35 Comments on “Anti-Gay Christians Will Protest & Boycott Dallas Cowboys for Gay Michael Sam Signing”

  1. See, as bad as Texas is, Dallas is one of the few areas that actually
    doesn’t care about sexuality that much.

  2. The NFL players they SHOULD be protesting are all those ones who dare to
    eat shellfish and work on the sabbath. They’re the one’s who are
    contributing to the downfall of society. The Ten Commandments strictly
    forbids working on the sabbath, which means it’s more important that not
    being gay. I put homosexuality on about the same level as wearing two
    types of fabric. Yes, it’s an abomination, but not on the level of eating
    shellfish and working on the sabbath. 

  3. Here is my idea; Dig a great big hole. Fill it with lions. Cover up the
    hole with twigs. Put a sign up with an arrow pointing to the other side of
    have some pigs roasting so the smell lures them in..

  4. David, Christians are so worked up about gays because they can’t protest
    all of the other “sins”. And they can’t because they’d be protesting their

  5. I’m happy he got signed. Why don’t the Christians go fight a real battle
    like homelessness and hunger? Isn’t that what your tax free playhouses are
    for? They’re too busy worrying about this man’s penis :-/ It seems to me
    like these religious organizations need to be thoroughly investigated for
    their use of funds.

  6. Remember folks, we’re only talking about an “openly” gay player. If the
    christians knew how many actual gays there are in the NFL, they’d have to
    take up soccer. Then they’d have to boycott that after they find out about
    how overrun it is with gays, then they’d move on to rugby…and so on until
    they boycott all sports, all entertainment, and all life. 

  7. So let me get this straight, the fundies feel that they must protect
    Christian values in a country that is by it’s own consitution is a secular
    one and not to mention by the current public majority of it’s people are
    actually Protestant or a sub-sect/variation of Protestantism (about 40 to
    45%, and a mere 5% to 7% or so are actual Christian and or Catholic)..
    since after 1057 AD the once “unified” Christian church split into the
    Orthodox Christian church, Roman Catholsim and eventually split a third
    time with the creation of the Protestant church.. sure they still practice
    Christianity in the sense that they all claim to follow the teachings of
    Jesus but the rules, accepted books, requirements, ect. differ from each
    other and differ even further with each sub-sect of those three and each
    will happily tell you that their church and sub-sect is the true church of
    Christ and the others are not. 

  8. Religious types in general are usually a waste of time. Yet, American
    Christians take things to such heights of stupidity that they force people
    to stop and say, `Hey! Look here dumbasses. Y`all are beyond stupid. Shut
    the fuck up!`

  9. *Hate is real Christian values.* However they are not practicing hate
    properly and are confused and are not following what the Jewish god of
    Abraham demands as well as his alleged son Jesus. The following is the
    proper way to hate.
    Jesus in *Luke **14:26*
    *”If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and
    children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person
    cannot be my disciple.*

    The invisible Jewish god of Abraham that Jews, Christians and Muslims
    *Matthew **10:34**, 35, 35 Not Peace, but a Sword*

    *34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not
    come to bring peace, but a sword.*

    *35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against
    her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.*

    *36 And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.*

    They need to start hating themselves and family before they hate football
    players on a practice squad.
    They need to follow the bible as is written.

  10. David, I really like you in general, but you’ve made a false equivalent in
    this video. I don’t think Christians should protest Michael Sam, it’s
    stupid. But… they are protesting a team because they are signing someone
    who we all already know has some behavior or background that the christians
    deem evil or unfitting. very rarely would we see teams publicly say they
    are signing an ex-convict, or murderer, or admitted violent offender. I
    mean, yeah it happens sometimes, but people do get pissed. It’s the idea
    that a team would sign a new player who is known to have some alleged bad
    trait. Once again, I don’t think it is right to protest, but it is not
    equivalent to the comparison you make in this particular video.

  11. A belief is not a solid fact. To try to tell others how to live because
    your beliefs dictate it is about as close to being certifiably crazy as you
    can get. Anyone that tells someone that they should or shouldn’t do
    something because of a religious belief should lose all credibility at that
    point. I’m a Christian and that’s how I feel about this. I think it’s just
    plain common sense.

  12. Love those Christian values of breeding hate, using time, money and energy
    on things like this than to do something really Christian like helping
    someone else. Isn’t being Godly supposed to be to love thy neighbor and
    teach tolerance? If there is a hell, these self serving lunatics will find
    that if there is a God, and a big IF, he would be appauled at the church of

  13. He shouldnt have come out, i get what he was trying to do but it seems like
    he cant get a fair chance anywhere. He was leading the league in sacks at
    one point this season.

  14. I’m all for protesting the Dallas Cowboys….. BECAUSE THEY FUCKING SUCK as
    an organization!! I’m a cowboys fan and don’t give a shit about someone’s
    sex partner. Protest the idiot owner gm president of the team which is all
    one man Jerry Jones. This young man was only signed for publicity by the
    egomaniac jerry jones. 

  15. I seem to recall Jesus hanging out with sinners, and making a point of
    being kind to them. He washed prostitutes feet, he ate with tax
    collectors, among other things. Christians are so out of touch with their
    bible, and so in touch with fox news it’s sickening. 

  16. Fair warning: “COHERENT APOLOGIST” is a known troll that haunts these
    videos like a bad smell. If you respond to him you’re only giving him what
    he wants. Blocking and moving on is the best policy IMO

  17. Who gives a shit. They can protest whatever they want, just like liberals
    can protest shit like Chic-Fil-A and boycott Enders Game. I’m so sick of
    dimwitted liberals and conservatives.

  18. They’re just jealous because he can be open about his preference of gay sex
    while they have to keep it secret. 

  19. The Wise get wiser by wisely using time that Fools use foolishly…@The
    Radical Liberal/facebook

  20. I think it’s even worse for children to make them Cowboy fans, I mean,
    setting them up for disappointment every year but the team is not bad
    enough to write them off completely.

  21. Hahahaha, keep cry’n chri$tian$, it’s fun stuff. Them gays arent gunna
    stop eating cock and god is imaginary, so…..

  22. This is the sort of thing that radical muslims preach. I wonder if there is
    a potentially dangerous Christian version of sharia law that radical
    christians want to implement in the United States

  23. Statistically speaking the odds are that there has already been gay players
    in the NFL. Michael Sam is just openly gay. 

  24. *1 Samuel 15:3* God orders the Israelites to completely slaughter
    the Amalekites…including children, infants, and babies.
    *Hosea **13:16* God threatens to rip open the pregnant women of
    the Samaritan’s as part of a whole campaign to punish them for not obeying
    *2 Samuel **12:11**-12* God orders King David’s wives’ to be raped in a
    public square to “punish” David for the death of his General Uriah.

    Here we have just three of literally hundreds of examples of this deities
    cruel and vicious nature towards mankind. You would have to be an abject
    slave to praise and worship this monster. Fuck those brain washed
    protesters that would and will turn a blind eye to all of Gods atrocities
    and crimes against humanity just to go to heaven. They disgust me.

  25. Here is a fact, no one outside of the media cares about Michael Sam or his
    sexuality. The media is drumming up a made up story. People, especially
    those on the team only care if he can produce and help them win. Yes there
    will be a few extreme cases for a select few people but as a whole no one
    cares, stop giving this bum attention (and I say bum as in he is not a good

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