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  1. 1.The gay rights community… the name of the community is even in the
    title. Not all of the members of the gay rights community are homosexual.
    The name of the community also tells us what the groups interests are. So
    are you oblivious about a group of people that is working in your
    interests? You may not know other homosexuals, but that doesn’t mean it
    applies to all homosexuals. You still have your option to continue or leave
    if you are finding all of this difficult. Again… have a nice day.

  2. I know you think we are a “community” – like some sort of witches’ coven,
    or butt-fuckers guild. Truth is, the great majority of us (the great
    majority) are people with families who are trying to make the best of what
    we have been given (or allowed to have). So get off your fucking high
    horse, and let us breathe.

  3. 2. Another point I would like to make is the gay rights community is using
    the government to satisfy the desires of the homosexuals. I never said
    there was a group not worth being protected, so I don’t know who you would
    be talking about in the hypothetical situation. At the moment, we can only
    speculate about the hypothetical situation because we don’t know if the
    situation might or might not happen, and we can only speculate about who
    the oppressor would be and who the protector might be(cont)

  4. It is not an opposing view. It is the common view. Most people dislike the
    fact that gay people are being protected from discrimination and hate
    crimes. Luckily, the tide is turning. The jackboot might come for your door
    one day – and guess who’ll be there to stop them kicking it in… probably
    the very people you think it not worthwhile protecting.

  5. 3. so why would you set up a hypothetical situation filled with so many
    unknowns? I want to say this seems to be a strawman. “Luckily, the tide is
    turning.” Turning for who? Is it in favor for the gay rights community, or
    is it in favor of the conservatives? That point seems vague. I would also
    like to see something that would back up the claim of most people disliking
    gays being protected from discrimination and hate crimes. I would like to
    thank you for responding, and I will be right back.

  6. 1.No matter how common or uncommon a view is, the video was made in
    opposition to the gay rights community, so I can say it’s still an opposing
    view. It also appears you are trying to set up a hypothetical situation
    where I would be the victim and an unknown group comes to the rescue. You
    said it would be, “…probably the very people you think it not worthwhile
    protecting.” The message in the video was to point out that the gay rights
    community is using government for protection (continued)

  7. Thanks for the compliment! I am glad to hear that there are a lot of people
    that would agree with me on this topic. As I said before, my view is still
    an opposing view.

  8. 2.”So get off your f***ing high horse, and let us breathe.” You always had
    and always have the choice to have a discussion with me on this topic, so
    why are you still here if you find this difficult. If you want to
    “breathe,” you are more than welcome to leave because I am not here to
    appease anyone, so you are only making things difficult for yourself. I see
    another message to respond to, so thank you and have a nice day.

  9. 1.It appears you are just assuming I think the gay rights community is
    “some sort of witches’ coven” or “butt-f***ers guild,” so all you would
    have is just speculation at that point. I would like to remind you there
    would be people that would find your message offensive, but you don’t seem
    to care which is why you wrote it. I won’t agree or disagree with you on
    your second point, but there are people that won’t agree with you there.

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