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  1. Everyone has a right to their own personal lifestyle choices.
    Additionally, there are other perspectives on this subject in America. But
    it is NOT appropriate to address ANY personal views or other lifestyle
    choices at these Olympic Games. The behavior on the part of the protesters
    is very childish.
    Any special interest group or individual that has shown up only to make
    trouble by taking advantage of this venue to voice any personal agenda has
    no respect for the athletes or the audiences as a whole. With these people,
    everything is all about them. EINE SCHANDE !!!

  2. I like how CBS, Fox, CNN, have all depicted the anti-gay law as “Putin’s
    Law”. Goes to show what propaganda does. The media that lies about how they
    don’t lie has succeeded, sad to say.

  3. You all just dont understand our mentality. U tought that gay is wrong and
    u have to fuck them up since u are a child. Dont compare America and
    Russia, please.

  4. Russia is just standing up for what’s right, against a lifestyle that
    deviates from it

  5. Stand strong Russia, stand up to this “If you want to it can’t possibly be
    wrong” idealism of the Western world.

  6. No, it doesn’t exist. No one convinces a child to be gay, dummy. People are
    born either gay, bi, or straight and if you ever tried to kill yourself for
    not being able to be straight you would know that but instead you live in a
    cave. And Elisabeth, I had no idea that we were ruled by gay people. All
    the elites are gay??? REALLY??? I mean…REALLY??? Jesus, lady, what are
    you on?

  7. that makes no sense. it has nothing to do with employment. people that are
    sexually deviant still work.

  8. Sorry again, but i explanied your delusional nonsense to you many times
    over all those past month. You seem to have severe memory loss due to your
    inborn brain damage. USSR and nazi Germany never was allies, they had
    Non-agression Pact since august 1939. France and Britain had NAP with NG
    since Munich Betrayal of 1938. Poland had FULL ALLIANCE with NG since 1934
    and they invaded Czech together in 1938.

  9. Now as i see you can not admit you was wrong, like a man. Allright, now at
    least answer me 3 simple questions on Katyn case: 1) Why all those poles,
    local residents and soviet POWs was killed there with use of german
    weapons, Walther PPK, Mauser 98k and not with any russian weapons? 2) Why
    was they killed in the middle of children summer camp`s park full of kids
    in 1940? 3) Why remains of people supposedly killed in Katyn park now found
    far away at well proven nazi mass murder sites?

  10. “Russian parliament admits guilt over Polish massacre” – TheGuardian – 26
    November 2010 Symbolic acknowledgment of culpability over Katyn murders in
    1940 signals Russia’s willingness to face up to its past “Russian
    parliament condemns Stalin for Katyn massacre” BBC News – 26 November 2010
    “Putin Marks Soviet Massacre of Polish Officers” – NYTIMES -April 7, 2010
    Even Putin acknowledges it 🙂 Ask your dad, he may have been there

  11. Homosexuals are not imprisoned or tortured in Russia. There you go. I did
    not omit it. Are you happy now? Now get your dick out of your pants – you
    seem to have a fetish for it.

  12. Yeah, dude. Didn’t you hear? It’s the law that you have to be gay now. Is
    everyone on this forum mentally retarde?

  13. No it should not. There is bigotry on both sides. Having been the victim of
    a number of sexual assaults. I was small, and innocent. The first time I
    didn’t even understand what was going on. Nonetheless, I marched in support
    of the rights of people who are attracted by their own sex, whatever name
    you wish to call them. Though I was very young when this started, I was
    able to stop what would have been 1st degree rape. So many times this
    happened. Still, that is no reason to be a bigot. How …

  14. This is sick. There are practicing homosexuals in almost all or all nations
    in the world. Sometimes the ones who are most against the tolerance of
    others, have inner conflicts they cannot resolve, & so they preach hatred
    against that which confuses them. By the way, we should stop making rape a
    joke or a threat, like perverted prison guards or some police who are
    mentally warped do. Can’t we just try to get along. I don’t hide behind a
    phoney name either. You need to study about genocide.

  15. Many thanks. It’s heartwarming knowing others can see through mainstream
    media lies and bull shit. Western political elites and cabal are doing
    everything they can to go to war with Syria because they are losing their
    grip. Once csome legal organizations are set up the cabal will be on the
    run. From frame: 13:40 at video below, Karen Hudes is describing the Global
    Collateral Accounts. This is huge. YouTube: “YOU MUST SEE THIS!: Karen
    Hudes World Bank Whistleblower… ” /watch?v=owanSt6XnmM

  16. 2. They hide all of this money in what is known as the CAFR accounts. Do
    you hear this on mainstream media? Hell no! Why not? Because mainstream
    media is owned by corporate elites. This is bigger than you think. It is so
    big people refuse to wake up and look at the facts. You think I am making
    this up? Here is the proof. Google: “!!!!! MUST READ: DETROIT FILES FOR
    U.S. gov. has been deceiving citizens!

