31 Comments on “Anti-Gay NC Magistrates Must Carry Out Law & Marry Gay People”

  1. Wait… I’m for same-sex. But do why are we forcing a church to do it?

    Edit: I understand forcing the magistrates because of their oath and
    position. But those two in Ohio is a little questionable.

  2. David, I love your show and am right on with you on most points, but I have
    a huge disagreement here. First though let me set out our points of

    1. I am a huge advocate for and supporter of marriage equality. We are not
    free until we are all free.
    2. I’m all for forcing the bakers to meet the services of all guests if
    they want to remain open.
    3. These magistrates and judges should likewise be forced to honor marriage
    equality as they are government officials.

    HOWEVER, we are also a nation of religious freedom, and at no point should
    a minister/pastor/priest, who is acting in his role as such, be required to
    violate his religious tenents by marrying homosexual couples if he has a
    religious objection to it.

    The government should have no role in such private religious matters, and
    just as religion should not govern us in the theocratic wet dream of the
    religious right, neither should the opposite happen wherein the government
    dictates the religious practice of any sect.

  3. public officials yes, must marry gay couples, but sorry David, trying
    to force clergy to marry gay people is just plain wrong and will result in
    a needless backlash. 

  4. Problem would be solved if church/state were completely separate.

    There should be no government benefits to being married. If people wanna
    marry….private and/or church ceremony is all that’s needed.

    Why should single people be forced to support people that have (true or
    not) professed “eternal” love for one another. Grats to them….and let
    them support themselves.

  5. Wait I actually don’t agree with forcing ministers or churches to perform
    these marriages. Mock and ridicule them to all hell sure, but forcing
    churches to do stuff just galvanizes resistance. However, government
    employees can go f*ck themselves, and need to marry/issue licenses to

  6. equality at the end of a gun. the free market would sort these bigots out
    anyway. More PC police. win the battle loose the war. You’re just
    galvinizing the extreme righties.
    No empathy shown, none given. be careful what you wish for. what if the
    Guberment advocates genicide? because that is where this is heading. it is
    going to be very interesting when the US falls apart and there is no more
    “police or lawyers to call and impose anothers beliefs on others. so they
    dont like gays. so what. They will go out of buisness. more thought crimes
    more big brother. no thanks. lets bigots rot in thier own juices.
    always truning to guberment enforcers highlights the commie attitude. Its
    all about power and control. enjoy the decline.


  7. As a gay man when speak of the magistrate they a duty to follow the law
    that I completely agree with you! But pastor and wife here I must strongly
    disagree ! They are a religious organization are exempt because of church
    and state. State CANNOT in force it’s will upon them.
    I dislike and distain there behavior but there churches, temples that
    surprisingly these days. Don’t marry couples of different faiths or even of
    different skin colors.
    Do like your work but speak about this!
    Thank you

  8. Is the Hitching Post Chapel one of those solemn places of worship with an
    Elvis impersonator that marries drunk people? Marriage is some serious
    business, we have to protect it’s sanctimoniousness…I mean sanctity.

  9. David – do you have some secret AGENDA ???? hahaha
    Sure – next thing from homo nazis is burning clerks at the stake.
    Nice tolerant atmosphere .
    If this was a waiter in the restaurant , he would spit into the soup.
    PS – I wonder how long they are going to be married.

  10. Of course magistrates should be required to carry out any legal marriages,
    because that’s the law and the position of magistrate is a government
    position. However, I believe that applying the same standard to religious
    ministers is an infringement on their religious liberties.

  11. Cherry Picking religious sects, pastors, and ministers need to have their
    tax exemption taken away. Your church/religion feels the need to be
    political and influence law? Fine, lose your tax exemption and pay to play
    like everyone else.

  12. The right-wing conservatives are always complaining that liberals are too
    Politically Correct. They are whining while doing the same thing. If
    they’re offended, too fucking bad! If your not offending someone, then
    you’re not doing your job! :-)

  13. Their belief is offensive in itself… it’s not like they care, what goes
    around comes around, what grounds do they have complaining about being

  14. The proprietors of the “hitching post wedding chapel” obviously have such
    traditional high morals, gotta respect them…

  15. This is why there is separation of church and state. If your beliefs don’t
    allow you to do your job, then quit or be fired. A d this is from those who
    wants government out of our lives. Yeah, right!?!

  16. It should be noted this is dealing with for-profit businesses. The fact
    that they are ministers is irrelevant, they are “forced” to not
    discriminate just like all other for-profit businesses. Ministers in
    churches (tax exempt, non-profits) can discriminate all they want. 

  17. Churches don’t pay tax yet have a major role in promoting laws, these guys
    pay tax make them marry them 

  18. I find their pretense of offendedness offensive, and i have become
    intolerant of their intolerance. #homophobes
    If your job legally requires to to perform marriages then that includes
    same-sex couples. If you are simply a minister who offers the service as
    part of your church ministry then you are NOT legally required to perform
    ANY wedding ceremony and you are welcome to discriminate based on your
    strongly held religious beliefs – but if it is your job as a magistrate,
    then you either do your job or step away so some one can be hired who is
    capable of the dignity and respect required in that position, and THEY can
    perform the wedding ceremonies that you feel unwilling to do.

  19. It is sad that this has to be forced. but I do give credit to the people
    that uphold their oath in spite of their religious beliefs. At least they
    came some way.

    If the institution is 100% religious I don’t see why they should be forces
    to perform the ceremony. Marriage equality is about legal equality. If
    the institution is 100% religious that even if they perform the ceremony,
    its invalid in their faith because it never consummated with beliefs. Just
    a a church going through the emotions for the laws sake.

    I would like a little more differentiation in the reporting on the nature
    of the business. 

  20. The government has to do something about the religious or they would be
    stoning people in the street like their bible says. That’s right. The only
    thing keeping Christians from assaulting people they deem as sinners is the
    US Constitution and those who uphold it. If the Constitution is degraded
    any more, there will be mobs of Christians roaming the streets looking for
    someone to stone or circumcise.

  21. I certainly don’t believe clergy should be forced to preform marriage;
    however, all public officials should be required due to the fact it’s their
    job. If a public official is unable to preform that task due to their
    beliefs then they need another job. It’s somewhat like a pacifist working
    for an arms dealer: the pacifist has a right to their belief but should not
    work a weapon manufacturer if they can’t preform their job. (May be a bad
    analogy but you get my point.)

  22. If I or the vast majority of people dont do our jobs, we get fired. Fuck
    those pieces of shit. Fire their sorry asses. Hire someone that will do the

  23. Sincerely held religious beliefs = 9/11. Sincerely held religious beliefs
    = KKK. Sincerely held religious beliefs = suicide bombers. Sincerely held
    religious beliefs = murder of abortion providers. Sincerely held religious
    beliefs = slavery. Sincerely held religious beliefs are bullshit and have
    no business being honored any more than you might “honor” sincerely held
    beliefs in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.

  24. I can just picture that guy having fits, head butting his desk every time
    he has to stamp approved for a same sex marriage license

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