50 Comments on “AFA Weighs Google Boycott over Gay Rights Support”

  1. Phew this world is truly becoming more and more oerver and evil.

    Sorry @Google, I will have to boycott your products. Gmail, Maps and even
    youtube soon.

    I really dont understand why such companies have to get into politics. You
    just lost a customer ‘google’.

  2. The “American Family Association” (with a name like that, you know they
    don’t like them homo sapien gays and lesbians) is trying to figure out how
    to boycott Google over it’s “Legalize Love” campaign to promote gay rights.
    The biggest hurdle for them is . . . hint, it’s not their intolerance . . .
    how to boycott a product so many of them depend on. Google search. Gmail.
    Calendars. Oh, the humanity.

  3. The American Family Association just posted a video on YouTube (a Google
    Product) that people should now boycott Google because of their “Legalize
    Love” campaign.

  4. Hey +Michael Baker, make sure to put something soft on your forehead
    because you’re gonna facepalm so hard.

    #gayrights #google #afa #boycott #nonsense 

  5. The American Family Association doesn’t like Google’s new Legalize Love
    effort to promote gay rights worldwide. Doesn’t like it so much that it’s
    planning a Google boycott. Watch Buster Wilson, general manager of AFA’s
    radio network and host of the AFA Today show, suggest the boycott below.
    Now let’s see if the organization actually removes itself from Google’s
    index. http://mklnd.com/MXqVID #legalizelove 

  6. So the hate group American Family Association wants to boycott Google for
    being pro-LGBT? Let me look up some more information on that issue online…
    oh wait. #GoogleIt #GoodLuckWithThat

    AFA Weighs Google Boycott over Gay Rights Support

  7. American Family Association’s Buster Wilson floats boycott of Google over
    company’s Legalize Love campaign against the criminalization of

  8. i’m listening, but the guys over at valhalla offer an eternity of booze and
    food! i’m just not sure where to shop! 🙂

  9. Apple supports equality as well.That’s been made a point a few years
    ago.Not to mention Apple’s current CEO is gay himself.Bottom line is the
    christians should just kill themselves already.The world is evolving and
    progressing without them,nobody cares what they think so they can boycott
    as many companies and organizations as they choose.They will accomplish
    nothing but more misery for themselves.

  10. They’ve declared war on Google. It’s only fair for Google to go to war with
    them. Your idea would seize and fortify the high ground and generate
    publicity for Google. They should also put ads on all of their videos (if
    the original source has a youtube channel). The drama would be high

  11. Get with the times, friend! The Mormons received a Divine Revelation in
    1978. God said he was tired of the increasing legal hassles from His True
    Church being labeled a racist hate group, so He officially announced that
    black skin was no longer His curse upon the Decedents of Cain. Since then,
    it’s okay for Blacks to join the LDS Church, and even wear the magic
    underwear, just like regular people.

  12. Looks like the progressive nature of technology is sending these fools back
    to the time of Jesus.

  13. Takethetimetoday, if you think homosexuality is a “perversion”, you’re
    probably just doin’ it wrong. ROTF!

  14. i want to like this video only because it’s so freaking hilarious. He can’t
    possibly be serious. Broadcasting a message about boycotting Google, using
    a website owned by Google. THE VERY DEFINITION OF IRONY!

  15. So the GOP/Birther/Teabagged/Republican nut jobs wanna get us to stop using
    Google because Google recently kicked off a campaign to support Gay Rights,
    ‘eh? Their suggestion is to use BING! instead, ‘eh? Maybe somebody should
    inform them of the following: “Before American Family Association members
    start testing the meat of their convictions by using Bing, they should know
    that Microsoft recently endorsed gay marriage in Washington.”

  16. When I see this kind of shit like “A Project Of People For The American
    Way” I look at the sky and think to myself “Thanks God I live in Europe”

  17. well you can start your Boycott by closing your you tube accounts its owned
    by GOOGLE, You Tube will be nice with out all those idiots telling me im
    sinning and going against there beliefs oh yea and Caiden Cowger this means
    you to you cant use YOU TUBE any more cause it goes against your beliefs.

  18. I’ve lost respect for AFA. Rather than the American Family Association they
    have turned into the AAWHG, the American Association Who Hates Gays.

  19. Congratulation AFA, you have now entered into a battle which you simply
    cannot win. I look forward to seeing the back pedalling and excuses which
    will emerge from this.

  20. In my eyes Islam and Christianity are no different. Both are religions
    destined for the dustbin. the faster the planet gets rid of them the

  21. And i am pretty sure Apple endorse same sex marriage. SO essentially
    they’re saying they’re gonna start to boycott Google, Microsoft and Apple.
    I would love to see them living as a caveman. Right now.

  22. “This is gonna be a tough one.” Yeah, like foregoing posting videos of your
    nonsense on YouTube.

  23. Please boycott. Take yourselves right back to the stone age. That’s where
    you people belong, anyway.

  24. you people are stupid and sick! Google and us the sane people in this world
    will miss you! NOT

  25. Classic Valhalla has it’s merits. If you want to spend every day, for the
    rest of eternity, bashing a bunch a big, dirty, sweaty Norsemen with axes
    and swords, and every night drinking wine and stuffing you face with elk
    meat, until you pass out, and do it all again the next day. That’s got to
    wear thin after a couple thousand years. Plus, all the neo-Nazis say
    they’re going there. And who wants to hang out with those assholes?

  26. can we PLEASE ditch these iron age myths we call “religion”… they do
    nothing but brew hate and discrimination. can the christians stop
    discriminating against gays, can the muslims stop discriminating against
    women, can the mormons stop discriminating against blacks, can all of the

  27. That would require a widespread vaccination of “common sense”, which these
    nutters seem to have a serious deficiency in.. if only it was that easy!

  28. they should just get rid of their internet and their phones. because
    everything they depend on in life, supports gay equality. they should just
    go find the nearest rock and live under that.

  29. Haha. Good luck with your boycotts. None of them are going to work because
    nobody cares about your anti-equality causes.

  30. Announced on a website owned by google , watched and uploaded on a computer
    a machine invented by a gay man Alan turing.

  31. So what happens when mostly every major American company comes out in favor
    of marriage equality? Will they not spend money anywhere? That will really
    test their conviction.

  32. gays tend to be nicer people anyway, so atleast i’ll have some interesting
    people to hang with in the underground fictional party at club hell. 🙂

  33. Google brands include (takes a deep breath): Android, Blogger, Chrome,
    Gmail, Knol, Orkut, Panoramio, Picasa, Picnik, SketchUp, and, of course,
    YouTube. Not to mention the tons of investment products with GOOG in the
    portfolio. Coffee, cookies, and now Google! Before long, AFA’s going to run
    out of acceptable companies, then they will go live in caves, I suppose.

  34. Why should religion tell us what companies to use and what companies not to
    use? Pisses me off so much.

  35. You would think he would get the irony of following a religion that
    supposedly is about loving everyone and not judging them, then judging and
    mistreating gay people. What a fucking moron.

  36. This is like when the nut-bag from the Westboro Baptist Church announced on
    Twitter that they they were going to picket Steve Job’s funeral using her
    iPhone!! Fucking idiots

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