10 Comments on “August 8, 2013 – Boycott Russia?”

  1. PART 3 appear dead, as symbolized by “X’s” for the eyes and a tongue
    hanging out, but the animal’s face otherwise should have no other detail.
    The animal also should be made to appear as hanging by a noose from a tree
    branch. By this picture should be the caption “DIE BIGOTTED SCUM” and the
    back should read “For the world will be much better off without you.” These
    T shirts should be translated into several different languages, ESPECIALLY

  2. PART 2 qualify for the next Olympics to be fairly persuasive. And gay
    people, athletes or not, who actually go there should keep their behavior
    low profile for their own protection. But global protest by gays and their
    allies outside of Russia is quite appropriate. I recommend a T shirt design
    with a particularly vicious design. The shirts should be in rainbow colors
    and the front should be a cartoon-like silhouette of an animal identified
    as symbolic of Russia. This animal should be…

  3. I would like to see The Olympics moved from Russia or any country that
    doesn’t support equal rights for all

  4. PART 1 The boycott against the vodka company should be stopped if the
    Scottish company is pro-gay rights and pro equality. If there’s enough time
    remaining to move the Olympics to a non-bigot country, let’s do that but,
    if not, boycotting isn’t likely to be successful anyway because there are
    too many pro-bigotry Republicans to overpower and get around to make it
    work. Also, I find your argument of not crushing the dreams of athletes who
    might not be physically fit enough to…

  5. The voda is dump, But is a metal around a atheles neck, b=vs torture and
    deh of young people is a no brainer. Yes atheles work thei whole life to
    achieve metals, but the torture and murdered have nothing, no chance to
    reach their person potential. BOYCOT the games.

  6. Russia is sending out “death squads” to kill of all the stray animals so
    the city should look “clean” for the Olympics. And now a with hunt for gay
    people? WTF Russua?!?!?!

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