25 Comments on “Barack Obama on Gay Marriage”

  1. In 2008 the majority of Americans who oppose ssm still out numbered people
    who support it. He’s a lying asshole who just says what will get him the
    most support. All of a sudden right before the 2012 election he changes his
    views because the majority of Americans supported it in 2012. 

  2. Dear obama GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY YOU NON-American fag loving
    unamerican prick ass mother fucker!!

  3. Listening to those idiots applaud every bigoted point he uttered made me
    sick. I’m very glad he changed his mind on this issue because he sounded
    very dogmatic here. 

  4. I honestly think obama is saying this becuase if he said, im an atheist and
    believe that everybody should marry who he or she loves, it would be the
    end of him in most of the US

  5. This man is so confusing, just what is he? A Christian, a Muslim, a
    homosexual? An alien? He talks a good talk… doesn’t seem like a liar…
    but he must surely then be a psychopath of some sort? His actions have
    indeed contradicted his words but like I said he sure talks a good talk and
    I can usually identify liars. I am impressed but I know that the
    anti-christ is meant to be the ultimate deceiver and people pleaser. So
    hmm, I wonder if he is super-natural in that way.

  6. How do you know when a politician actually cares about the people? When
    they say no more taxes. How many have said that? Your answer should show
    you who all in Washington cares. 

  7. even though he is gay himself, I do not even believe he truly supports gay
    rights . he lied to the christians to fool them into electing him , and
    then he lied to the gay community to also get their votes . i have no
    doubts in my mind that he will turn his back on them very soon, imo it has
    already started .

  8. God made for a man and a woman to be married and love one another not to be
    in the same partnership with the same gender this world is evil this flesh
    is evil treasures lay up in heaven as God said in his written word and all
    this foolishness will be left behind I am not the judge tho the heavenly
    father is he is righteous and true

  9. If your faith and marriage are strong enough, then why not allow the full
    marriage rights? Clearly people’s faiths and marriages have not been
    affected by the same sex marriages currently happening, so they would still
    be intact if it was legal nationwide. 

  10. The definition of marriage can be changed any way we want.

    Marriage existed a long time before the christian God was invented by the
    human animal.

  11. I think it doesn’t matter what an american president states. American’s try
    to find something in his choice of words that is interpretable in a way
    that the statement is wrong. And if it IS said in the right words, people
    will just say it’s a lie or that he is simply saying what people want to
    hear. It is impossible for a president in America to say something the
    people agree with. This is one of the reasons, when it comes to politics,
    Europeans look down on America

  12. Why didn’t you criticize the king Abdallah or whatever he’s called. That
    Saudi tyrant? maybe if he was russian and opposed to your idea of
    “democracy” you would Gay bash him. But sadly you didn’t. Lame monkey. Ass

  13. During Obama’s 2008 campaign, he defined marriage as being between a man
    and a woman. After he wins the election, he then supports gay marriage. Is
    this negro crazy, or is he just a big liar? Or, better still, was Obama
    “turned out” in the White House?Liar !!!!!!!!!!

  14. never ceases to amaze me how politicians values are always for sale, it
    really says a lot about someones character when the principles they stand
    on change like the wind. So his ratings are terrible now so he puts
    homosexuality on the forefront AND talks about equality and calls
    homosexuals “heros”. Wow, what a weak leader.

  15. This is actually the first video on youtube I’ve ever seen with more
    dislikes than likes… it’s a pity we can’t find a president (on either
    side) who represents this consensus.

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