1. I SEE a couple of my friends in the front! One is a gay man who is a really
    great guy! *waves at Eric!* No other POTUS has EVER mentioned LGBT rights
    as strongly & passionately as THIS one! He will be shown to be on the right
    side of history! GO-BAMA! o/ xoxoxoxoxox!

  2. satanic ways of speaking ,not a good way to win votes …..and you speak
    for the society that rejects god’s word ………may god have mercy on your
    souls…but he has the final say ………like john the baptist says
    …repent …today and live for god ,and not of the world

  3. What about jobs . He lives in a bubble JOBS are what we want to here about
    wait he is rich ? He could care less about the poor

  4. Where have you been Lee? Obama has lead us OUT of what would have been the
    worst depression since the 1930’s and continues to work on creating more
    job opportunities for the future, particularly in sectors where there are
    plenty of open positions but not enough people trained for them. He wants
    to offer people the proper training to be able to take these jobs.That does
    not mean he should ignore the civil rights of an entire group of people
    simply because their rights doesn’t directly effect YOU!

  5. my heart stopped, literally when he mentioned Stonewall. I couldn’t believe
    it. Then he went on to actually say “gay” and supported and defended our
    rights. I was bouncing off the walls all around my house I was so happy. I
    may not have voted or agreed with Obama on many issues. But this was
    fantastic and he is doing what is right.

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