44 Comments on “Anti-Gay MA Gov Candidate Scott Lively: Obama May Be Gay”

  1. “Although homosexual behavior is very common in the animal world, it seems
    to be very uncommon that individual animals have a long-lasting
    predisposition to engage in such behavior to the exclusion of heterosexual
    activities. Thus, a homosexual orientation, if one can speak of such thing
    in animals, seems to be a rarity” LeVay, p. 207.

    Sure animals might do irrational things like have same sex love making
    sessions, but that does not make them gay like people. Of course I’m not
    surprised libs have taken the “if animals can do it we can too” attitude. I
    would just like to thank David for proving that homosexuality is a
    non-human behavior. 

  2. Cows on the farm practice incest and polygamy regularly on the farm. Never
    saw any gay cows, but maybe I didn’t look that close. Thanks Dave for
    giving me this animal logic. What about other animal behaviour we can copy?

  3. fuck hium and his shitical world view that buulsih made us in its image we
    are better than shit go to a street and look at it rot why worsip
    rotting 2000 year old bullshit and make others ppl lives hell for it ?
    oooh yes human looking mini shits that worship the great imaginary
    bullshit humanity we need to flush

    and yes im angry

  4. Ok. 1. Anti gay people are most often Christians? Can anyone tell my why
    god cares more about what people put up their asses, then he does feeding
    starving and dying children across the world?

  5. Why does religion have to be a part of law? When I hear political
    candidates talking about the Bible I completely lose interest in them. The
    fact that they just assume their views are the best for everyone and that
    everyone in the country shares their views is disgusting to me. If you’re
    truly a representative of the people then you’d respect *everyone’s* views
    otherwise you’re making people abide by rules for reasons that have no
    relevance to them. There’s a reason for the first amendment and I wish
    these idiots would realise it

  6. Oh David….how do you actually converse with these guys? I couldn’t
    talk….I’d have to laugh or scream…………………..you really are a

  7. I wouldn’t necessarily laugh out right at the assertion that most
    Republicans aren’t conservatives. I mean, I think hes wrong, but its not a
    ridiculous notion. After all, aren’t we usually claiming that most
    Democrats aren’t progressives?

  8. I have it good word, Docktor Scott Lively likes to listen to Judy Garland
    records while polishing his Volkswagan Cabriolet. Just saying….

  9. For those who don’t know about Jerome Corsi, Lively’s go-to man for
    evidence Obama’s homo leaning tendencies is a birther, tea-partier, friend
    of Alex Jones and thinks Hitler went on the run after the fall of Berlin.
    His “evidence” consists of such damning indictments as: a conservative gay
    Christian man of Chicago’s gay scene said Obama was big into the bar and
    bathhouse scene. The guy has 1st-hand (unnamed) sources apparently (though
    by this point they are 3rd-hand). Take it from me, it’s an open and shut
    case, your honor.

  10. Men who put themselves in the public arena as anti-gay, as Scott Lively has
    to this extent, are using their protests as a smoke screen to their own
    latent homosexuality. It’s a defense mechanism.

  11. Scott Lively is one of the most vile human beings in the US today.
    Humankind would be far better off if he met with a(n un)fortunate accident.
    His book, “The Pink Swastika”, is utterly disgusting and shows how evil and
    twisted he is. He epitomizes how low the Christian right has sunk and how
    hateful they are. Their lies and histrionics to shame and demonize gay
    people are why they’ve essentially lost any credibility they once had, and
    they’re dragging Christianity down with them. The very idea that this is
    what Jesus had in mind during his life is a massive insult to him.

  12. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to become a lawyer in Massachusetts. What
    a moron! Of course he’s a bible thumper. If I was a religious man to which
    I am not, but if I was I would be ashamed and embarrassed that I shared an
    ideology with this religatard.

  13. This man is no better than an Iranian Mullah jabbering on about the Koran.
    He is ignorant of everything other than the bible—
    The rest of the Western world is laughing at the US–you need to get a grip
    and vote out these vicious turds

  14. I used to not like these interviews. But then I realize that very rarely
    does David not hand them back their asses in a handbag by the time he is
    done with them.

  15. Scott Lively flip flops in just about every sentence he says,Maybe the
    reason he is so anti gay he is a closet gay himself

  16. I’m so tired of people being blind. Now a days people have fallen into
    Satins trap. Satan is in disguise and you guys can’t see anymore. This man
    speaks the truth and you guys can’t even look and listen to what he is
    saying. I haven’t given up on you guys. Satan wants you to put the Bible on
    the floor and call it just a book that men have created. Don’t you guys see
    this cause I and a few of us see it also. The rapture is going to happen
    soon. The signs are everywhere! I can’t even have a simple conversation to
    my friends about God and what he has done for us. He is why a lot of people
    are at peace and why were even created. I don’t want to make this too long
    to the point to where you don’t wanna read this comment, so all I want to
    say is please get it together because its never too late.

  17. I was raised catholic ( I consider myself agnostic as well) and I read the
    bible through and through and I do not recall anything against
    homosexuality, sure adultery and such was labeled wrong but I don’t recall
    anything limiting whom you can love via gender barriers.

  18. …BTW…anyone that quotes the movie “the African Queen”….especially the
    lines of Kate Hepburn …..either is Gay 0R ,has a Gay
    sensibility……btw….a closet case doesn’t have to have sex to be
    Gay….OMG! Scott protests a bit too much….

  19. A cherry picking, Biblical world view. Willfully ignorant Lively keeps
    forgetting his beloved Bible is a thick book full of lots of different sins
    and abominations. So Scott, do you have lots of money in the Bank then?
    Nothing spiritual about you intellectual and megalomaniac career choices.
    So pathetic!

  20. Pope John Paul 2….has no authority to declare that the psychological
    state of Gays is “Intrinsically Disordered “…..Even within Catholic
    theology he only has the authority to speak about theology…not psychology
    ….he can say “it’s a sin”…but no Catholic or anyone else should listen
    to him about Psychology….

  21. Fucking idiot, no we are not all heterosexual by design. It is not self
    evident that being gay is wrong. It is so funny to watch this guy talk. He
    hangs himself with every word. Who in their right mind would vote for a
    nut-case like him. 

  22. Scott Lively is a great man, on the other hand David Pakman is a pathetic
    Ashkenazi Jew, wake up people, stop supporting this idiot.

  23. Whenever anyone says “I support a biblical world-view” you know you’re
    listening an absolutely mindless f***ing idiot.

  24. Why don’t you get Jerome Corsi’s writings on Obama and study his
    references? Have a discussion of them and get Corsi on your show. There
    is a proper way of doing journalism.
    Vote for Scott!

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