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  1. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t signed another Executive Order making it ILLEGAL
    to be Straight. CNN can orchestrate a Media War on Heterosexuality and
    Family Values.

  2. PS: I noticed I made a mistake mid-video calling Jan Brewer “Janet.”
    Correction noted. Remember, I don’t read a TELEPROMPTER like the MSM so I
    do make an occasional mistake. THX. 

  3. That was a hilariously accurate parody of a right wing fuckwit. Well done.
    From start to finish you had me in stitches. You really captured that
    paranoid “help-help-I’m-being-oppressed!” hysteria.
    Hand this man an Oscar.

  4. *Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on NFL blackmail of Arizona Gov. Jan

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Blackmailed by CNN on Anti-Gay Bill

  5. SB 1062 was not a anti-gay or pro-Christian bill. The bill was actually an
    anti-Christian bill. The words gay, homosexual or Christian are NOT
    mentioned. It only states that a business can refuse service to anyone or
    group on “religious beliefs.” It meant that an Islamic or non-Christian
    business could refuse service to anyone or group of the Christian or
    Judaistic faith. The bill needed to be defeated. We knew the national media
    would not help if they knew it was anti-Christian so they were led to
    believe it was anti-gay. Thank you and God Bless.

  6. Calm down, Greene: If Brewer vetoes the Bill, it will be in response to the
    power of the Pink Dollar.

  7. Wow, not the stance on this issue that I thought you’d have. I now regret
    asking you to do a story on SB 1062. Well I lost a little bit of respect
    for you. But I’m not going to stop listening to you. So we disagree on one
    topic. Big woop, not the end of the world.

    But P.S Jan Brewer did the RIGHT thing in my Transgender eyes. She did in
    fact veto this bill. 

  8. 4:09 Subconsciously pointing around the crotch huh? Nothing convinces us
    how hetero you are like screaming like a bitch over gay people. If you want
    to make gays unwelcome in your store, put up a sign that says, “I won’t
    refuse to serve you but I still don’t like gays.” Problem fucking solved.
    There’s your wannabe libertarian solution. Unless we all get to select
    from a monetary system separating discriminatory people, then you should
    not be able to discriminate in the currency system. How about we gays not
    have to pay taxes for your fucking fairy tale gathering halls and faith
    based programs? Yes, government, and the failed 2-party system sux. But
    so do sniveling “men” who scapegoat gays to mask their own shortcomings.

  9. Idk why they need this law anyways.. You can deny business to anyone you
    want its your business 

  10. Arizona just opened the flood gates next is Georgia Mississippi and all the
    other red neck republican states. while your at it lets bring back that
    bill for blacks too.

  11. It’s stupid to call CNN a “liberal propaganda” network. They’re just a flat
    out government propaganda network. They spread all kinds of lies and
    nonsense to protect Bush and if another Republican ever gets elected (not
    likely) they’ll do the same thing all over again.

  12. Oddly, I now find I have more in common with Russia and other countries
    than I do with my own government “USA” … funny how it’s all turned around
    in the last 30 years or so.

  13. Gay/straight is pretty much a non-issue to me now. Reading about history,
    gayness and bisexuality was relatively commonplace – even animals do it.
    Abrahamic religions blow it way out of proportion as a moral issue. My
    main issue is why the media makes such a big deal out of it. It seems like
    a major distraction, like Greene says. It’s almost as bad as how they push
    celebrity news over real news.

  14. Oh shit, the bill was vetoed by Jan Brewer. Guess Chris better go get
    another cup of that Alex Jones coffee for his next video!!!

  15. Fella that reply there is the racist kkk shit I have ever read, I don’t
    even know where to begin because it’s so messed up. If your saying being
    gay is a choice how do you know, have you been gay and then resumed
    heterosexual behaviour. Black and Jews were predominantly persecuted for
    generations before people gave them acceptance, they were encouraged to
    integrate into society by a large group. What the Fuck are they teaching in
    brokeback mountain where you come from.

  16. Chris, you’re in Az, have you written or called Mrs Brewer and voiced your
    opinion on this Bill? Or do you feel doing so is a waste of time and air?

  17. I see some people bitching about bible thumpers, well chew on this, in this
    country you’re free to be a bible thumper if you so choose and if you
    choose to follow your religion’s code of ethics you are protected by the
    constitution to do so regardless if another party feels it is a fairy tale
    Those who oppose the “bible thumpers” are infact fucking hypocrits, you
    want to take rights away from one group and give them to another. Let’s all

  18. This is most biased video I’ve ever seen from you. If CNN is lying about
    it being a war on gays then what is it? All you said was the bill protects
    religious freedom with no elaboration…c’mon man…

  19. If I start a business and found it on biblical principals or beliefs, then
    I should have the right to operate and defend my business within the
    confines of those principals or beliefs. This is not discrimination.
    Anyone having a problem with this is free to take their business
    elsewhere. The bible tells us to love all without exception. The bible also
    teaches us to shun moral corruption which includes but is not limited to

  20. 1 Corinthians 6 :9 …..9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not
    inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor
    idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFIMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with
    10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor
    extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Bible also makes it very
    clear ….You shall not lay with a man, as you lay with a woman. Know this
    ! if you promote this Abomination you are as guilty as they are . Sugarcoat
    all you want , I suggest you LAWMAKERS read 1 Corinthians 6 ,and see what
    GOD thinks about your LAWS .

