4 Comments on “Advert Targets Russian Anti-Gay Law: American Olympian angered by Canadian ‘gay’ lugers ad”

  1. This is so disgusting, I salute you Russia for being Resistant and Orthodox´╗┐

  2. I think the issue people have with gays is that they treat their gaydom
    like a religion, preaching it to everyone or as a pass to be as annoyingly
    obnoxious & critical & hypocritical as can be. I never met a homosexual who
    wasn’t completely & obsessively judgemental & hyper critical of not only
    themselves but of everyone else around them & on top of that they think
    they’re right about everything, they think they’re so evolved in their
    thinking since they like butt poking that your somehow lost in the past
    since you don’t want someone’s hairy penis up your shitty butthole which is
    is a thought that just tries to completely & utterly befuddled any sane
    man’s intelligence. ´╗┐

  3. @HowToSPS
    This is a hilarious reply to the law. Its called a sense humour, find some.´╗┐

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