13 Comments on “Activists’ fury over new Nigerian anti-gay law”

  1. Quit making sexual advances toward people of his own gender and he will get
    beat up a lot less.

  2. You dirty rotten gay people would have been stoned and have your balls cut
    off in the old days!!

  3. Sick sick sick!! All you gay people love to hunt the dirty butthole!! Rot
    in jail you dirty rotten butthole lovers!!

  4. This is an opportunity here for gay men and women in Nigeria. Go to the USA
    embassy and claim your life is in danger. You will surely get amnesty and a
    one way visa.

  5. It’s a shame,I hate Nigeria I’m not sorry to say it because I’m a Nigerian
    and I’m a Lesbian living in fear in my own country

  6. NIGERIA is taking a knife and stabing itself.

    We are all connected as human, the STRAIGHT ones will pay the price

  7. Stay strong, african lgbt. Most of the world is on your side, or will be
    soon (I expect big changes in Asia within 10 years).

  8. This is horrible. More hate done in the name of God’s Love. It is
    actually anti-God to have such hate laws. You are in my prayers and if
    there is anything that can be done from across the sea in the USA, please
    let the lbgt & supporters know.
    Peace and All Good,

  9. Please, lets respect the decision of the majority. Laws are meant for to
    sanitize the society. Those not happy with the new law should seek for
    sexual asylum in USA, etc.

  10. a law cannot favor everyone how about people who like to smoke weed? i
    think their own human right is violated too, our young boys are in danger
    if gay people are allowed they initiate them at young age and before you
    know it they become addicted and it will destroy their life
    if you are straight and keep a gay friend chance are that you will become

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