40 Comments on “Ann Coulter » Democrats ‘Dropping the Blacks and Moving On to the Hispanics’”

  1. She’s one of the many reasons why Hispanics will vote for Hillary in 2016.
    Shit will get real in 2016, wait and see.

  2. Five liberals vs Ann. Ann killed it. And yes Nicole Wallace is a liberal.
    She is a Rino who made fam and fortune by trashing Sarah Palin, an instant
    money maker in todays lame stream media.

  3. Has Ann Coulter ever been on a panel where the other panelists are like
    “yeah, she belongs here”?

  4. This is a bit off topic here but Ann Coulter has a gigantic vagina! You
    could house a family of four in that thing!

  5. why should anyone care about what ann coulter has to say?? who exactly is
    she that we should be listening?? 

  6. i think shes afraid that Hispanic Americans would conquer this country and
    return ass it was before illegal European came.

  7. democrats made alot out of sherod tape at the ncaap being out of context
    when they pull this stunt with the 47 % that dont pay taxes

  8. Didn’t I tell you Obama was winning this??? smh Romney was weak. Better off
    havin’ McCain re-run.

  9. lol and illegals cant get on welfare yet they pay sales tax buy homes pay
    rent and bills so yea I would say the give more than they take givin that
    you have to be a citizen to get on welfare. more blacks and whites on
    welfare than hispanics says alot

  10. free education for your anchors is welfare,the emergency rooms these
    illegal mexicans use is welfare it cost the taxpayers billions of dollars
    to feed and educat these illegal mexicans,this cant go on,these wetbacks
    are destroyng this nation, keep the deportationg going,they should go home
    and fight there currupt leaders in mex=shit=co

  11. Ya gotta love Ann’s tap dance routine. For, according to her conservative
    Republican logic isn’t a GOOD THING that almost half of Americans pay no
    federal income tax? (She seems to be saying it’s not.) Also, if 47% of
    Americans don’t pay taxes, then wouldn’t the assumption follow that they
    should’ve been Mitt SUPPORTERS, rather than for Obama, given that Romney &
    the Republicans want minimal or no federal tax rates on anybody.

  12. Also, a modern technological country cannot be managed by lawyers. They
    don’t understand a crap about technology, economy, science. Close minded,
    manipulative bunch. The country highest officials must be achieved doctors,
    scientists, engineers, economists, historians.

  13. The period from 1942 until the early 1970’s was known as Jim Crow, whereby
    the descendants of slavery were made to be second-class citizens. They were
    largely unable to vote, unable to organize and unable to truly create
    wealth for their descendants. Note:Blacks were a group so ostracized they
    were unable to even see criminal justice done.

    Democrats are more dangerous to Black people than any other political

  15. not the Hispanics the colonialized ppl within the America’s , but the
    Spanish and Portuguese did ….and in cased you didn’t notice 94% of the
    slave trade were in Latin America and the Caribbean …..places like Mexico
    , Puerto Rico , and Brasil was slave colonies.

  16. I don’t understand why it’s deemed as shameful in the US to take a stand
    against ILLEGAL immigration, even among Republicans. Why not just expand
    LEGAL immigration, secure the border, arrest all the illegals and throw
    them the fuck out, just as every developed country in the world does,
    except the US? Amnesty and left wing ‘immigration reform’ will only
    encourage more illegal immigration.

  17. Again…as I’ve stated time and time again. Whether you like him or
    NOT…Obama is GOING to become president of the united states of America
    once again. Republicans HAD the best candidate in Ron Paul…but they chose
    Romney who’s not a heck of a lot different than Obama. Sometimes I wonder
    if the Republicans are doing this on purpose. McCain would have made a
    decent president, but he killed it when he elected Sarah Palin as his
    running mate. Romney doesn’t seem like a strong candidate.

  18. I hate both of you California needs to abort as many Mexicans as possible
    and I hope blacks kill themselves

  19. Well Latin is an obsolete dialect that was derives from western Italy and
    was spread through the ascension of Romani (Romulus) tribes who was
    actually descended from Grecian and Turkish who’s culture ,people, and
    dialect that permeated through western Europe. At best they are an
    ethnicity based on the countries that shares a correlation due to colonized
    dialect that oppressors came from the Iberian coast like the Portuguese
    speaking Brazilians and French Canadians .

  20. Umm, no. European colonists can not be regarded as illegal immigrants what
    so ever, Native Americans had no sense of nationality, many areas of North
    America were uninhabited, many of the tribes hated each other much more
    than they hated the colonists.

  21. At about 8:30 it is mentioned that the race is a “dead heat”. If republican
    are do disappointed with Romney, then why is the race so close?

  22. The black “AMERICAN” race is becoming obsolete because they want to play
    Victim. The older generation worked for everything they have and paved a
    way for the younger generation to advance. All the younger generation wants
    to do is smoke weed and have unprotected sex. Younger black Americans think
    the world owe them something. The blacks that do get an education and work
    hard are looked down upon among younger blacks. Dr. King would roll over in
    his grave wit the way younger blacks are acting.

  23. America became one of the wealthiest countries the world has ever known.
    This occurred primarily on the back of the rest of the world’s inability to
    compete with America’s free slave labor advantage in creating everything
    from cotton in the 1700’s to steel in the 1900’s with no labor cost.

  24. @Victor Manuel man what the hell are you talking about I fucking hate obama
    and his goons especially that bitch as traitor eric holder. I just dont
    understand why people say illegals are sucking american recources when its
    proven that there are more black and white people on welfare than mexicans
    and the mexicans that are on goverment programs are legal and they are only
    15% compared to the35%blacks and30%whites. google that shit. like I said
    fuck obama and his goons. support your 2nd amendment

  25. Shortfall for funding of entitlements could be solved by… ending
    entitlements? Among other things, it’s really sad to see conservatives
    caving in on this issue to the left, when public opinion is on their side.

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