40 Comments on “Anti-Gay Christian Struggles to Defend Anti-Gay Discrimination”

  1. I don’t think we should force private citizens to do something against
    their personal religious beliefs. They have the right to deny service if
    they disagree with gay marriage on moral grounds. Plus why would you want
    someone to photograph your wedding if they are against it? That is why the
    free market is such a useful concept in situations like this. Religious
    freedom goes both ways.

  2. The thing in the debate I do understand is why would a gay couple want to
    hire a homophobic photographer or baker for their wedding. 

  3. People don’t “come out” as Black or Jew. These false parallels are tired.
    As the man said, race and sexual orientation are fundamentally different.
    If you can’t grasp that, there’s no sense in even having this conversation.

  4. You think it’s okay to use violence against people because they don’t want
    to do business with a group of people?

  5. When the government FORCES you to provide service to an unwanted client,
    it’s time to fight these liberal fucks

  6. These type of christians are such vile hypocrits. They dont have any good

    Religion should never ever have any special rights.

  7. It’s just AMAZING to me that this is even being debated in a HEARING!! It’s
    NEVER ok to discriminate, even if you’re Jesus fucking CHRIST! Yet these
    hysterical, whining religious zealots actually think they have a valid
    argument, that they have a ‘right’ to discriminate if their discrimination
    is based on something biblical. If these laws pass, it’s going to open the
    door for ANYONE to whine about their ‘right’ to discriminate based on any
    stupid deeply held belief. It’s OUTRAGEOUS!

  8. Just curious who impaneled this hearing? How much does it cost taxpayers?
    While we are at it, how much did each of the “repeal of Obama care” cost? I
    believe there were 16 to date. Why is there no congressional hearings about
    idiots walking around with loaded assault rifles or the constant school

  9. All this theatre leads to persecution of Christians… baby steps. The word
    written thousands of years ago tell us homosexuality is a sin..But you guys
    want to change God’s Laws to fit your needs.. when a nation turns it’s back
    and removes God from all sectors of society.. like America… HOUSTON WE
    HAVE A PROBLEM… God is so wonderful, his grace and Love is Eternal… We
    were a blessed nation.. NOW Look around…the american dream is no more…
    The Bible tells us over and over again…whenever nation turns its back on
    him HE sends an enemy to RULE OVER THEM…any idea who this might be anyone
    anyone… Now people will mock me but refuse to even knowledge the truth?
    Revelation 18 for those that truly want to know .. America is Babylon… I
    say this with Love cause I hate no one.. this is a spiritual battle for
    your soul… if you turn to Jesus with open heart and ask him to show you
    the truth. well lets just say the truth will set you free.. Jesus said in
    last days there be signs in the heavens, sun, moon and stars… the sea
    roaring and tossing.. .people will faint from fear and terror..bible
    verse.. Luke 21:25-28…please read it and know he is God… 

  10. At the end of the day, Jesus would not forbid you from offering your
    business to gays, even if homosexuality was a sin, which it isn’t. It would
    be just like Christians refusing service to Hindus and Muslims because they
    don’t recognize Jesus as Lord… how ignorant would that be!

  11. Some points I’d like to share:

    1) I have met no gay man or woman — and I’ve met & talked to hundreds —
    who has admitted that they chose to become gay. The idea is absurd. I
    realized I was gay when I was very young, on my own and with no external
    influence whatsoever. Think about it: if being gay meant social & familial
    rejection & discrimination, why would anyone choose to be gay?

    2) Freedom of religion does not in any way give anybody the right to impose
    one’s own religious beliefs on others. And, there is separation of Church &
    State. Enough said.

  12. I don’t understand this line of argument. A freelance worker has a right to
    not take a job, and the suffer the consequences. Are these photographers
    working for a firm that assign them to gay weddings and then refuse to do
    the work? It seems hypothetical. Refusing to serve someone in restaurant is
    clear discrimination, but a freelance photographer cannot be made to take a
    job, no reason required.

  13. On a side note, why are religious freaks so obsessed with me and my kind? I
    know we’re a fascinating group…BUT DAMN! The US has about the biggest
    obesity problem in the world. Does the Bible not say say gluttony is a
    sin?! One of the seven deadly ones at that! Oh, I forgot as long as it
    makes THEM feel good or superior or the good kind of “other”. God, if you
    do exist, I have one request: HURRY THE FUCK UP WITH THE RAPTURE. I’m tired
    of sharing the world with people who don’t wanna share it with me.

