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  1. I still cant help but feel that you are bashing your head against the wall
    with this guy, David. I understand entirely your willingness to appear on
    his show after he was on yours, but sometimes its more appropiate to
    dispense with niceties and not flatter this guy by giving him your time and
    attention on an obviously bigoted position. Maybe Im wrong, but in this
    case I doubt it.

  2. Homophobes hate being called homophobes. Bigots hate being called bigots.
    “Don’t be intolerant of my intolerance.” That’s basically what they’re
    saying. Brown like to present himself as the “good Christian” who wouldn’t
    wish harm on anyone, even The Gays. Yet he writes and says things that are
    very harmful to gay people. In the Christian Post he wrote an article
    entitled: “No One is Born Gay; No One.” How does he know that no one is
    born gay? He just does. He says, “…the fact is that there is simply no
    reputable scientific evidence that anyone is born gay.” There’s also no
    scientific proof that God exists Michael yet you not only believe in God,
    you want laws and public policy to reflect your interpretation of the

  3. The term homophobe is a total misnomer. Fear elicits specific physical and
    emotional reactions. Nobody becomes “afraid” of homosexuals because they
    believe marriage is between one man and one woman. The physical and
    emotional response of true fear (the type when being robbed at gun point,
    or driving head-on into an 18 wheeler), has never been experienced by
    someone that’s even truly hateful of homosexuals. The term homophobe is
    designed to place homosexuality beyond reproach in public discourse.

  4. David Pakman is the typical jewish “Talmudic” supremacist. READ: “Jewish
    Supremacism” by Dr. David Duke, the pdf is online. (READ all his books,
    especially his latest “The Secret behind Communism”)

  5. Lol, Dr. Brown hands Pakturds ass to him.
    Pakturd keeps saying “I’m not a dictionary”.
    Lol, he just uses words he can’t define and giggles at typos and grammar
    Define Homophobia: blah blah blah blah……. Says Pakturd, I almost feel
    like liking this video! Lol!

  6. Considering Brown claims the Bible should be taken at face value on this
    issue (thereby effectively calling for homosexuals to be put to death
    should they act on their desires), it’s a little rich for him to try and
    weasel out of being labeled an “extremist homophobe”… Like it’s somehow
    other people’s fault he believes in a hateful book of old nonsense. 

  7. Who is this guy? He was such a bad host, y’all need to get face to face on
    your show, you would crush it. 

  8. No substance. There is a difference between the oppressor and the
    oppressed, the oppressed, would want to fight back against their
    oppressors. Mr. Brown, the oppressor, is already committing an aggressive
    act against an entire community of people, whether they are violent or non
    He is trying to say that he can and WILL put out blanket statements
    against homosexuals, and then Mr. Brown tries to confuse the idea that
    David was doing the same by saying he doesn’t know who is going to snap
    next of the people that he interviewed. (these people are too much, their
    ass-backwards retarded thoughts are completely illogical almost impossible
    to debate a guy like this huh)

    If you take people rights away, and confine them from living life, you
    should expect those victims of your bigotry to be angry.
    Now on the other side Mr. Brown probably feels that his power to oppress
    is being infringed. In that sense HIS rights are being taken away and he is
    being oppressed by his victims.
    Who has a valid reason for being angry, the guy on the hill trying to
    dictate other people’s lives or the people that are slaves to, the man on
    the hill’s, beliefs?

    History shows that people like Mr. Brown are more prone to violence over a
    Calling David’s comments a blanket statement, then at the same time
    oppressing an entire community over a belief, is slightly hypocritical.

    Circular logic sucks, I can oppress your choice to love and I am right…
    if you disagree you are wrong…because Jesus. What ever Mr. Brown. We
    don’t have to work within your belief system, not in this country. 

  9. Oh no! Homophobes resent being called homophobic. Big deal – racists have
    resented being called racists for decades. If one doesn’t want to be
    considered a homophobe, one oughtn’t espouse homophobic views.

  10. He’s perfectly free to hold whatever religious viewpoint he’d like;
    however, where I have trouble is where he wants to push his religious
    viewpoint onto me, to restrict my rights as a gay man – and equal citizen
    of this country – because of his religion. Sorry but he does not have the
    right to do that, and to use whatever rationale he’d like to restrict my
    rights simply because I’m gay is without doubt homophobic.

    I’m also curious – is this argument against “redefining marriage” the same
    argument they used when they were fighting against interracial marriage?
    Certainly seems like the same argument to me. Would you not refer to
    someone making that argument against interracial marriage as racist? I fail
    to see how he can seriously consider himself not homophobic. 

  11. Oh, dear. This guy apparently thinks that the secular government’s
    definition of marriage corresponds to the Bible’s definition of marriage.

    Separation of church and state. Why don’t people get it?

  12. You mentioned extremist each time, Brown just kept throwing himself into
    the “extremist” group and then kept trying to get you to explain why YOU
    did that. You didn’t and Brown didn’t get it. This guy had an agenda.