  21. It protects the right to discriminate against gays and sexual orientation
    is not protected under the bill. I am un subscribing to your channel. Fuck
    you AMTV

  22. Unfortunately I can see that blatant homophobia is still very much alive
    and well in today’s society.

  23. LOL. Arizona racist’s/sexists/bible-thumpers (hypocrits) got slapped down
    again by a semi-sane GOP governor. The Gov didn’t want the state to be
    internationally humilated AGAIN, like during the MLK day fiasco.
    There is no conservative equivalent to CNN because racists, sexists and
    whackos; or the teaparty; are ALSO a minority, thank God.

  24. This is what happens when you leave a butt plug too long in your asshole.
    You start to talk like Chris Greene. Using God as a shield to discriminate
    against a certain group is satanism. The fact of the matter is, millions
    WILL BE LOST because of her and the gay community has more power now than
    they ever did. Time to come out of the closet, ass wipe.

  25. I really don’t give a shit if they are gay,but telling me that i have to
    serve someone against my will,”screw that” no has ever herd of the right to
    refuse service to anyone if you own the business!!!! So if i can’t service
    this person if I’m to backed up they can sue me because they happen or
    claim to be gay!!!!????? Oh no that’s straight up pure bull shit!!! So if i
    have to choose between one client or customer over another based on supply
    demand and potential gain then i can get sued because that person happens
    or claims to be gay!!??? ” screw that” !!!! Hell lets make a law that says
    I’m Scooby doo and if you refuse to serve a cartoon character than you can
    get sued!!!!! 

  26. CNN is also the P.C. police doing everything it can to humiliate and
    shame Ted Nugent into apologizing to the president after he called him a
    subhuman mongrel.Even after the president himself on The View stated blacks
    were mongrels.CNN even went as far as having Teds brother on to state that
    even he was disappointed in the remarks of T.N.CNN has a new role in
    dystopia American they are the new thought police so watch out.

  27. How disappointing. I just found this channel today and watched a few
    videos, thinking that this guy knows what he talks about. Until this video.
    I’m gay. I’m a follower of Christ. Explain to me as one or the other how
    this bill protects religious liberties? You think it’s okay for those
    Arizona lawmakers to allow the religious business to infringe on my rights?
    Would you like us to go back to before Jim Crow and allow the KKK to deny
    blacks? I hope this guy makes more videos because guys like him are the
    ones keeping the right wing wackos like him from winning the White House.

  28. This was just another attempt by the republicans to find a vulnerable
    minority group to Discriminate against; possibly persecute them.

  29. This is what pisses off most people. Militant gays want so… so badly to
    force everyone to have to approve of and like their SICKO LIFESTYLE.
    I reserve the right to not to like , to not associate with and not do
    business with anyone I choose for any reason I choose.
    The Gays shoot themselves in the foot by going around raising hell and
    protesting because everyone will not bow down and kiss their asses.
    Most people don’t care and as long as the gays don’t do their “sicko shit”
    around them, they won’t mind.
    But when the faggs start thinking they have some kind of right to force
    other to approve and like their SICKO LIFESTYLE then that is when they piss
    people off.
    I mean the gays must have some serious insecurity issues. I am who I am ,
    I like me and don’t give a rats ass who doesn’t.
    I guess for the gays , they know down deep in their heart of hearts that
    what they are doing is wrong and sick and messed up and because of their
    ego want to defend their wrong choices, kinda like other people do for
    other “wrong things” they do .

  30. The media and the NFL support the unhealthy lifestyle choice known as
    homosexuality, and oppose First Amendment-protected freedom of religion and
    the Second Amendment. That makes them enemies of all things good.

  31. And the cupcake knob gobblers win. Governor Brewer vetoes anti gay bill.
    The NFL will now be known as The National Fairy League. 

  32. You do NOT have the religious freedom to force your religion upon anyone
    else nor do you have the right to deny services based on your religion….
    you do not have the right to discriminate against anyone because they don’t
    live up to your religious beliefs. Keep your religion out of my freedoms!
    Jesus wouldn’t act like that… but probably because by every definition
    in existence that Jesus was in fact a liberal!!!

  33. lobby groups may bring change to benefit a particular group that also plays
    both sides. Therefore a compromise could be made by both groups agreeing
    somewhat but the dealer still is in control. Just a hint.

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