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  1. Shall I go on – Acts 10:42 – He commanded us to proclaim him to the people,
    and affirm that he is the one designated by God as Judge of the living and
    the dead. Rom 2:1-You have no defense, then whoever you cam be, when you
    sit in judgement, for in judging other you condemn yourself… Rom 3:23-For
    all alike have sinned, and are justified by God’s free Grace… Rom
    14:13-Let us therefore cease judging one another, but make up our mind to
    place no obstaicle in a fellow Christians way…

  2. Wow, delusional much? Math 6:1 – Be careful not to parade your religion
    before others, if you do, no reward awaits you… Math 23:13 –
    Alas…scribes & Pharasees, hypocrites! You shut the door to the Kingdom of
    Heaven in people’s face; you do not enter yourselves… Luke 6:37-Do not
    judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will not be
    condemned, pardon and you will be pardoned…

  3. I’d want our kids, if we had any, to go to see the santorum BUT one of the
    dads would have to be allowed to attend. Kids need to hear the santorum’s
    Hate Speak but ONLY with parental guidance.

  4. Speaking of churches for gay rights, the episcopal church has a gay bishop.
    This has caused a sort of purging of bigots with in the church- they left
    because they were offended by the fact that people are sometimes gay. Now
    the church is still having small internal battles, but gay marriage is
    simply marriage for us episcopalians now.

  5. Why not? They should get the right, regardless of what else is going on.
    It’s important, people are talking about it. What does it matter what else
    is going on? Businesses will still be running, government will still keep
    talking out their ass, now’s as good a time as any.

  6. However, seeing as it’s a Human right to marry does it matter? Just
    because, “it won’t fix our problems” doesn’t meant we don’t get someone
    something they deserve. Getting rid of slavery actually hurt the owners in
    the end because they lost money by having to pay workers instead of having
    people do it for free. However, it’s their right as Humans to be free and
    live a good life. It’s the LGBT Human rights to love and marry those they

  7. David doesn’t talks about Gays, he talks about the idiotic bible thumpers
    that are against equal rights.

  8. Why not post something positive about marriage equality instead of jumping
    on the anti gay folk – when you coax people out of there comfort zone they
    need reassurance

  9. But their religious texts do tell them how to think, what to do with their
    lives, and what ideologies to force on others. Theist are either
    fundamentialist or have no valid reason to be a theist, but one can hardly
    force a theist to not follow their dumbass religion and do others ill.
    Unless, or course, you make their actions illegal but then they cry about
    not having the right to oppress others.

  10. Thats what i say if it doesnt affect other people who gives a shit? srry
    just forgot about republicans ego for a second there i guess it hurts that

  11. He hates pedophiles like any one who is sane as they hurt children. You do
    know most pedophiles are strait don’t you. Only in the fevered imagination
    of the blindly ignorant does pedophilia hurt the cause of gay rights.

  12. Equal Rights was an issue in 2000 and the issues presented by a poor
    economy is no excuse not to deal with it.

  13. “…and, although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice
    such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give
    hearty approval to those who practice them,” (Rom. 1:32).

  14. Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God
    Himself upon those who commit it – and support it. This judgment is simple
    in that those who practice it are given over to their passions – which
    means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins.

  15. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. Talking about it, and talking
    about it often are ways to ensure it happens as quickly possible.

  16. John 3:16. Any church that approves of gay marriage or homosexuality is not
    a church of Christ. show me any verse that says having gay sex is approved?
    any verse. and please leave out (love thy neighbor) and please put your
    verse in context please. ANYONE ANYONE

  17. Corey Feldman exposed the pedophile industry of Hollywood. Their films have
    had a profound impact on America’s acceptance of homosexuality as morally

  18. RE: “…there are more important things today…” There is no such thing as
    ‘gay rights’. There is only HUMAN rights and there is nothing more
    important today or any other day than human rights! Human rights is not the
    only important thing today. So is the national debt. I think we can handle
    more than one important thing at a time. Don’t you? After all, this is
    America! XD

  19. Yes, I will agree with you on that. I didn’t care for him at all. He often
    presented a terrible testimony; but because he stood upon a pulpit, people,
    as a whole, were none the wiser.

  20. i dont watch fax, and even if i did it would probobly be more intertaining
    the lies from CNN and the lies from MSNBCrap David pakman is no defferent
    then CNN and MSNBC, he is just like all the othe youtubes who claim to be
    different, but yet they sound exactly like CNN and MSNBC

  21. There is a church in Fairbanks, AK that supports gays. I don’t go though
    since I don’t believe in religion.

  22. If your Bible and God are bigoted and homophopic (which they are and more),
    it follows that those who follow it are also. Hell, your “God” was created
    by men who were bigots, racists, homophobes and women haters . Your Bible’s
    “traditional” marriage in which women are property wouldn’t fly in today’s
    society. Of course, there is no reason why marriage should follow your
    particular religion or god’s ideas on the matter regardless. MY God (the
    true God) is perfectly fine with same sex marriage.

  23. To be honest I can not say there is no God,that being said I think “holy
    books”is fantasy since the John the Baptist secluded himself in a cave.It
    is a proven fact food and sleep deprivation can cause someone to go
    (insane) I think he was in the cave for more then five years eating very
    little and drinking very little.The brain for compensation protects itself
    by limiting oxygen to the brain.If you can imagine this ,lock yourself in a
    room with the bare necessity to survive,you could throw cont.

  24. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. In many ways he was a good man who was
    merely misdirected by his own personal prejudices. As we all are.

  25. Conservative Democrats filibustered the civil rights act. It has always
    been conservatives that have stood in the way of social change, it is their
    very nature no matter what party they are in. You live in a fact free world
    and make claims that are not recognized as true by anyone that knows
    anything. Gay people are not sick and not amount of ignorant blather from
    know nothings like you will change that. You are on the wrong side of
    history and that is a very good thing.

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