13 Comments on “An Evening with Gay Talese 2008”

  1. It´s really difficult to be sitting close tu Guy Talese. He looks charming
    and the other looks like a garbage can.

  2. Gay Talese is a solid writer, a better journalist, but I love him most for
    his old world sensibilities. He is a terrible interviewer. He doesn’t
    really answer the questions; he’s not concise, and he rambles. These
    qualities aid his work, but they’re not meriting to watch.

  3. el libro retratos y encuentros d Gay Talese son una buena y corta antología
    de algunos de sus mejores escritos

  4. Is this dude the most dressed up journalist / writer and also one of the
    best in modern journalism? Dr John CarSanook! Bangkok

  5. It seems to me that a lot of the older generation talks this way- sort of
    rambling but in a really nice way. I guess they just grew up in a time
    where there wasn’t any hurry to get the information out. It’s not what
    we’re used to but once you get used to it I really like it.

  6. What I regret the most is not been able to buy his books. If I buy them
    here, in my country, they’ll be in Portuguese. It is such a shame! I don’t
    even wanna read it.

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