50 Comments on “AFP Video Live: First Gay Marriage in Montpellier, France – Starts at 17h15 local time”

  1. À 17h15, regardez en direct de #Montpellier, le premier marriage homosexuel
    reconnu par la France.

  2. “Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.”
    Astonishing. This is the discovery of the century. I got it! Marriage was
    created by fish. It makes perfect sense to me now! Everything ties together.

  3. Yes! A pity two human beings LOVING each other! The world has enough of
    that… let’s support hatred, division and prejudice like your comment.
    Well done! I am sure that your God will praise your lack of compassion and
    your big finger pointing on others’ display of love.

  4. Most people get married because they love each other. According to your
    logic, the marriages of straight couples who choose not to have children or
    are biologically incapable of having children are not as valid as those
    couple who do have children. Their marriages have nothing to do with

  5. Le mariage est entre un homme et une femme c’est vraiment ce que
    j’appellerais de la supercherie administrative ceci n’est PAS un mariage

  6. Should we take social cues from other animals? Or are you just not thinking
    clearly? What is the fundamental purpose of marriage? If you don’t know,
    then your opinion about the institution is worthless.

  7. Ahem… we are animals. Also, there is no such thing as a “fundamental
    purpose of marriage.” This doctrine only exists in religion. If this belief
    of a “fundamental purpose of marriage” was government law then straight
    couples who are Atheists, don’t want children, or are biologically
    incapable of producing children, would not be allowed to get married. Your
    logic has large loopholes. You can thank religious bigotry for that.

  8. Now,Naigel 1985.Do we have a xenophobe here?How does it feel to be
    you?Being in your skin everyday of your life?I mean, do you wake up every
    morning feeling that Answerhomosexuals,arabs,negros are persecuting you?The
    answer:you should ’cause we’re all over you.Word.

  9. lol parents bons, wtf ? it’s mother bond, and father bond. it’s not true,
    there are more heterosexual family that seek to adopt than children
    adoptable children. You’re a very ignorant pussyboy.

  10. You’re too stupid and incapable of functioning in the real world. Bitch no
    wonder you want the end of the world to come. Go back to your cave.

  11. yes, im sure you prefer two men holding guns than hands in marriage… Omg,
    this is such a tragedy…

  12. “What is the fundamental purpose of marriage?” You already know that
    marriage has multiple purposes. You have been beating this same old tired
    refuted drum for YEARS.

  13. Many species exhibit Homosexuality. And you even go as far as to say that
    you no longer want to live in a world that marries two people who love each
    over just because they’re the same sex? Not because of Famine, War and
    Tyranny? Oh how I pity you and your naivety.

  14. Furthermore, the fight to acquire the same rights as other people is a
    priority for any human being seeking decency and respect. Oppression and
    control (which have an interesting link to my original comment) are
    priorities to bitches like you because you would like others to follow your
    beliefs and opinions. Nobody is forcing you to marry the same sex; you are
    forcing a ban and annulment of same sex marriages based on your ideologies.

  15. I can bet that all these protesters, who champion themselves on thinking
    about the children first, have NEVER donated their time and money to the
    MILLIONS of children who are actually suffering in abusive homes,
    orphanages, corrupt foster centers, and city streets. Being heterosexual
    doesn’t automatically make you a fit parent.

  16. Nawaf was probably referring to the natural biological complementarity upon
    which the institution of marriage is based. You might grasp that concept if
    you knew what the fundamental purpose of marriage actually was.

  17. Everyone knows that god created aids and gave it to monkeys knowing that
    african gays would catch it and infect all the other gays as a punishment
    for gay behavour. Gay marriage wont help and gods wrath will fall upon all
    gays and the children they adopt and bring up as gays also.

  18. Thousands and thousands of childres dont know their father …You live in
    an other planet you hypocritical bigot ?

  19. Decadent owners of the doctrines of class menial Thank God for the blessing
    of Islam Just a reminder Even animals have not and will not do Malk

  20. Up ’till 6 months, I thought marriage being between a man and a woman was
    an absolute/unquestionable law. The change is so sudden.

  21. What does a comment about sexual diseases have to do with this video? This
    bitch did not respond to another comment, she just responded to the video.

  22. I Cant explain it with 500 characters . As you side google it & read about
    it , Not allowed put Website here,Other side , I believe in all God
    prophets because they have one Message that is worship one God .

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