3 Comments on “Anti-Gay Bill: Uganda will not accept dictates from the West”

  1. “Uganda will not accept dictates from the West…”
    If only you were not so incredibly stupid that you once again tear down the
    freedom of your own people just to feed a little greed in your own
    campaign… but no.
    Isn’t this why the whole continent looks the way it does..? Let’s pretend
    that homosexuality is some kind of problem and NOT concentrate on the real
    issues. Uneducated as they are they keep proving racists right, and it
    breaks my heart.

  2. Fool,by signing this bill,you are going to war against 10% of your own
    people.You are denying human rights to members of your own families.You
    are denying the chance of gay people to find the love of their life and to
    be happy like straight people.
    You should be ashamed that the only reason you are signing this bill is to
    kowtow to the religious bigots so they will vote for you in the next
    By claiming that you wanted proof that gay people are natural and then
    signing the bill anyways you show the world just how big a hypocrite you
    Even your imaginary god must be shocked to discover political expediency
    trumps human rights.
    In the future you will discover that the rest of the world has a long
    memory.Your encouragement and abetting of this and other crimes against
    your own people put you on a list where you will be arrested and brought to
    account for the evil you support against gay people.The World Court awaits
    In the meantime,many countries around the world are reconsidering their aid
    policies and Uganda will lose out to other nations that respect human
    rights for all their citizens.
    Shame on you fool.All religions are evil scams and all gods are false.
    It is sickening that you permit religious superstition and ignorance to
    destroy such a beautiful country in this way.
    Thank you NTV,I will continue to watch your channel.

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