32 Comments on “Alleged ”Homophobic” Chants by Mexican Fans Invstigated by FIFA – World Cup 2014”

  1. If you don’t know the context of the word in question or the tradition
    behind the chant, just fuck off FIFA… pinches putos

  2. Bill Clinton is a puto. Obama is a pinche puto for turning the USA into a
    dictatorship. Russia is a puta for prosecuting gays. Qatar is also a puto
    for its deplorable working conditions that are going to kill thousands of
    the workers building the stadiums. The Netherlands team is a bunch of
    cheating putos. FIFA is a bunch of corrupt putos. The group reporting the
    fans are a bunch of ignorant putos along with the press reporting because
    they don’t know what they are talking about.

  3. Hahahahahahaha you all are fuckin putos!
    Stop complaining about what you don’t know, we use that word for so many
    things, and “homosexual” is the fucking last thing that crosses our minds
    in that moment. Stupid FIFA shit

  4. I think Fifa should listen the song Puto by Molotov, they show all the
    meanings of the word. great song by the way :D

  5. You mean to tell me that FIFA doesn’t uphold freedom of expression, or
    speech? We’re shocked!

  6. The gay nazi’s. the reason that the powers that be are allowing (gay-there
    are not)sodomites rights, is an attempt to destroy the body of Christ ,or
    to say, true bible believers.2th 2-7 there are only 2 % of sodomites in the
    USA so how are they getting in the way of everything and perverting
    everything,they have an agenda people wake up! that is to make sin common
    place,but as long as we have people that believe in Christ and walk in
    Christ,it will always vanquish these sinners into the darkness they love so

  7. Lmao “Puto” is a way fans show their hate towards the goalie for preventing
    from scoring a goal, as the goalie launches the ball back to play the fans
    will chant “puto,” only once is it said. It is nothing personal against the
    goalie. If the goalie is gay, so be it. FIFA federation is only trying to
    make it family friendly, what I didn’t comprehend was why they didn’t blur
    out the sound when kickoffs went out… The Mexican league does it all the
    time!!! The way I see it FIFA is only looking to find a way for more
    cash!!! PUTO!!!!

  8. Obama is a liberal communist who promotes same-sex marriages. He is wrong!
    Not because he is a Mulatto but because his agenda dictated by his radical
    puppeteers is just wrong and it goes against nature and God.

  9. Even South Park made a whole episode about the difference between a fag and
    a homosexual. You people are so delusional.

  10. I’m a USA fan but this is so stupid they should look up what the word means
    before looking further in to investigation hahhah stupid people… Let the
    fans be damn

  11. As a Mexican fan supporter I think this chant is stupid and classless.
    Sadly though, many Mexicans don’t recognize their own ignorance when it
    comes to this soccer chant, because it’s tradition. We need to make chants
    that encourage the spirit of our team and country. 

  12. Those upset about this are obviously racist against Mexicans. lol 😀
    white liberals… i thought only white males were naughty. if you say
    ANYTHING bad about their culture then you are just racists

  13. Yeah the chant “puto” has a lot of meanings depending on the circumstances
    “puto gobierno”, “no seas puto”, “el que no brinque es puto”, etc, , its
    always used against all goal keepers, its a cultural thing, not homophobia
    when used in that particular circumstance. “FIFA Idiots”.

  14. FIFA pretending to sanction Mexico for a word that is culturally accepted
    in Mexico only because it isn’t culturally accepted in Europe is the very
    definition of the word RACISM!!! These FIFA assholes are so fucking racist
    that they accuse anyone who doesn’t follow their politically acceptable
    language as racist. Take your Eurocentric bullshit and retarded ass
    political correctness and shove it up your asses.

  15. Dosnt Russia and Qatar have policies on being gay in their country? Like
    imprisonment and it being band? Why don’t they move the next two world cups
    to country’s where it is accepted rather that punish fans that don’t mean
    it as a hateful word. FIFA is just plain stupid!!!!! 

  16. Fifa Got Pissed Because Theyre Precious Poster childs Brazil, Couldn’t beat
    MEX, And Mexico Has Been Doing that For years And Now theyre Reacting Like
    CMON ! Like The Guy below Me said Fifa Is another Mafia

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