33 Comments on “Alleged ‘Gay Rights Activist’ Opens Fire at Family Research Council HQ in Hate Crime Shooting.”

  1. Fox News: “He was shot in the arm. He was conscious and breathing, while
    taken to the hospital and expected to survive.” Now WHERE do you (the
    internet dumbass) see any implication of “a near fatal gun shot wound”?

  2. People, its the first time they are officially calling out “DOMESTIC
    TERRORISM”, this is the beginning.

  3. Fennir…I’m not suggesting we get rid of the Federal Govt or Social
    Security. I would agree with honoring all marraige benefits, contracts,
    etc..across state lines. Why hasn’t the Supreme Court ruled for this yet?
    Because it is being used by politicians to create polarity between people
    and they need reasons to keep people from uniting. AND, the shadow govt
    needs homosexuality in the closet..dont ask, dont tell? BS.Just another way
    to blackmail military/congress. We need everyone ‘out’.

  4. No, was just responding to that comment in particular. whoever did this
    should be jailed and done with. I would love to move to a state that allows
    that, in fact Id like to move to Canada instead (for other reasons) but I
    really dont have the ability to do so. The other thing is this should not
    be a states rights issue, marriage benefits include social security, tax,
    and other federal issues which if I cross over a state are now gone

  5. As expected, you are a clueless coward, parroting phrases that you have no
    understanding of. Now you run away to find more vague false narratives to
    chant on YT, and then to cry about later when asked to specify. Sad cycle
    you are in.

  6. No … those things are nothing alike. Male pedophiles select male children
    to abuse around 90% of the time while female pedophiles select female
    children to abuse around 65% of the time. Those are facts, and facts can’t
    be unfair. That’s just nonsensical postmodernist thinking. Quit doing that
    and be rational.

  7. Don’t worry America soon everything will be considered “domestic
    terrorism”…. And we see how many rights terrorists get in this new

  8. Real simple. Why “take” everyone’s guns, when you can set up mass “domestic
    terrorism” and have the sheeple BEGGING for the government to take them

  9. You think that’s a justifiable reason to shoot someone? Because you’re
    frustrated? Gay Rights NGOs have A LOT of money. Each state is allowed to
    decide its own position. Why don’t you move to a state that will honor your
    contract and protect your rights? If you give the Federal Govt more police
    powers, you’ll regret this later when your state needs stronger boundaries
    and jurisdictions. You must have a means of ‘drawing the line’ and
    reverting to your State’s Contitution.


  11. @MrThundaro Unfortunately that is the direction we’re going with the left
    in control, EVERYONE needs to vote this nov and get his joker out of office,

  12. Im not sure why you bring up police powers, I didnt mention anything about
    police or law enforcement of any type.

  13. yea but a 3rd false flag in a row wtf is next? these nwo cunts are really
    starting to piss me off

  14. So, an attack on conservatives, eh? This is what the gay rights groups are
    now doing? Shooting up people they don’t agree with??? COWARDS!!

  15. Well, I dont like it either. All people should have equal rights and
    protection of those rights. But we’re stuck between a rock and a hard
    place, inviting the Federal Govt to police our rights…and you can see how
    well that’s going(nudge nudge). Did you know alot of these churches who
    polarize people with morality issues are also getting federal funding? The
    Feds wants the ministers to preach ‘Romans 13’, which says you need to obey
    the emperor and do what he says. Economic collapse, coming?

  16. If a man with a CIA badge stole an old lady’s purse, people still wouldn’t
    believe it XD

  17. Who is oppressed? Gays can get married in many states and abortion is legal
    everywhere. Personally, I think ALL couples should sign a ‘civil union’
    contract with the State. Nothing more, nothing less. If one chooses to get
    ‘married’, then it is a matter between couple and clergy, not the state.

  18. unfortunatley thats not how it works, marriage via state and marriage via
    religion is very different, both can be done but both are not required. If
    you are going to have marriage with state you most include all citizens, or
    remove it. No one is advocating to remove it and no one would granted the
    benefits that marriage gives to couples. Only six states and Washington
    D.C. allow gay marriage and my state, WI, I cant even marry out of state or
    I can be jailed or fined.

  19. Fox News made it sound like the security guard was suffering a near fatal
    gun shot wound, then you hear the police spokesperson say the man is in
    stable condition. He was shot in the arm. Domestic Terrorism? OH, REALLY.
    Sounds like the media ought to be gagged for all the hype they spew each
    day making people feel more hatred than ever. The MEDIA NEEDS TO STOP
    telling us what we’re witnessing….and start telling the truth!

  20. Its the Federal Govt police powers. We’re witnessing State jurisdictions
    being overridden by Federal powers. The more laws you allow the Feds to
    police, the more you’ll lose. It’s bad.Since 9/11 we’ve lost almost all our
    Bill of Rights.NDAA even allows the USGovt to kidnap and kill without trial
    or accountability.No oversight at all.Anyway, there’s alot more on that
    topic, elsewhere. But you see, it’s the federal bullying ‘powers’ that must
    be stopped by each state.

  21. Stop it with the “Terrorism” aspect on everything. It’s getting out played,
    seriously. And remember… the CIA trains and funds terrorist just ask bin
    laden. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

  22. After years of Christian terrorism in America the gay community appears to
    have sunk to the level of christian extremists. A sad day indeed. Quick
    thinking on the part of the security guard and other folks, hope he gets
    better soon.

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