7 Comments on “Anti-gay protest: Kenyans protest outside Ugandan Embassy”

  1. this is sickening

    Africans must reject these europeanized africans. They will infect true and
    moral Godly Africans with european vile means.

    Uganda must take the highest moral ground and stand unflinching against
    these souless individuals

  2. Even if homos are backed by law, am scared they might still be executed by
    mob justice.

  3. Tumbavu. “What pleasure do get in hurting another person my foot” what
    pleasure do you get in inserting a ****** in someone’s arse where it’s
    never created to go? Have you ever seen any animal doing it?

  4. If accepting gays is a precondition to be part of EAC, then Uganda should
    quit the bloc. Silly Kenyans betraying Africa

  5. I wont allow gays in my country. Fuckin kenyan faggots are soo silly they
    should keep their gayism in kenya. I repeat it once more, should we land on
    you practicing gayism or promoting it we shall not hestate to kill you
    fuckin bumlords!!!!!!

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