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  1. ….or is this conclusion only because you’re a disgustingly outdated
    homophobe who thinks that people should only defend the rights that apply
    to themselves (because you, yourself, are selfish and have no care for your
    fellow man and thus assume everyone else is the same)? Some people actually
    care about the rights of others. Men defend womens rights. White people
    defend the rights of racial minorities. Straight people defend gay rights.
    Quit being such a selfish, hateful bastard.

  2. well i must say i am alittle disapointed at this clip, i mean its one thing
    to deny this religion its another to mock it, im an athiest and i dont go
    around mocking peoples faith because doing so is all one sided and Bias..i
    mean i dont see anyone mocking the muslim faith (or are they scared they
    will be beheaded), with the recent massacre of christians in africa i find
    this clip a bit offensive in someway…love the show thou in general

  3. …and murder of children, homosexuals, and nonbelievers. Not to mention
    slavery, torture, child sacrifice, vengeance, genocide…. ya know what,
    youtube doesn’t allow enough characters to list all the attrocities that
    disgusting book condones. I’ll pass, thanks.

  4. If the donation was taken without any sort of public endorsement, and made
    clear that it WAS “taking from the bad to give to the good”, perhaps.
    That’s not how she did it, however. In fact there were very well publicized
    pictures of her making appearances over there, shaking Baby Doc’s hand, and
    I believe (could be remembering poorly) that she even spoke out publically
    about it, essencially supporting him. I don’t think anyone would complain
    if it was done the way you said. It wasn’t.

  5. first 20 seconds ” holy shit i’m about to get raped………. oh wait
    that’s matt dressed as a paedophile”

  6. …to put it another way, I’m not saying “change the law so people will
    accept them” i’m saying “yes, change the law, but not in a way that hints
    at a lack of acceptance, because that’s not grounds for any legal
    differenciation.” and then ALSO saying “if gay people want societal
    acceptance, they’re perfectly justified in doing so.”

  7. Sorry didn’t mean any offence. Just a bad joke. You get good and bad people
    in any walk of life regardless of uniform or dogma.

  8. i actually discovered the show while in China, though yes surfing on
    youtube isnt possible without proxy or vpn 😉

  9. True enough, though coming out yourself and publicizing the donation and
    explaining that, if anything, you thought it a good idea to remove money
    from the KKK and put it into the hands of people fighting discrimination
    was a good thing, you could avoid most of the problems. I think it is the
    act of taking such donations and hiding the fact that is the real problem,
    but your point is well taken.

  10. I think churches should have the right to decide who gets married in them
    as a part of separation of church and state. They don’t, however, have the
    right to say that certain people can’t get married at all.

  11. The true light is given to every man who comes into the world so that he
    might believe. The light shines in darkness, but men do not understand that
    it is Christ anonymously reasoning with them, attempting to show (reprove)
    men for their evil.

  12. I hope this info is of some help, Here are 2 very different examples:
    Current strictures may differ from post 1900 through the mid Sixties: To
    become a Jesuit required 13 years, 10 in college, & 3 years of upper level
    teaching, before Holy Orders. Jesuits had several degrees, usually two
    advanced degrees, Latin not being accounted therein b/c it’s part and
    parcel. Pastoral priest education was several years, no real teaching, and
    minimal Latin. Then, there’s everything in between. 🙂

  13. From butterflies to apes, homosexual behavior has been observed in some
    15,000 species. Only the ignorant, bigoted humans and the god they created
    display homophobia.

  14. For some odd Reason, starting at 10:53, the video starts glitching and
    mashing itself up, just a heads-up.

  15. Unfortunately, while I’m on the same “team” as you, so to speak, on this
    issue, your argument is flawed. They CLAIM to be protecting the sanctity of
    marriage because the bible has a problem with the acts of gay sex (and
    frankly, they can’t police sex, so they police marriage). Nowhere in the
    bible does it say anything about having a problem with a jew marrying a
    jew, or a muslim marrying a muslim, so they have no grounds to complain

  16. If churches don’t to marry gays, then those churches can refuse to provide
    that service. In exchange for having to pay taxes, of course. There are
    plenty of churches that will perform gay weddings, and not everyone wants
    to get married in a church. Therefore,churches have no place in saying that
    gays can’t be married.

