13 Comments on “Angry Omsk residents call for Mizulina to step down”

  1. I don’t know, maybe you should re-read what I said. I don’t think I
    stuttered or made a typo anywhere, should be clear as day.

  2. You must be part of Antifa. I hope you’re proud smearing shit on public
    walls. That’s some old fashioned liberal pride right there.

  3. yea, she’s so amazing. Her region has one the highest child death rates in
    Russia, but at least she prevents them from hearing about the existence of
    gay people. /s

  4. homosexuality is a niche issue. It effects 2-3% normal or abnormal, it
    doesn’t matter. Why, oh why, in a country were 40%+ of marriages end in
    divorce (like America) and children end up in broken homes (9/10 prisoners
    in the USA come from broken homes) is Homosexuality the main morale issue?
    IA failed politician is using a red herring to get popularity…and morons
    like you fall for it.

  5. Um. People aren’t born gay. That’s been proven by identical twins, i.e.
    twins with the EXACT SAME genetic code. Gayness is something that is
    acquired from society, and the reason the trend has been growing in the
    west is because of LGBT propaganda that the youths today are bombarded
    with. Everyone learns their sexuality during adolescence.

  6. Apparently you didn’t get the point. I have never said that there were no
    other issues to tackle, nor did I even say homosexuality was the main
    issue. Maybe you should re-read what I said for the third time now.

  7. that is bad anywhere , & my poor little countery Australia is no diffrent
    it may be worse the so called leader of political parties has stopped the
    demacratis elected repesentive of an area , and replaced them with a yes
    man cel lb rat t

  8. yeah…you miss the point. An incompetent politician, of a failed region,
    riding ratings from talking about a niche issue that only effects 2-3% of
    the population (homosexuality- normal or abnormal) is silly. Broken
    families effect social change in Russia more than homosexuality…you just
    never hear about it, why- could it be because 40%+ of the population get
    divorced and addressing that would alienate people…but lets talk about
    the fags.

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