28 Comments on “American Right-Wingers Push Anti-Gay Agenda in Africa”

  1. The missionaries were probably not chiefly CIA, but profiteers and
    televangelists and prosperity megachurches like Pat Robertson, trying to
    turn Africa into private colonies.

  2. Thank you David Pakman for making me aware of this. I didn’t know anything
    about this and I’m absolutely speechless. I’m sick of these immoral,
    demonic, and sadistic American conservatives. Watching this video made me
    so emotional and sick to my core. How dare they spread these lies about an
    innocent group of people. They all need to be thrown into prison. These
    repulsive, irritating, and infuriating animals all need to fade out of
    existence. I guarantee that the world will become a better place. America
    isn’t to blame. These creatures are to blame who reside in this nation.
    I…really want to do something about this…i’m honestly having thoughts
    of taking the lives away from these monsters. They don’t deserve the right
    to waste the oxygen that we people breath.

  3. Maybe those Americans pushing their bigoted agenda in Africa could take a
    one way trip and stay there.

  4. Well if left-wing Americans are pushing pro-gay agendas in other countries,
    why can’t right-wingers promote anti-gay agendas? It’s only fair.

  5. I’m getting so fucking tired of these right-wing nut cases. I mean whatever
    happen to the phrase: “Live and let Live?” People just need to relies that
    we are all people who just want to be loved and have happiness. Why do
    people like the right-wingers get so much pleasure out of causing other
    people pain is beyond me. There are other pressing matters to tend to then
    to be worrying about gay people and who the fuck they are sleeping with.

  6. What happens is that Africa had already suffered too much with Aids, they
    should not be forced to embrace a guy agenda.

    In US, the guy agenda is making things difficult for raising our own
    children. The school is teaching things that parents disagree with and
    that are against our moral principles.

    And I belief those people who are going to Africa are not imposing
    anything, but trying to open the eyes of the people in Africa so they would
    not have to go through what we are going through where our children are
    even prohibited to pronounce the name of Jesus

  7. If Christian fundamentalists can’t have their theocratic utopia in America,
    they’ll work diligently to create it in Africa.

  8. But David Christians are building schools, provide health services, good
    morals and much more, if Christians are not there Islam will take over an
    we don’t want that right?

  9. what traits do their customers in africa (and, btw, everywhere else in the
    3rd world) share with their customers in red state america?
    low educational achievement?
    pervasive tribalism?
    a culture that embraces magic and the supernatural?
    fear of death and the unknown?

  10. Filthy disgusting christian fundamentalists… i’m glad most theists are
    good people despite of their disgusting religion.

  11. Using your religion as an excuse for your own bigotry doesn’t make you a
    better or more moral person, it makes you a bigot with a book.

  12. Anti-Gay = Anti-Life = anti god.
    Stop using your religion to hate.
    MORE birth control in African countries!

  13. Good interview Pakman, always interesting to learn how americans ruin other
    societies for their own selfish benefits.

  14. Wow, I knew these people were insidious but they’ve really screwed African
    countries over six ways to Sunday. No big surprise I suppose.

  15. Religious missionaries should be forbidden by US law from going abroad to
    preach their nonsense. No, this does not deny an individual their right to
    free speech. The concept of free speech is a part of our government and
    does not extend beyond our borders. If you were to go to Germany and preach
    sedition against the government, you will be imprisoned because that is
    unlawful in Germany. As a matter of policy, we need to learn to keep our
    noses in our business and the legitimate foreign policy concerns we have.
    Converting other nations to an extreme version of Christianity developed
    only here in the US is NOT our business in other countries.

  16. Think about it like it’s a movie. Hollywood makes some shitty movies, but
    you know where those movies end up being popular? Other countries. Some
    crap movie that Stephen Baldwin makes might actually bring in some money if
    they sell it overseas.

    Same thing. Right wingers are losing this argument here, so they’re tyring
    to sell their trash to “superstitious” people. This is their idea to
    consider them superstitious, not mine. They realize that Americans aren’t
    going to convert to religion any mnore. 

  17. Funny it’s really going to be the right wing conservative fundamentalists
    that are going to hell for breaking 2 commandments.
    I won’t tell what they are. They need to figure it out for themselves.
    I don’t worship religion becomes religion is immoral. Religion has never
    been Godly other wise God would have given us religion. We made up religion
    for ourselves.

    I do however worship the higher power God who ever he or she happens to be.
    Yes Jesus died for all of us. Including bigoted and hateful christians.

  18. It’s difficult because you cannot even argue they did it to combat the
    catastrophic spread of AIDS in that country, because it’s the Vatican (the
    Pope himself) who tells Africa not to use contraception because it is
    anti-life… (AIDS being pro-life??)… (Celibacy being Pro-Life?)….
    Ultimately though, people love to judge and persecute. Putin backs anti-Gay
    laws and all of a sudden you got a wave of people in Russia jumping on the
    band wagon because it allows them to legally persecute someone.
    In Uganda, you got the Government passing these laws… where Religion
    falls short, Government will step in for Church money I guess?
    You make the fatal mistake of thinking that Africans are somehow more
    innocent than White People – it’s a Colonialist Attitude. They are the same
    as us… absent Hate Crime laws, there is no fear, without fear prejudice
    has open reign…
    Though of course, if you push too far, the consensus of the people will be
    to vote in a party that will abolish the hate crime laws.
    There is a balance, but never an evolution.

  19. It’s becoming a religious proxy war, with the Saudis funding islamic
    extremists and the American radicals funding christian extremists, and
    criminals running the show on the ground.

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