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  1. God bless and keep Anne Rice! I pray that the spirit of confusion would be
    as far from her as the east is from the west. It’s not Christianity that
    she’s stepping away from, it’s Catholicism which is a religion. You might
    as well be a Jew or Muslim because all religion is based upon your own
    works. The problem I have with Catholicism is that they exalt the Pope over
    the written word of God. Not even God in the flesh was exalted over the
    written word! The laws of God are written in every one of our hearts
    (Hebrews 10:16). If our hearts condemn us, then we won’t have faith towards
    God (1 John 3). We must confess those things that are weighing on our
    spirit to be free from the bondage that keeps us in torment and confusion.
    If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and
    cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1John 1:19). God makes clear to us
    what is sin, not to condemn us, but to set us free. I know that as a
    society, many ideas and beliefs have been ingrained in us, but remember,
    there is a way that seems right to a man, but it’s end is death (Proverbs
    14:12). My faith rests not in my ability to never sin again, but that the
    power of God’s grace and love far exceeds my sin! I don’t have to hide from
    God like Adam and Eve did in the garden, Jesus made a way for me to remain
    righteous before God. If you have any doubt that what you are doing is sin,
    confess it to God and allow Him to bring healing to your heart and mind. 

  2. Ann, I agree with you .. “Christianity” has unfortunately become a
    RELIGION,& it’s supposed to be a RELATIONSHIP between you and God..a
    PERSONAL one. Unfortunately,once humans get involved, and opinions start
    flying, it ends up dividing believers, instead of uniting us … Jesus
    himself stood up for Mary of Magdalene and told the crowd “..let he who is
    w/o sin cast the first stone…” & naturally there was NOBODY there who
    could say they themselves were perfect or sinless ..but the point here
    isn’t sin, it’s honesty, and being who you TRULY are. I just wish that
    more “Christians” would just love people, share God with others, live in
    love (as the Bible DOES SAY TO DO!) and be KIND, not so OVERLY judgemental
    about nearly every little thing. There ARE definately things that
    “Christianity” has adopted, that are not in the Bible, I’ve been on my own
    journey for a while now, getting closer to the REAL God, not the God that
    your basic “Christianity” accepts. HE is more marvelous, more accepting,
    more loving, more understanding than most human beings are, including,
    unfortunately, “Christians”! It’s a shame really, that people can’t go to
    “Christians” of all people, and tell them what’s happening in their lives
    and either get help, or just have someone there to listen…but, that
    doesn’t seem to be the way it’s gone. God is all about love, …just
    simple, pure, unconditional love …. more than we could ever imagine ….

  3. christianity is love and compassion. it bears NO resemblance to the
    hypocritical, bigoted, greed-obsessed, power-hungry farce we see today.
    it’s a swindle. i applaud ms. rice

  4. she speaks for alot of real christians, not the religion that got hijacked
    by the rich and white!

  5. i can relate to her. after 13 yrs of southern baptist & countless prayers
    for help, guidance. not one thing was revealed to me or prayers answered.
    awhile i was feared into morality & tithing. i had morals long before
    church and now after leaving, i feel so much better.

  6. Although I really haven´t enjoyed her books too much in spite of their
    popularity and my love for vampires and the undead in general, she has
    stated the same reasons why I call myself an Atheist. She shouldn´t really
    care about the backlash. She is Anne Rice and she knows what she is talking
    about. She has her reasons and so do I. No one should judge her for making
    that decision. It is only hers to make

  7. Those conservative Christians that only care about bashing gays and
    laughing at weak people should really think why thinkers and writers are
    leaving them.

  8. The right wing Christians are welcoming the end of the world…and in some
    instances, assisting in it’s arrival. Festering hatred, failure to protect
    the environment, global financial destruction and all-out war. They’ll
    destroy us all and then point to God as the reason.

  9. There is a big difference between Organized Religion and believing in God.
    She is lewaving organized religion not her faith in Christ. There is a
    difference. We must fir remeber that Jesus taught us to love one another
    even our enemies which is very hard to do. She should not give uo her faith
    WHICH I DO NOT THINK SHE’S DOING. But she is right to leave organizations
    claiming to follow Jesus and yet, preaching Hate.

  10. i have no problem with god even though i don’t really believe in one. i
    have problem with any religion who proclaim they are the voice of god.

  11. Thank GOD she is seeing the truth. Religion should not be put on a
    pedestal. It’s flawed and is as guilty as the next thing. It makes people
    (at least subconsciously) judge others, people can take certain biblical
    events literally, people get selective about what is ‘right/wrong’, against
    condoms, etc.

  12. I was waiting for her to comment on I Cor. 6:9. You cannot please everybody
    and surely the Church does not exist to do such a thing. Jesus Christ would
    not have been crucified and John 6:66 would not have happened had His main
    mission been to please everybody. I do not find the establishment of Church
    buildings in the Bible, but that is not enough reason for me to leave

  13. if some people are doubting their religion. pleas watch the video called
    “do you actually believe in chrisitianity”

  14. She is a really intelligent woman. Forever a fan…and now even more so
    being a progressive christian.

  15. Listen to her carefully. When she states, “What is the authentic message of
    Christ for us? He (Jesus) put us here 2,000 since past since He died on
    Golgatha since He rose from the dead…” Essentially she’s walking away
    from the complex religious interpretations of Christianity, but she has not
    walked away from her personal spirituality & relationship with Christ. She
    doesn’t want to be associated with Churches that kicks out Homosexuals from
    their congregation.

  16. More money in Writing about vampires….Something’s got you..some would say
    you are possessed to go against certain things… they’re also no mention
    of woman’s right to vote in the bible either……good luck…

  17. I almost wish I were not saying this, but I feel I must. During the time
    she was re-embracing the church (in her public appearances) she seemed
    overly subdued, almost depressive.. Now it seems as if we have the old Anne
    back again. Fired up. Active. Dare I say we may be seeing the result of
    manic-depression? Did anyone see the notes she had in her personal bible?
    The wild public displays? Bi-polars often have periods when they are
    hyper-religious. Just an opinion.

  18. The title should read “Anne Rice Quits ORGANIZED Christianity.” She’s still
    very much a Christian and maybe moreso than most since she is trying to
    follow the teachings of scripture rather than myriad layers of human
    interpretation based on them.

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