30 Comments on “Anti-gay law signed, gets church support”

  1. “The True Measure of Any Society can be found in how it treats its most
    vulnerable members” – Ghandi

  2. And of course this ban did go nationwide with a unanimous vote…. and
    really who could disagree that people have no “human right” to postalize
    children with ideas about homosexuality, bestiality or anything else that
    the ban covers. Look if you have a unusual sexual lifestyle, that one thing
    but to target gullible kids with the subject is beyond reason. Keep it to

  3. shit man, russian getten so weak. stand up like the gaint you are and stomp
    out these LTGB

  4. What a pathetic loser nation Russia is. Putin and the head of the Russian
    Church can go rut each other. Stupid, ignorant bastards.

  5. Note negative comments below are posted by faceless individuals you are the
    scared ones because you know what your doing is wrong

  6. Well of course the bible bashing cunts will support it you will be hearing
    on your local news in the coming years they supported the law to hide the
    fact there was child abuse going on in the church any religion is such a
    piece of shit and theses fools fall for it you will see Russia this law
    will eventually comes back and bite you on the ass kill fucking putin

  7. Good for Russia.. google: Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted
    Russian boy for years

  8. I guess the religous folk are gonna start a come back now…..soon watch
    for mass deaths around the world in popular Liberal Areas….just felt like
    saying something crazy to put on top of this video….I dont want to live
    under the churches moral laws…as long as you do no harm..there should be
    no law stopping it. How many more years will it take….hey at least we
    stopped them from openly torturing people…Look at the bright side.

  9. Takiat!! Suven zvitsili mer anjo, piatiforge, komsimol stufendizh, xuereber
    antonhili, alkedopedo.:) 🙂 🙂 XD GIgyol yaquavist!!

  10. Cool jozse. I love your story. It sounds like grace has found you. I wonder
    if grace may also find you in the realization that the other someone is
    actually not different form you, or I? So there is no question of liking or
    even disliking someone because they are the same or different. The
    awareness or consciousness that is looking out of me eyes is also looking
    out of your eyes. this realization IS the higher power. This is it and here
    we are.

  11. Ok I’d be a shame to comment such Dumb shit! Now everyone is laughing at
    you!You know why schools should have educate kids ab out Homosexuality?So
    other kids don’t bully and beat up kids who are different and kids who are
    Gay wont commit suicide by the tens of thousands!What literature are you
    talking about?The Bible?LMAO

  12. I beg to differ because if you were really focused on your own life you
    wouldn’t be worried about what gays are doing with theirs. How is
    homosexuality discrediting Elohim? Whoever that is I guess you mean God.
    The fact that you are calling me names instead of proving your point shows
    how shallow you are and weak your argument is.

  13. Is nature homophobic? If nature produces gay people, can it be homophobic?
    If there have always been gay people and there will always be gay people,
    how can nature be homophobic? With a population of 7.5 billion, why are you
    so concerned with making more children and with the absolute idea of ONLY
    man and woman?

  14. You must be some kind of Russian lesbian genius. LadyGodWarrior would love
    to have sex with you.

  15. Does anybody do any research prior to passing these types of laws? The LGBT
    community has been living in a this world without any pro-gay propaganda
    whatsoever. We have been arrested, shunned, executed by he Nazis, yet we
    still exist. We had to fight for ourselves to live an honest existence, and
    will always fight for others to find theirs. This law does nothing
    whatsoever because we will, and have, never hesitated to break it without
    fear of consequence.

  16. I don’t understand why the church thinks it has a say in laws. Religion
    shouldn’t interfere, if every religion did this earth would be a very
    depressing place like Russia is slowly becoming, I’m not gay but I’m put
    off ever going to Russia , it isn’t a beautiful place, never has been.

  17. Derpi? Sadahiro ueda, suzuimai, e mikiro goto!!! Kelli niej shadada
    fakupsi, erogi, sheliom a muirnin!!!! XD XD.

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