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  1. Why is it that everyone in America HAS to accept on thing or another? Like
    we HAVE to accept that gay marriage is a sin and should be illegal. Yet you
    should really just let homosexuals get married. Because if anyone should
    force humanity to accept their religious beliefs, it’s Jesus. So stop being
    so militant and just tolerate it. There is a HUGE difference between
    acceptance and tolerance. It appears everybody has crossed the line between
    the two, and are now in acceptance territory. Where everyone is saying that
    we HAVE to accept Christian beliefs. Or we HAVE to accept homosexual
    rights. Yet we don’t have to accept anything we don’t like. We have to just
    tolerate it.

    Plus every time a Christian tells their beliefs to a homosexual or somebody
    who is isn’t anti-gay. They’re all like “You’re discriminating me with your
    Christian beliefs you homophobic bigot!” Yet Christians are allowed to
    speak their beliefs. These gay rights and homosexuals themselves need to
    simmer down now. Because they’re overreacting and it’s kind of tragic. Plus
    I also want to scream obscenities into a pillow due to these militant
    individuals that believe that we all have to accept their rights and if we
    speak our minds. We get punished for it.

    It’s just bat shit crazy this world is now. I guess this is what the 21st
    century is going to be like. I’m all for gay rights, gay marriage and
    equality for all. Yet when I see that Christians are being punished by the
    courts for not serving a homosexual customer or just speaking their
    beliefs, example Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, everyone else is
    treating us as bigots. I’m a Christian and I want to see equality for all
    in the United States. Like it should be done. But as of right now I don’t I
    want equality the way things are going right now. Do what bronies practice,
    love and tolerate. That is all you should be able to do. Instead of forcing
    it down our throats.

  2. calling every anti gay xian a closeted homosexual is as retarded as calling
    every anti islam xian a closeted muslim

  3. He’s probably right about Martin Luther King, because King was a
    conservative christian. He was for rights for black males, but probably was
    against women and LBGT having rights. 

  4. Invoking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. against gay rights is idiotic due to
    the fact that Dr. King was mentored by an openly gay civil rights activist
    who had experience in organizing long before king; Bayard Rustin.
    Unscrupulous politicians even tried to blackmail Dr. King by threatening
    to claim that Bayard and he were lovers.

  5. “God says sodomy & abortion are wrong, & the Supreme Court can’t change

    This is a perfect example of how ignorant Christians are on this subject.
    The Supreme Court has been changing it. They are going to do a hell of a
    lot more
    by the time it is all said, and done. That is good.

  6. Dr. MLK is probably rolling in his grave over this non-sense. That guy is
    worried about gays “tainting” the sanctity of his marriage? What about
    those people who get married multiple times, or get married for 2 months or
    the 50% of marriages that have ended in divorce?

  7. Why are they so against something that has no impact on their lives? Why
    aren’t they picketing Red Lobster? Eating shellfish is an abomination too!
    Why do they support gun rights and the death penalty? The big Christian
    book of rules says “Thou shall not kill” and ” turn the other cheek”.

    Rationalizing with people who have this contradictory belief system is

  8. It’s disgusting that people spend time to hate on gay marriage. It doesn’t
    effect them. We don’t hate on straight marriage. Love is love. There’s no
    hate when it comes to love nor should there be. Also to say that MLK would
    be against marriage equality is ignorant. They have no idea how he would
    feel about it so they shouldn’t voice it for him.

  9. The bable states if you work on sunday, must be put to death. Are these
    Westboro fucking whackos going to be raiding restaurants and businesses on
    sundays next, calling for death or stonings? Submitting wives to lie
    detectors, accused of giving their hubbies head?

  10. Pure fundamental christian vileness and ignorance.. thats bascily sums up
    anti gay marriage and anti abortion groups.

  11. Marriage Equality is now legal in the northern Southern Red State of
    Indiana for a limited time only of course. Get hitched while you can before
    the GOP buys a judge to block it.

  12. what do you expect from the homophobes they know they have lost and are
    doing what ever they can to try and look big and important. 

  13. last gasps of the bigots who can’t fathom that society has determined they
    have been senselessly wrong to oppress people for their sexual preferences

  14. It is really sad when you have to protest against how other people live
    their lives, the amount of time they spend could actually be used to help
    people rather than hating. World would be better off…

  15. In America, people are free, just let them love and marry who they want…
    What’s the big deal? How does it affect anyone else’s lives if gay people
    married? It doesn’t! Live happily and treat “EVERYONE” with the same
    kindness and respect you expect in return……..

  16. “Saying that a homosexual marriage is in any way equal to mine is insulting
    to me blah blah blah.” So this is what the “noble crusade” comes down to,
    the adult equivalent of schoolyard bully smashing other peoples thing so he
    is the only one who can have fun.

  17. One of the biggest Christian charlatan Evangelists on the West Coast, Greg
    Laurie, was mentored into his holier-than-thou character by a known gay
    Christian, Lonnie Frisbee. How did the loving Christian Greg Laurie repay
    Mr. Frisbee? By ostracising him and casting him away from his own ministry.

    Now Greg Laurie runs a megachurch in Riverside, Ca., and is a
    multi-millionaire….all thanks to the mentoring of a gay man that didn’t
    judge him. Modern Christian hypocrisy at it’s finest!

  18. You guys should check out NOM’s facebook, half the comments are actually
    pro gay people. It’s getting insane there.

  19. homosexuals are the abominations? The people who are really disgraces (is
    that a word?) to society are the homophobes who attack (physically and
    verbally) other decent human beings just for having a different sexual

  20. Trust me I am a old gay and that ass hole is gay gay gay trust me. Guys
    like that must HATE THAR SELF 

  21. I honestly wish we could bring back MLK Jr. from the dead. Some people just
    don’t understand: he wasn’t for black rights, he was for CIVIL RIGHTS. MLK
    would have the same view on homophobia as he did on racism: it’s pathetic
    and intolerable. 

  22. Im sick of the argument that homophobes are just closeted homosexuals. It
    just shifts the blame for it onto gay people themselves

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