6 Comments on “Anti-Gay law: Sweden reviews AID to Uganda”

  1. YES< GO SWEDEN. GO WESTERN COUNTRIES. Do they realize that all of the countries that are financially, economically and civil war related more stable ?? ohh I feel for those gays.

  2. Ahhh at least your country is safe from the gays, pat yourself on the back
    Mr. President. And these are nation leaders?? Apparently it’s based on
    results from the scientific community.

  3. The anti gay movement in Africa tells O-Bummer to stick his aid Dollars
    where the sun doesnt shine. Use those peanuts you give to Africa to pay for
    medicare of over 50 million Americans who have no healthcare. Also come and
    take all the African fags and put them in your country.

  4. Embwa zino, get your aid & stick it in yo asses. Fuck your occult agenda.

  5. Stop all development aid, stop buying coffee and other products from
    Uganda, stop travelling as tourists to Uganda and let Uganda celebrate
    thier “sovreingity” and thier facist path…. they don’t need the world,
    the world doesn’t need them.

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