  14. Basically because gays aren’t including straight Christians in their fun
    hot gay sex waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa

    It’s always them fucking CHRISTIANSSSSSSSSSSS
    Plotting and scheming, lying to everyone, caught loading a gun at a bank
    and then whining when they are caught before they can slaughter everyone.
    Worse then TV jews.

  16. Hear me out, i have nothing against gay people. But It would be different
    because I’m pretty fucking sure any idiot can read the bible and SEE that
    the union of same sex marriage is ‘wrong’ and no where in the bible does it
    say that being black is wrong. So it does go against her religion

  17. I really wish people would stop always comparing the gay struggle to the
    black struggle. I say this as a gay black male myself. It’s kind of beating
    a dead horse at this point. Yes there are many similarities but there are
    also many differences that separate them to the point where gay rights does
    not have to be in the shadow of another movement. Can we come up with
    another comparison please?

  18. Don’t people generally get a photographer or baker they like and have done
    business with before for a very important event (perhaps the most important
    event in their lives?

    The people who sued the bakers and the photographers were activists! They
    wanted to raise awareness or make trouble (depending on your point of view).

    And they did! Both!

  19. “there isn’t a good reason to discriminate gay people” Yes there is, gays
    aren’t trying to take straight women away from their boy friend or husband,
    or trying to take straight men away from their wife or girlfriend, and
    lesbians aren’t haveing sex with straight women or gays aren’t haveing sex
    with straight guys. Because gay marriage will make the churches more
    money, than they do from just straight marriages and we can’t ever have

  20. This issue is a violation of the 13th amendment which prohibits involuntary

  21. It goes to show the utter dishonesty of Christians (and religious people in
    As said in the video, the *real* reason why they want to discriminate
    against gay people is because they interpret the Bible in that way, and
    they want to impose their Biblical beliefs via legislation, and everybody
    knows that. However, instead of being truthful and forthcoming about it,
    they try to hide it and come up with some secular reasons why they should
    have this right. They are lying by omission, trying to give the impression
    that the reason they are doing it is secular, which is completely untrue.
    Of course as brilliantly shown in this hearing, this ends up being a
    situation where Christians demand special treatment before the law. They
    want an exemption to be made just for them. They want their religious
    beliefs to be treated differently from other people’s religious beliefs.
    They feel entitled to this special treatment, over every other religious or
    philosophical movement.

  22. Nothing says Christian love quite like intolerance, fear, hatred, and

  23. Religious freedom = freedom to be controlled …you all pray to a reptilian
    and they control humanity the head lizard is named Draco so yall praise

  24. How about refusing service to someone because you don’t like them. You
    don’t have to elaborate on what you don’t like.

  25. Lol Mat Staver is lame. He is called to testify before the US congress,
    that’s not a discussion he is having with is brother in law. He is supposed
    to prepare his testimony thoroughly. And yet he is not able to pull out a
    single argumet for his case.

    Not what if i’m an Aztec, thus my religion orders me to sacrifice children
    for the god Tezcatlipoca on the top of the Pyramid of the Moon. Then the
    FBI (or its mexican counterpart) prevents me for doing that. Should I plead
    infringement of religious freedom ? 

  26. It’s funny reading all these right-wing – tea-vangelical comments. They
    have nothing better to do but try and prove their single-minded bigotry
    towards others.

  27. Why won’t the right just admit that they are racist xenophobic fucks? The
    right doesn’t like diversity. They don’t want people who speak
    differently. They don’t want people who worship differently, (which would
    be powder keg if they weren’t unified in hatred towards muslims). They
    look for reasons to marginalize those outside what they perceive as the
    mainstream. Why don’t they just admit these things so we can have open

  28. I don’t care what religion you aware, where you come from, the colour of
    your skin or your sexuality. This discussion shouldn’t even be happening.

    There should be no right to discriminate against any group of people based
    on what you “believe”. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

  29. The answer to this ‘debate’ is already established. IF you decide to open
    a public place of business, then you are agreeing to adhere to all of the
    laws of the state you are in, regarding that business. And
    anti-discrimination laws ALREADY exist that make it illegal to discriminate
    based on religion. That works both ways.. you cannot deny service to
    someone based on their religion OR your religion.

  30. It certainly is interesting. Should people have the freedom to
    discriminate? The difference between anarchy and freedom is “Anything goes”
    and “Everyone’s rights protected by law”. So what happens when one persons
    rights infringes on anothers?In this case they use the “Religious Freedom”
    point but “The state shall make no law”. Still. “You have to take this and
    that assignment”???

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