  17. Eugene, based on your creepy preachy attitude, you seem to be the kind of
    guy that used to do some nasty nasty sexual shit way back when. Then, you
    finally felt guilty about all that, and you found out that this magical
    Jesus could remove some of that guilt, if not the responsibility. Now, you
    think everyone should stop fucking each other so they can avoid the
    excessive guilt you had before you had Jesus miraculously give your
    conscience a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. Am I right?

  18. There is also a certain amount of “info getting out” they want to stop. But
    basically what they want is for the information not to flow quickly. They
    believe, with quite a bit of justification, that if the info is old it
    won’t cause people to get upset. Even if it takes only a few weeks to get
    out (or in) it will lose the emotional “snap” and so not cause people to
    get up to even so much as a demonstration. The old saying “yesterday’s
    news” comes to mind.

  19. It’s buried between the passages on acceptable slavery practices and the
    ones that demand you murder your child if they disobey… you know, the
    logical place to put love and kindness.

  20. And what business of yours is it to police comedy? If your a comedian, I’m
    the spirit of Margaret Thatcher.

  21. What sort of training, if any, do you have to go through to become a
    priest? I thought only Catholic priests used that specific uniform. I
    didn’t know that reverends & ministers from other denominations of
    Christianity used that full black uniform with the white collar. So yeah,
    that was good to learn.

  22. American Christianity is such that atheism is extremely appealing to anyone
    who has an ounce of sanity.

  23. I am old enough to remember the same stupid arguments being said about
    inter-racial marriage as are being said today about the ‘dangers’ of
    allowing gay marriage. It is such illogical b.s.

  24. You can do it with proxy? I am kinda surprised you can use a proxy at all.
    Of course, proxy servers are one part of internet that I don’t understand
    as well as I should.

  25. “POSSIBLE issues where multiple people can have multiple partners.” What
    issues already explained that making marriage more equal and the marital
    right equal would solve all problems regarding this. Keep it simple keep it
    equal. Something that government tends not do to. “a married foursome. What
    about people like that?” What about it, nothing wrong with that as long as
    they are consensual adults. Keep it simple and equal. Only problem people
    then can have is their bigoted mindset.

  26. If you follow this series long enough, you’ll learn that he studied to be a
    cleric of whatever-division-of-xtiantity that he used to be. Now, that’s an
    RC collar, so it’s a bit off. I’m not sure but I don’t think he’s RC, since
    he’s from Texas. So it’s likely just a huge dollop of irony.

  27. You are right about one thing, in that selfish men flee from the light of
    Christ, but what you don’t realize is that those who do it, are often
    religious themselves. You bible thumpers don’t even follow Christ’s words,
    or else you wouldn’t even be commenting on this youtube channel. Jesus said
    to love thy neighbor and thy enemy (that includes gay people you fucking
    bigot), and to turn the other cheek when evil is done to you. You don’t
    even follow Christ you pile of wank.

  28. im getting a little tired of the ”10 reasons GODS REAL” or….”this is
    why god is good” adds on the right side…..its so funny its sad

  29. I would actually disagree with the characterization of homosexuals as the
    “new blacks” in America, not because homosexuals AREN’T frequently
    oppressed and persecuted by individuals and the law, but because (a) unlike
    most blacks, homosexuals can pass (hide their stigmatized status from those
    who would discriminate on that basis, although it really does no good to
    pass when it comes to codified discrimination), and (b) because blacks
    STILL get shit on, though not QUITE as bad as in the past.

  30. Yes, it IS a different thing to mock a religion than to deny it. That
    doesn’t, however, mean there’s anything wrong with mocking it. EVERYTHING
    in society gets mocked sooner or later by somebody. Why should religion get
    a “get out of jail free” card that denies others the right to have fun at
    their expense, while everyone else is free game? There IS a freedom of
    speech, there is NO freedom to not be made fun of. Oh, and plenty of people
    make fun of Islam. If you haven’t seen it, try looking.

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