  17. Ohhhh, ok so gay men turn to fucking other dudes because we can’t get a
    woman to fuck us. You are so incredibly fucking stupid, lady. I mean, there
    is dumb, and then there is you. Also I have to ask…are you schizophrenic?
    Because the line “Men won’t die without penis-in-vagina” makes no goddamn
    sense. And you’re equating pedophilia with homosexuality when every study
    known to man refutes this. Also…GOD YOU ARE SO STUPID IT HURTS.

  18. …are we to solve all the problems facing humanity if we cannot respect
    each others’ differences. I mention my problems because I believe I have,
    because of my many experiences, a real right to speak on this. More than 12
    times things happened. I was drugged, & attacked by a wide variety of
    people. I even started to carry a knife because I was afraid. I never
    stopped hanging out with my friends of mine who were homosexual, lesbians,
    or cross dressers. Why should I? Every group of people has …

  19. Very ignorant, “Islam is completely incompatible with modern way of life
    and normal standards of living in secular western society.” Your women
    barely had rights 30 years ago, ours did 1400 years ago, i guess you’ve
    soaked up all the propaganda that has been delivered to you in various
    ways, movies, music, msm , while your still concentrating on the fore front
    religion, behind the scenes, bankers, politicians, corporations,
    industrialists are scheming, Islam is not your enemy.

  20. The Putin regime shows once again that it is evil. It is now illegal to
    discuss gay life in public in any way other than violent denunciation. It
    is also illegal to paint Putin in an unflattering light (i.e., wearing
    female underwear), as Konstantin Altunin has discovered. His painting was
    seized by the police and he had to leave the country to apply for asylum.
    Search for it online and find out under what craziness Russians must now

  21. LOT of other countries have much bigger “homophobic” issues than Russia,
    but they do not get targeted by the Western Zionist media do they? In
    Russia no Gay people are jailed or tortured. Russian majority simply do not
    wish their children taught gay propaganda. Is it so hard to wrap your head
    around it? Would you want your 7 year old child to be educated in ANAL SEX

  22. Are you joking? Gays barely have rights in the U.S. they cannot get married
    in 90% of the states. The Europe is much more progressive, gays have the
    most freedom in Western Europe.

  23. “Even Putin acknowledges it :)” Like i care, may it be Pope even. I told
    you countless times – ONLY COURTS CAN DO THAT.

  24. Athletes who are gay do not declare their gayness when it comes to
    accepting huge sums of money for endorsing commercial products. For example
    – if one of the large sports shoe manufacturers showed an openly gay
    athlete to present a product to the world, that brand of shoe may not sell
    to people who do not wish to be associated with being gay. Let all of the
    gay athletes declare their pride openly and then let us see how the world
    reacts. There are worse human rights violations in Canada.

  25. In 6th century Mohammad Ibn Abdullah was iliterate goat herder in Arabia,
    who had regular sexual intercourse with animals. He had frequent problems
    with his health. He was epileptic and scicofrenic. Once, when he was in
    desert he was struck by an epileptic attack. He thought he experianced
    cosmic visions and that God has chose him to be a prophet of Islam. He and
    his fanatic followers than settlet in desert and raiding caravans and
    looting for booty. He became warlord of Arabia

  26. lol the american talking about invasions ,lol. america would never invade a
    country for no reason,lmfao. shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. 5. You know NOTHING of the Global Collateral Accounts? There is not
    trillions but quadrillions and quadrillions dollars worth of gold that has
    been kept secret from nations and peoples. There is enough money to bring
    back wealth to ALL nations, yet banks tell us they are broke! h t t p : //
    newtomorrow (dot) us/main (dot) html Google: “Eyre International – Bringing
    You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You” Google: “WHILE YOU WERE
    ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl”

  28. “The Russian government has admitted it happened” Nope. Supreme Court said
    it was their personal oppinion not the official act.’ “has produced the
    documents signed by Stalin” Thats right, PRODUCED. This is fake fabricated
    in 1980s-90s and this fact is proven in courts. ” You have no documents,
    you are lying” You have not. And i have them, as so as verdicts of courts.
    De juro and de facto it was nazis and you can do nothing about it. Now get
    to the point and answer questions i asked.

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