  13. It was clear DP’s disturbing comments was cleverly dancing around Brown’s
    points and refused to acknowledge anything Brown said. So the take away
    from DP was, that anyone that disagrees with him, is an extremist, on the
    edge and potentially a mass murder. Of course the implication and next
    steps is, to perhaps put these people on a watch list, denied employment,
    legal action sought, maybe even put in jail, to coerce others to his
    opinions. People really need to calm down as this approach will surly
    fracture any social cohesion.

  14. All of the extreamists he interviewed!! This guys a liar or dumb. God
    killed himself to apease himself so he wouldnt have to send you to hell he
    created for how he made you. If you believe in this “sacrafice” he wont
    torture you for ever!! Yaa share the good news

  15. I have no problem referring to Dr Brown as an extremist homophobe. I know
    he sincerely believes himself not to be, but his sincerity does not change
    the fact that he causes real harm – except to those whom he claims he has
    helped, which amounts to a) his brother-in-law (now deceased) and b) a
    handful of ex-gay folk who represent a tiny fraction of a fraction of
    people who claim to have been “cured”. The word “homophobe” no longer
    means “those who are afraid of gay people”. It refers to people who would
    cause harm to GLBTQ individuals. Considering that Brown actively supports
    individuals responsible for the passing of the Kill The Gays Bill in
    Uganda, and that he supports what amounts to the supernatural exorcism for
    GLBTQ folk, is, to me, the epitome of extremist homophobia – not to mention
    delusional paranoia that verges on freakish cultism. Finally, his book “A
    queer thing happened in America” is possibly more offensive in its title
    than even the most extremist rant-ridden atheist titles now so popular
    amidst radical atheists. So, yes – extremist homophobe seems a fair label,
    and possibly an understatement. Sorry if that offends, but, like his
    extremist homophobia, that is my sincere opinion. 

  16. The quack is not homophobic he is just a hater, pure and simple. Get off on
    your fame and make lots of money do you Doc?

  17. Brown should keep his beliefs out of the public sector.
    Foisting your religious mumbo-jumbo on other free people is oppression.

  18. On both clips you said “Extremist”. Brown must consider himself an
    extremist. You clarified that not all religious people. He said “radical
    muslim” which is the same as extremist. 

  19. The rhetoric and eisegesis that Michael Brown spews is more than deserving
    of it’s repercussions. 

  20. David missed the opportunity to question him about his “we’re both Jews”
    and a minute later “I’m a good Christian” comment. You can’t conveniently
    be whatever garnishes the most support and attention. Needless to say the
    point of view is wrong from an overarching standpoint; this is not a
    theocracy and laws and social acceptance should not be based on a “self
    reported” belief that you personally hold sacred.

  21. There are worse ways to hurt someone than physical violence. Ask the
    African Americans if violence is the only way to hurt them. Denying people
    equality on the ground of their sexuality is a form of violence. I have
    spent most of my life under such a regime and it is violence? It does not
    feel good to be hated by so many. 

  22. Michael Brown simply wanted you to say: “Not all people who oppose same sex
    marriage are homophobes and not all will do violence to gay people.”

    Can you say that David?

    Will you say it David?

  23. This is probably the worst interview I’ve ever heard. I’m glad David
    finally got to the point at the end, but I wish that had been towards the
    beginning, because leading up to that it was just a shit show.

  24. There are indeed a very small number of those who have a “difference of
    opinion” with homosexuals, who actually are “extremist homophobes”, just as
    there are a very small number of homosexuals who are pedophiles(remember
    when many believed the two were related?), and so just as it would be
    unfair to generally categorize homosexuals in such a way, same goes with
    how we categorize those who differ with homosexuality. I hope someone here
    is capable of understanding the point being made, intentionally using
    something inflammatory, not as an insult, but to bring to attention the
    gross error of labeling those with deeply religious values as extremist and
    by implication dangerous, violent, etc.

  25. This was a fucking joke.

    And yes, Dr. Michael Brown isn’t a homophobe because he doesn’t believe
    marriage should be defined as one man and one woman, he’s a homophobe
    because despite the evidence that there is nothing inherently wrong with
    two people of the same sex being in a loving relationship, a book told him
    it was bad so he believes it to be bad.

    If the Bible told him 2+2=5, he’d probably buy it, too. For someone
    brilliant enough to hold the title of “Dr.”, that is beyond retarded.

  26. If you’re trying to run society based on your book of myths (bible), then
    you’re a crazed extremist.
    Keep your religion to your home, church or cult, thanks.

  27. David. I never heard of this Dr. Brown. But next time you talk to him ask
    him these questions. 1st the Bible was written in Hebrew then Greek and
    Latin. And the Bible was written by men. And there are many Gospels or
    writtings that where either taking out of or not put into the Bible. Also
    has he ever read the Old Testament there’s a lot of sexual misconduct going
    on. Also about Marriage. If your Catholic you can’t get married in a
    Protestant Church or a Baptist Church and vice versa. Also with out a
    Marriage license from the State/County you can get married in any church
    but it will not be valid under most State Laws. And has this man ever heard
    of seperation of State and Church. One of the main reasons people came to
    America was to escape Religious Injustice pushed on to people of all
    faiths. Otherwise keep up the good work David.

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