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  1. My best and irrefutable argument against homosexuality, not that I am
    homophobic or that I hate homosexual people, but to answer the question if
    it is right or not. If everyone was homosexual, then humanity would
    inevitably not survive. Since it means, no more reproduction, no more
    procreation, by natural methods. Saying in vitro is still possible isn’t
    right, since it is not a natural method and it surely wouldn’t be possible
    without tools and it is against nature, almost cheating.

  2. Yes so sick of seeing this bullshit being pushed at us…why do they need
    to broadcast to the world who they are fucking? Just go and do what you
    want to do in your bedroom and stop wearing it as some type of badge…the
    real reason they push this shit is to continue to separate the Genders with
    all this confusion.

  3. The large city name Vancouver has districts painted with beautiful colors
    of the rainbow being desecrated by abominations of gay herds culled into
    that area. Who said they can have all the spectrum of the light color
    factor when in reality they only represent the gray spectrum if really
    looked into. Lacking ability to pro-create is a negative in nature so they
    are not fit. Even the off brand water bottles at certain huge grocery
    chains in Vancouver (probably Toronto also) have rainbows representing
    Homosexuals. Oh and who said they can have the term Gay ? Gay used to mean
    happy and content.

  4. Good video, it’s nice to see people waking up, they don’t even use valid
    arguments they just use these so-called celebrities to think for you, God
    gave you a mind of your own, don’t fall for their lies!

  5. if everyone is gay there will be no more babies. it is a depopulation
    technique. they are trying to depopulate the world. also, they are trying
    to get rid of the nuclear family. the mom the dad the children, the dog.
    lol without the family unit, children will grow without morals, and who
    will be the parents? the government will raise the children, thats what
    they are trying to do

  6. I think what’s funny & ironic about this is THE BIBLE & Christianity has
    also been shoved down our throats through & through too. Not taking sides
    on either just stating facts. Not everyone is into “God” or church yet you
    hear people screaming “repent! get saved!” etc. I think in a sense it’s
    karma from those who have been oppressed because they’re different coming
    out & erasing the fear & shame that comes with being different. Seems life
    is too complicated & complex for most to understand it’s diverse nature. A
    lot of things are celebrated & advertised, Black History Month is one of
    them as well & we know plenty don’t necessarily care for that or the people
    it represents. These things come & go people, get over it. 

  7. The one thing I can’t stand in all this is all the straight people saying
    it’s natural, but you can’t have kids. Even though I am not a Christian,
    the main thing that eats me off is that Christians claim that the bible
    never said anything bad about it and Jesus loves them. These people need to
    open up that book and see what it actually talks about. These people need
    to learn, just because the preachers says it’s right, it’s not, not to say
    the religions right. 

  8. Ps if gay wasnt ‘natural’ then homosexuality wouldn’t be observed across
    species throughout nature including the aquatic, mammal, reptile, and bird
    world. Read an article.

  9. If you’re gay then you’re gay as long as you don’t try me with that gay
    shit I’m straight.. Still don’t think it needs a holiday with ya fuckin
    flags and ugh not a pretty sight.. 

  10. Yep youtube is nothing on what it was like when I started my channel in
    2011 we had a real community here…they totally screwed this platform now
    and as you said it is all about the big popular channels….well only dead
    fish float with the stream.

  11. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it too. Personally I like to be forced
    to like anything. But hey what can be done?

  12. Do you believe the theory that Michelle Obama is a male and that Barack
    Obama is gay/bi? And how do you know Kobe Bryant isn’t gay. You have no
    idea what goes on behind closed doors.

  13. why do people care who is fucking who ? seriously it all started when
    people started to say marriage was only a man and a woman type of thing
    just get it over with it’s done with people are going to marry any human
    they feel like it no matter what sex or what color.

  14. Homosexuality is a perversion. Christians have theological, philosophical
    and reasonable reasons for their beliefs. Gay people do NOT. Anytime a gay
    person comes at me with their bullshit HYPOCRITICAL HATRED I do not
    hesitate to put them in their place.

  15. If this issue wouldn’t hold up progress as long as it has we could move on
    to something new. Gays are not natural? There are many of animals in nature
    that live a “gay” life. Also I have plenty of gay friends and strait but I
    only see them as my friends. I wish I didn’t have to give people a label.
    If I was to have a child that was gay I would still love them
    unconditionally. Who are we to say how someone is to live on this planet.
    In closing I say Jesus wouldn’t turn anyone away and he’d always care, he’d
    always love.

  16. thank you that day on youtube was pushed down our throats… i hope you
    kept the kids from being dooped

  17. Everyone says the antichrist will b homosexual but I’m not sure if that s
    the interpretation not desire for a woman it could b celvacy like the popes
    are not married

  18. The state is the one shoving this down your throat, not the gays
    themselves. They did the same thing with black and white people to drive
    racism, they did it with the womens movement to drive equality issues in
    the ‘free world’, and now they are doing it to push hate, and give people a
    reason to be bigots. If you can’t see that you have no idea how the world
    works, and you deserve to live in your ignorant minds.

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