me… I don’t give a shit what religion
    someone wants to be/claims to be, what I do give a shit about is when they
    try to force that religion on the rest of us and claim that the US is in
    any way a “religious” nation. We’re secular dammit!

  7. “Why does anyone have sex?” -I’d say there are 3 main reasons: 1. It feels
    good, 2. to strengthen a relationship and 3. reproduction. I’ve put
    reproduction last because the majority of the time that people have sex
    it’s not for reproduction. Gay people will have sex for 2 of the above
    reasons – both of which are legitimate.

  8. “And you also agree that homosexuals only want to marry to receive a tax
    cut which was invented to help families raise children” -No, if you read
    Jerico’s reply properly, what was actually said was gay couples want to be
    able to marry IN PART because of the legal benefits. May I remind you that
    these are not just tax cuts but also hospital visitation rights and the
    right to make medical decisions for ones’ partner etc.

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