One Comment on “Anti-gay? Intolerant of different opinions? – Easy fix: Live and let live ,BUT!!!!! 2-2”

  1. The ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related
    Health Problems), published by the World Health Organization, as well as
    the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), published
    by the American Psychiatric Association do *not* include homosexuality as
    mental illness.

    The American Psychiatric Association also clearly states that: *”To date,
    there has been no scientifically adequate research to show that therapy
    aimed at changing sexual orientation (sometimes called reparative or
    conversion therapy) is safe or effective. Furthermore, it seems likely that
    the promotion of change therapies reinforces stereotypes and contributes to
    a negative climate for lesbian, gay and bisexual persons.”*

    Because you were wondering about the science behind it.

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