33 Comments on “Another Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Student”

  1. You treat EVERY gun as if it loaded and go the the appropriate checks EVERY
    TIME, even if you just checked it and put it down, pick it up again you
    check it. As an instructor he should be well aware of this.

  2. My problem with the coverage of this story is the reason for the discharge
    was never revealed. You’ve left it ambiguous as to whether the cause of the
    discharge was preventable or somewhat of a freak accident.

  3. oh?…is it a machine for planting seed? a mixing machine? what? I’m sure
    it’s your ignorance which is astounding. Perhaps you think it’s a sense of
    humour machine?….

  4. I’d never shoot someone by accident because I don’t fondle the trigger. The
    trigger isn’t a damned finger rest.

  5. Most “Accidental” discharges are in fact “negligent’ considering it’s due
    to user error and not actual mechanical malfunction. With modern handgun
    technology, keep your finger off the trigger and it won’t fire… I’ve
    disassembled an M-14 and many other rifles so don’t try to throw that
    around like it means anything, and it’s a bit disturbing that you actually
    have any kind of firearm knowledge and are still trying to argue that
    carrying a gun with an empty chamber is in any way a good idea.

  6. You still believe there is a difference between the 2 parties when results
    are the same: expansion of the state resulting in more debt, more wars,
    more loss of personal liberties. Study psychopathy/sociopathy & NPD
    (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) & you will learn these people lack a
    conscience & naturally ascend to high political & corporate positions
    because that is where they can control the most. Look up the study on
    “Democide” done by U of Hawaii.

  7. Surgery can be done under involuntary circumstances provided certain other
    conditions are met. Police have that power because as a planet, we have
    authorized them to do so. This is not accidental. “Cops get away with
    illegal stuff all the time”. That’s irrelevant to your main point of moral
    absolutes. That (insert profession) does (insert illegal thing) means
    (profession) shouldn’t exist. Doctors. Malpractice. No more doctors.
    Plumbers. Fraud. No more plumbers.

  8. And are you saying the standard rule of Gun Safety is NOT Cleared and
    Secured? That would really be a stupid thing to say.

  9. I’m only saying that I hope you go to that beloved “heaven” of yours as
    soon as possible, gun-nut. That’s not hateful–according to your beliefs.

  10. Old fashioned revolvers only put 5 rounds in the chamber because the guns
    were relatively primitive and if something hit the hammer it could go off
    without pulling the trigger. Most modern firearms are practically
    impossible to go off without pulling the trigger.

  11. Buddy of mine shot a gun once in his life! shot the guy raping his 13 year
    old sister. People like you put him in prison for life.

  12. You’re asking me to put on blinkers, not think critically. “Is it immoral
    to… if that person isn’t hurting anyone?” Yes. That’s why Police aren’t
    allowed to do that. Like the surgeon, conditions must be met. It’s not just
    because he’s “wearing gloves”. Surgeons are allowed to do things I don’t do
    in the street because certain conditions are met. It is still illegal for a
    surgeon, or policeman to draw blood for fun.

  13. its uneducated people like you that honestly scare me. its people like you
    that i would not trust with a weapon…..or a butter knife for that

  14. Gun safety class, with bullets… the fuck?? When handling firearms I
    always thought the number one rule is that they are NEVER POINTED AT ANYONE.

  15. Explain to me again then why women who try to use our guns to defend
    ourselves are constantly being arrested for doing so?

  16. It’s an amusing story, but no, it is not typical for in safety training
    exercise to use a loaded weapon with the safety off. This guy is
    incompetent. I’m actually a bit surprised that they even used a real
    weapon. Even when I was in the Marine Corps we used dummy rifles or other
    safety measures for certain types of training.

  17. it was too. mebbe you should buy yourself some sense of humour instead of a
    killing machine. Hope you dont shoot your butt off.

  18. I am not an US-citizen, but I suggest you do your fellow Americans a favour
    and shoot yourself.

  19. I’ve lived everywhere from the US to the UK, to the Middle East. I’ve had
    experiences with violent drunks, violent racists, and criminals. In all
    cases throughout the UK and Middle East, those people were unarmed. If
    those drunks and racists had firearms, my safety would not be improved.
    Those drunks and racists tend not to be otherwise criminals.

  20. if you didn’t watch the videos or listen to the pod cast or listen to the
    radio show then you can’t really say much.

  21. Both “gangs” are comprised of sociopaths (more proof you can’t “fix” it by
    voting) but the size of the street gang is infintesimal compared to the
    state gang and the street gang isn’t responsible for murdering 260+ MILLION
    people in the last century and continuing in this century so I would hardly
    say they are the “exact same thing.” Also, the street gang doesn’t have a
    legal monopoly on the inititiation of violence like the state does.
    Gerrymandering is done by both “sides.”

  22. True that, but it is extremely rare with modern trigger mechanisms because
    machining tolerances are a lot tighter and the hammer and the sear are much
    less likely to slip. Plus now virtually every manufacturer has at least 3
    lb trigger pulls to avoid lawsuits which makes it nearly impossible for a
    gun to discharge on its own even if it is dropped or bumped. Most truly
    accidental discharges I would guess are a result of lots of people
    tinkering with their trigger assembly to reduce trigger pull

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