9 Comments on “Archbishop of Canterbury: Accepting Gay Marriage Could Mean Murder of African Christians”

  1. What a twat. No wonder there are empty churches. So we have to listen to
    bigots in Africa, instead of educating them? Old Testament Christian, so I
    guess you also stone disobedient children etc. etc.

  2. Christians advocate daily for all gay people world wide to be put to death.
    It is the message of the righteous church. KILL ALL GAYS or our made up
    “god” will hurt us.

  3. The Word of God is final. Homosexuals do not have a place in His Kingdom
    (Heaven). On this realm (Earth) gays can still be protected spiritually. No
    body has the right to judge another human being, only God judges. Problem
    is that the LGBT community is trying to judge & force their WANTS & DESIRES
    on a institution that is over a thousand years old. Example: An employee
    can’t force the employers hand OR the child can’t make demands of their
    parents OR the criminal can’t make demands of the police. The LGBT
    community needs to start their own church/belief system since God sees
    their actions as an insult & adbomination. God does not want them sharing
    beds, kissing, bottom-line NO SEXUAL acts. Personally you can still love
    each other without that activity, you can still live with each other
    without that activity. Some people are suppose to be single; by fate. The
    biggest thing I have noticed was that my sisters who are gay were molested
    as kids and the other 2 that weren’t molested are straight. The
    adversary/devil exists…don’t forget that everyone.

  4. Vile man. The church’s gay views here are affecting what happens abroad.
    So, change your views then you bigoted fool, and stop believing in this
    ridiculous fairy tale called the bible.

  5. You cant be a christian and not be a Homophobe. Homophobia is rather
    central to being a christian. 

  6. What a disgrace.

    This man claims to lead a church that has a powerful god, yet this god
    refuses to stop the slaughter of his own followers.

    Can it be any plainer? There are no gods, least of all this man’s.

    But even without a god, where is the backbone? What moral ground does this
    man stand on? Our positions are dictated by “might makes right”?


  7. A pensioner drowned herself in the Italian Fountains in Kensington
    Gardens-suicide note said”wassa matter you eh?”and”shaddap you face”

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